Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 650

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 650 Ms. Forest

After Maria's departure with Anna, the recently quivering woman now being rather forceful to complete her end of the deal with Anna, Nik was left with Natasha who had worn something decent, much to Nik's grimace. "What? You don't like me all covered up?" Natasha smirked as she brought the lunch which he had missed. "Of course, I like you covered up," Nik nodded, "But it isn't a complicated thought. You've seen the consciousness city. You know I would rather see the entire world n.a.k.e.d."

"Yeah," Natasha chuckled, "But sweetheart, this world has other men, too. Would you enjoy seeing them n.a.k.e.d?"

"Well, it's not about enjoyment but doing the right thing," Nik mumbled with Natasha's expression turning bleak. "Anyway, I had two things to discuss with you and instead of mental communication, I wanted to do it face-to-face," Nik continued while eating the pizza slice. "I want to move out..." he informed, "Into a bigger place because... well, I really have some serious stuff to start and I don't think any of you would be safe there if my actions... attract slightly egoistic beings."

Natasha furrowed but stayed silent, "We can discuss living arrangements when Mary returns. Why not use privacy to discuss the second issue? It's about your physical disability..."

"What disability?" Natasha leaned back on the couch, fully enjoying the day of rest.

"Your enhancement kind of screwed you over in the fertilization department, right?" Nik inquired casually, "Look, I understand if you don't wanna have kids but I can control that with myself. I can help you heal your body without damaging your body further."

Nik took out his cellphone to order another pizza. One wasn't enough, after all, much less 2 slices. Looking towards Natasha, he found the redhead stunned and her mouth agape as she softly inquired. "You can do that?"

"Well, yeah," Nik nodded, "I can manipulate the cells in other people's bodies, too, but not expertly enough to change their gender with my own effort, at least, not yet."

Ignoring the concerning ability to change genders, Natasha closed her eyes and took a deep breath, "It's true. Back then, I didn't have any thoughts of being a mother but then again, I was a teen with a mutated w.o.m.b, and that damage helped me a lot in various missions, you know. But... it's been so many years and after a while, I started feeling lonely. That's one of the reasons I agreed to Mary's rather forceful method of bringing me to Shield. I enjoyed, and still enjoy, her concerned nature... it makes me feel loved and accepted."

"Well, I can go all daddy on you, too... but you are far older than both of my ages combined," Nik smiled, "Still, now that I have your permission, I'll need to develop a solution that can turn into a medium for me to manipulate within your body and heal you from the inside."

"So," Natasha seemed rather impatient after giving her approval, "What are we talking about? A day or two?"

"Huh? That eager to have a child?" Nik inquired curiously with Natasha scooching closer to Nik and pecking his cheek softly, whispering into his ear, "very eager, not only for my child but also the procedure, sweetheart."

"Yeah, give me a week," Nik's smile broadened as Natasha turned lively once again, but not enough to move and only slump onto Nik's lap now, enjoying the brush of his hand against her head. After all, that's how, she realized, she wished to spend her leave. Further along the day, Natasha made some inquiries about the apartment, not through Shield as the mediator but her own channels since she already knew of the other assignment Nick Fury had entrusted her with. Manipulating Nik Minion. Funnily enough, Nik knew of the mission, too, but this was prior to her pull into the fold and even if Natasha got the mission after Nik made her accept him enough, she would have still taken the mission. After all, she can just blindside Shield if things truly get complicated and a simple mission didn't bother her that much.


The next few days have been quite calming with Anna now finally focusing on binging her homework, well, that wasn't pleasant at all, but aside from that, everything else was. In fact, Nik realized that manipulating other's body was quite simple and destructive too if the other party did not have the means to resist such methods, which made him appreciate his research into the system based on spiritual energy as a base. If he taught the same thing to the girls, they could innovate the system in their own manner and share their findings, which would help in the overall growth of the spiritual system itself. Not to mention that Yu Yan and Samya were quite apt in the method so with that in mind, various 'teacher' Niks could be spotted within the consciousness, teaching the method to the girls.

However, there was one problem with this method. The consciousness city did not actually hold spiritual energy. It was a sum total of consciousness itself. Dreams were a major part of such a department, which allowed the dream clouds to create a structure such as Tower of Pleasure but for this problem, Nik began sharing the feel of spiritual energy so that the girls can imagine it even without having any prior affinity with it. Once again, the help from the girls of Glory City sped the process by a considerable margin.

With the Spiritual System, which was now termed as Spiritual Manipulation Technique, after a vote and Nik winning by a landslide, thanks to spontaneous spawning of 'broker' Niks, updating on its own due to the efforts of the harem who were plenty interested to do something new, Nik now had one less thing to worry about. Natasha found a great apartment but everyone just moved in without allowing Nik to have second thoughts, so that was great. Even when there were three rooms, one for Anna, and one for Mary, Nik would not use the third one because it now held three floating spirit bones whose energy was contained after a serious effort of sealing and spatial containment. The bones were now latched with a mindless symbiote which continued to slowly integrate with the bones.

Finally, the 'uneventful' vacation came to an end and everyone got ready for school. Although, there was still a little bit of mystery in case for Natasha. She was asked to be a secretary to Pepper Potts, the current CEO of Stark Industries, and a well-known figure for making things work with Tony Stark in the aspect of 'boy-girl' relationship but the assignment was temporary. Natasha did not explain what her mission was since it didn't matter with Nik and she had already sold Shield out hard in various other forms, but this morning, she left a text message stating that her new mission would come as a surprise to Nik.

