Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 651

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 651 Embarrassment

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Ms. Forest's lecture was quite a success. Thus made Nik think through the next lecture if there was something Natasha actually felt challenging. But in some manner, Natasha was similar to Nik. She had lived decades and had gone into various fields of studies and professions to carry out god knows how many assignments. As Natasha left the classroom with a seductive twirl of her h.i.p.s, Nik made it his priority to understand the situation during recess. Right now, he looked at the slowly crawling Pool who made her way towards Gwen and Spider.

Pool didn't have her mask on and when she turned to look at Nik's bright smile, she felt betrayed once again and sniffed in anguish. At first, she thought they were getting attacked. After all, her lions suddenly lit on fire and she couldn't think straight but after minutes of writhing in s.e.x.u.a.l anguish, she realized that Nik might have something to do with it. Only after the end of the lecture did she feel normal again but she did go through many 'personal' experiences when she had her body. She knew what she was going through the lecture and now, her pupils were shaped in heart despite the internal monologue of how hot and cheated she felt.

"What happened to you?" Spider pulled her up as Pool gave her a drooling smile, "Nuthin!" she snickered, "Just got a headstart!" Gwen and Spider looked at each other with a furrowed gaze but their embarrassment held them from looking in Nik's direction. "Thanks again! I really hated you for the first few minutes then I started to love you even more than Deadpool!" Pool waved at Nik with a bright expression, completely apathetic to her counterparts' emotions as Nik nodded discreetly.

He just wanted a moment of silence since it was his first day after vacation. Now, even Nik was considering if he should simply drop out because he would rather enjoy being in a school that teaches a subject that was out of his reach... like Strange's magical institution. 'Ugh... decisions, decisions. I wonder if there's a woman in the world who is unlucky enough to be named Decision... I could be the first guy to literally f.u.c.k decision... but then again, I'm this close to ramming Lucifer... and she's a fallen rank 9 to the boot... sometimes, my luck... it's almost frightening if I get unlucky with such steepness.'

He sighed internally. Things couldn't be greater at the moment. The girls from the second world had already found body strengthening uses of spiritual energy that he had looked over. Well, considering the fact that most enhancements were redundant, the progress still made Nik feel good about the decision of letting the girls in on the development of the system. This now gave him enough time to finally focus on the Valkyrie Art with Asmodeus and Sky.

While Pool continued to jump around as if her body wasn't in an orgasmic state before, recess soon greeted the classes with its soothing bells. Under the clamor, Nik heard a few interesting bits that have been trending for days now. "Hey! Did you see that vid about the Human Torch?" Shena tugged on Nik's sleeves and inquired with a wide grin. "Of course," Nik replied with a chuckle, "Although, my favorite from the team is invisible woman," Nik shrugged. Shega's lips twitched as she leaned forward. A dirty smile touched her lips, "Oh, you didn't change over the vacation. Too bad Anna's got you in her grip or else"

"Nik, come with me!" A snappy voice interrupted the bout of initiative from Shega's side as she looked towards the blonde newcomer with a disgruntled expression. "What?" Gwen raised her eyebrow in inquiry, Gwenpool on top of her head, dancing, and Spider hiding her face in Gwen's top once again the moment she saw Nik looking towards her. Gwen, of course, surprised Nik with the fact that she could hold a straight expression even after two monkeys bound to her.

"N-nothing," Shega mumbled with a click of her tongue and smiled at Nik, "We'll talk about Invisible woman later. I've got my cheerleading practice."

Heaving a sigh, Nik looked towards Gwen with a smile, "Yea? What's up? Oh, by the way, did you read my texts or your dad deleted them. Just to be sure, you know, who I need to get annoyed by," he inquired with a smirk as Gwen pursed her lips. "I got them but..." she trailed, "Let's talk somewhere else," Gwen suggested, making Nik scoff. "Nope. If you wanna make things right, do it here."

"Why are you even angry with me not replying. I'm sure plenty kept you busy," Gwen inquired as Nik sighed deeply, "Listen, sweetheart. I don't get busy. If I were truly busy, I wouldn't have invited you to the movies. FYI, you weren't the only one I called. Anna, Cindy, Ava, and a new guy, Daniel, tagged along, too. And why the blame against me? I didn't push away the guys approaching you," Nik pointed out. His words silencing Gwen, making Pool chuckle, and bury Spider further into Gwen's bosom.

"Who's... Daniel?" Gwen finally inquired. Not minding the inquiry, Nik replied, "A bright guy. You know about Rand Enterprises?"

Gwen's gaze widened as the return of the teen CEO had made some ripples in the city. "That Daniel?" Gwen inquired incredulously. Nik nodded silently and stood up.

"Look, I don't mind being ignored. I mean, come on. Spider was bound to tell you a few things but that was no reason to make us dangle for replies from your side," his words making Gwen feel her cheeks burn with shame and her heart wince in guilt as he continued, "If you really don't wanna hang out, then it's fine. I just want you to know that I know many girls and I don't sleep with all of them... just..." At the end of his words, Nik realized that in the current society, it would have been better to have one night stands with others instead of sleeping with a daughter/niece, mother, and an aunt. Even Gwen realized the situation as her expression turned strange with an awkward moment of silence passing through them.

With a bright and shameless smile, of course, Nik changed the course of the conversation, "Anyway! I can't stay mad at ya! If you wanna hang out, I'll be with Anna in the cafeteria!" He grinned and patted the speechless Gwen before making his way out of the classroom.

"He's got smoooth methods~!" Gwenpool cooed, smitten. Meanwhile, Spider awkwardly crawled out of Gwen's clothes and silently sat on her shoulder.

Needless to say, the trio wasn't in their best form today.