"I wonder what she meant..." Nik mumbled, "Hey, Ann, you ready?" Nik inquired as Mary prepared to leave. "Want me to drop you both at the school?" She inquired with a smile as Nik nodded with an eager grin. "Of course."

While the trio left the apartment, at a different location, Cindy held Ava's hands with a tearful expression. "But I thought you would continue going to school!"

Ava shook her head with Daniel looking slightly awkward. "I joined your class in an effort to get you prepared for stuff that comes with your mutations," Ava explained, "Honestly, I have already graduated and school bores me greatly. We'll still meet at the Shield Facility, so there's that... and..." Ava leaned forward, whispering into Cindy's ear, "I have a new mission. Black Cat resurfaced in New York so she's my mission now."

Pulling back, Ava waved with a smile, "Anyway, I'll meet you at our usual patrol spot in the night. Just so you know, I'm not going to take part in teen conversation like the kind of boys you're into and whatnot."

"But... I'm already with Nik," Cindy shrugged with a sad expression, "And he's in a different school. Maybe..." suddenly, her gaze shone. Ava suddenly appeared in her school out of nowhere so she could get such a facility, too. Seeing the look on Cindy's face, Ava's lips twitched as she recalled Nik's smug expression. She didn't know why, but she always felt that the moment she tried to approach Nik to have a conversation or just enjoy his companionship, that is the kind of expression he would make.

However, after several outings and movies, she still hadn't seen him doing that, which was, in her book, strange.


"There he is! The Tapper!" A burst of giggle caught Nik's attention as he entered the school with Anna. Gwenpool jumped on top of his head and quickly sat on his shoulder while elbowing his neck. It felt like poking the neck with a slightly blunt toothpick. "Who knew you tapped so many! I wouldn't have known that but damn, Stud! Heck! Spider sang praises for that elaborate weapon you hid from us three!" None of the students could see Gwenpool and their chatter filled the hallway but Gwen was nowhere to be found.

"I'll see you during the recess, bye~!" Anna cooed and hurriedly pecked Nik's lips before tiptoeing towards her classmate as the blonde woman eyes Nik for a second before turning her attention towards Anna with a slightly despondent gaze. "Ooh~ Chick's got an eye for goods, that I can say for sure!" Poole chuckled while Nik sighed and went towards his locker. "Why are you even talking like that?"

"Kingdom Building show. I loved their accents," Poole explained as the palm-sized woman pulled on Nik's cheek with both of her hand, failing at the endeavor due to the nature of her existence. Pouting, she sat with a grim look. "I've got something important to talk with you, Nik. You are a hero, right? Vanish."

Her tone attracted Nik's interest as he closed the locker after taking out the necessary books and whispered, "Go on."

"It's like this," Poole sighed deeply, "Gwen's feeling quite hot lately. Due to her, I've got eyebags. I need you to just do an awesome 'night' job with Gwen and you know... Vanish. Heck, your name actually promotes one night stands cause a partner can Vanish after doing the stuff! Hhuuuuhhh!" Pool suddenly gasped in exaggeration, "You named your hero persona Vanish because of this reason, right? Hot damn! This genre of the story's really exciting! Less danger and more pleasure!" She chuckled while Nik furrowed.

"I don't even wanna know what kind of crazy thoughts you have but... still, what kind of crazy thoughts are you having?" Nik inquired, making Gwenpool chime, "Oh, come on! Didn't it sting you that Gwen didn't reply to your texts? It's all Spider's fault. So after you're done with Gwen, give a finger or two to Spider, too... wait, two fingers might be too much."

'Yeah, she's a miniaturized pimp, all right. Selling her other selves out a just to please herself,' Nik mused and chortled, "You just got into a fight with Spider, right? What did you do now?" He inquired, making Gwenpool silent.

"I... I can't believe you would doubt me! How should I prove to you that I'm not lying? I would try to offer myself... I'm kinda interested, you know. But I wouldn't be able to handle anything"

"Oh, my god," Nik rolled his eyes and created a tiny wisp of spiritual energy laced with his pheromones which twirled around Gwenpool's body, making her quiver as she instantly held onto Nik's shoulder tightly with a heavy blush on her face.

"Oh, damn! What's going on?! Nik! We are probably under attack! I'm... I'm not feeling good!"

Gwenpool still didn't stop talking, making Nik purse his lips as he kept control of the spiritual tendril and played with Gwenpool until she stopped speaking and started m.o.a.ning. As for the problem with getting his clothes dirty due to her juices, Nik didn't get any of it. After all, Gwenpool was just a bundle of consciousness, a complicated one which could even be considered an AI in her own rights but that was it. Nik placed the trembling, leotard wearing girl into his collar to keep her from falling and made his way into the class.

However, the moment he entered the classroom, his expression turned strange. Gwen was there, trying to not look towards him but he simply didn't pay attention to her. Meanwhile, Osborn was nowhere to be seen. Mj had decided against even getting her graduation, Peter was dead... well, he was at fault there, Peter shouldn't have tried to gun down the class with Nik in it. So, aside from a few acquaintances, Nik only knew all the girls of the class, many happy to see him again, their expressions said it all.

"Sit down," a mature redhead with a pair of spectacles on her face, round rimmed, spoke with a smile, her luscious smile attracting the boys just like Nik attracted the females. "I'll be teaching you English from now on. My name is Natalia Forest. Nice to meet you all."

The subject grew interesting for Nik once again, after all, Natasha is his teacher from now on.


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