Skipping towards the faculty office, Nik knocked on the open doors to attract the attention of the wagging teachers as they hopped around Natasha. "Ms. Forest, I want to discuss my assignment," Nik stated with his appearance only making almost all the male teachers scowl. Nik may have been appreciated by quite a few male students but male teachers? Not at all. If they weren't bound by rules, they would have tried to humiliate him at every turn just because of his natural attraction towards other female teachers. Not that Nik minded such thoughts cause it only fed his slightly narcissistic tendencies.

"You are..." Natasha looked slightly confused before smiling, "Ah, Mr. Minion, was it? Please, come in. I'm new to teaching so I encourage private discussions to clear as many doubts as possible." Natasha pulled Mr. Fletcher's chair, making the poor man who had been standing afar look grim and squeeze his juice box while Nik sat on the seat and rolled the wheels closer to Natasha.

'So? What's the play here?' Nik inquired with genuine interest while Natasha fished out Nik's assignment and began to go through it with a smile, her words, however, echoed within Nik's mind, "Nothing's at play. Back then, I wanted to become the teacher of the school to keep an eye on you and then... stuff happened. But Director Fury still wants me to take this assignment and try to recruit you into the Shield. You already understand your value. With your knowledge regarding Hydra's base and my knowledge of Shield's operation, you should already know that their ambitions are high."

"Hmm, but wasn't that due to the attack of some sort of robot? Uh, there was a guy with a hammer, the hammer being the main source of attraction. Thor. Yeah, that's his name."

"He was a part of the reason. More than half of the council had been breathing down on Shield's neck to advance their experiments. But after the collateral damage from the fight we had nothing to do with, even Fury agreed to more... radical approaches," she replied. Meanwhile, the duo continued to discuss the assignment.

"There you go, Nik," Natasha smiled, "Just a bit of polishing, and your assignment would look even better. Keep up the good work. Here, a butterscotch bar!" She took out candy and handed it to Nik, making the scowl of every teacher freeze while Natasha winked and sent Nik off to the hallway.

With the mystery of Natasha's new assignment solved, Nik's sourness against Agencies like Shield and Hydra increasing by a slight margin, he turned to the cafeteria. As usual, there was no separation of tables using 'coolness' as a factor. The place was bustling and Nik soon found a rather gloomy table. "Hey, can I borrow your lunch?" Nik inquired the passing student, a male, of course. He wouldn't want to bully a female now. Nodding meekly, a little unsure, the kid provided the tray to Nik in exchange for 10 bucks. Though, the kid was surprised he would receive money in return. With food acquired, Nik tiptoed towards Gwen and Anna.

"You know, instead of just sitting silently with knowing nothing to say, you could have avoided Anna for a few days, still," Nik chortled and sat down next to Anna while pecking her cheek. "Did you get to see Ms. Forest?" Nik inquired, making Anna nod with a knowing smirk, a bit of her awkwardness fading since she didn't know how to approach Gwen. The woman who had been avoiding Anna suddenly sat in front of her with a slightly intense and unnerving gaze. She also wasn't connected with Nik senses to chat with Spider and Pool, making Gwen's soft mumbles even stranger.

"Oh, yeah. Let me help you with that," Nik smiled while Anna's gaze finally fell upon the stomach-facing laid down Gwen with Spider sitting on top of her, the woman's hands crossed and expression full of fury. "I..." Before Anna could understand the context of the situation, Gwen spoke up with a pitiful expression. "I'm sorry. It was all Spider's fault."

Gwen finally decided to go with Pool's plan that made Spider infuriated in the first place. Before the shocked Spider could refute, Gwen hissed, "I've been avoiding you guys because Spider has a problem with certain aspects of your relationsh.i.p.s... Well, look at the time, I need to go. Take care, you two," Gwen left hurriedly, unwilling to hold Nik's and Anna's stare with Pool slowly and weakly raising her fist. "I don't have a problem!" Spider snarled, "It's not my problem who you sleep with. The Og Gwen of this world has the problem!" She shouted in anguish before looking at Nik and Anna with a flat stare, "Wait... you should share the blame, too."

"Woah... nope," Nik smiled and drank from the choco milk box, a satisfied expression touching his face. He didn't like sweet food and drinks as much as he enjoyed spicy and sour treats but Chocolate Milk... it had a special place in Nik's heart. That along with a variety of yogurts.

"It's not like you should even have a problem," Anna sighed, her words further managing to offend both the consciousnesses, "You two can't actually shack up with anyone but yourselves, right? It must be weird, too..." She imagined casually, making both the Gwens shout, "Like hell we do it!"

"Oh, wait... that's actually a possibility..." Pool's gaze tilted up as Spider felt her back shiver.

"So?" Nik inquired, "Cindy wanted to watch the new Percy Jackson... wanna invite Gwen?"

A serious expression befell Anna's face, "I don't know... she looks pent up and a theatre isn't the place to allow pent-up people in. What if she tries to sneak a rub-out?"

"Yeah... I seriously don't think Gwen'll do that," Nik chuckled with Anna shrugging, "Sure. Oooh, then let's invite Mj. Oh, and Ray, too! I'm sure Danny would love that!"

"Hmm? Those two are watching it now," Nik stated, "Alongside others. To be honest, I don't think they'd even focus on the movie," Nik shrugged, "So, I'm sure that they want to watch it again."

"All right, I'll send the text," Nik smiled. His old self had seen the first Percy Jackson, the trailer of the second part looked good, too. But Nik still felt a little bit ominous. Usually, it is from the sequel that the franchise's popularity starts falling.

Pushing aside the strange feeling, Nik quickly ate his lunch and sighed at the two consciousnesses. "Hop on, I'm going back to the class."


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