Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 653

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 653 Among Us

"What are you reading?" Anna inquired curiously as the two of them returned to their new apartment in a cab. Instead of replying, Nik handed her the cellphone as she pursed her lips after reading the text. "I think Maria has some troubles. It's the first time she's been asking you out six times in a row. If she does have some problems, you should definitely help her out."

Poking her cheek with a dissatisfied expression, Nik scoffed, "You're bought out, I know that already. Besides, I don't think I wanna step into whatever she's going through. It's not like I am planning to pull her into the fold. It's far more casual than you think."

"Really?" Anna looked surprised as Nik shrugged, "What else? This, little lady, is what I call personal growth. Sure, Maria is s.e.xy but that's it. There's no need to make things serious. And, it's not like I get to spend too much time with her, and let's be honest, she has a major boner for the 'Director'... although... I don't see anyone else driving 'it' home the way I do."

Anna pursed her lips. Sensing a bit of discord in her, Nik inquired softly, "Yeah? Something wrong?" The uber driver seemed a little interested now. "No... it's just..." Anna furrowed her brows as if trying to form words that could convey clearly. "Yeah, I think I don't like it when you leave me, mum, aunt, Cindy, and others for casual nights. Once or twice, let's be honest, we can manage. Gives us time to rest but daily... just makes me feel a little sad. Don't mind it, though. I always thought you had a thing for Maria but still, finding out that you've been away with a girl who you feel nothing for all the while we spent a few nights alone just..." she trailed her words off while Nik and the driver were tongue-tied.

The driver's reason for being speechless was simple. He hadn't met a couple working it with other members but Nik thought about Anna's words carefully. At the beginning of his journey, the slightly complicated part was making his harem appreciate each other. He didn't mind if the girls did no like each other unless they go on a killing spree, which, Elizabeth might have if Nik hadn't intercepted early on. He enjoyed the competitive nature of the girls and this was only one of the many attractive qualities about them. But, for the first time, he was assessed poorly because of a recent casual relationship.

In this world, for him, every relationship started casually but his stuff with Maria remained stagnated and Nik meant every word he said. It was just s.e.x for him and that is why he also felt slightly guilty. It was just s.e.x for him. Once or twice, as Anna stated, was all right but leaving the girls every night for almost a week straight, the young brunette's call out woke Nik. If he wasn't willing to have any further thoughts of Maria, it was better to simply cut things off or... make it a monthly arrangement.

"I understand," pulling Anna into a hug with her shoulder covered by an arm, Nik planted a kiss on top of her head. He might feel like he coddles with the girls a bit too much but seeing that envious stare of the driver from the rearview mirror made Nik snicker internally. Well, he did snicker out loud, too.


North Korea.

Unlike the locals with fairer skin and rounder faces, an olive-skinned woman with a sharper jawline walked through the streets with a dissatisfied frown on her face. Long auburn hair, a metal headgear to keep pesky strands from falling on her head, and only a set of metal bra and tensile panties covering her body. Of course, a woman couldn't do without the shoulder, arms, knees, and foot guards.

"Hey, is she drunk or stupid?" The woman heard an impudent mortal remarking from atar, his bespectacled friend only took a single look towards her to assess the situation. "Bro, look at her figure. She's both drunk and stupid. Everybody knows that knockers that huge comes at a price."

Her eyes held no pupil but the glare intensified on the two rude youths. "Excuse me, Miss..." a tap on the shoulder broke the woman's thought of revenge and she turned to find a group of lads with slightly unpleasant breath. Their faces flushed but their eyes seemed far more vigorous, pointing straight at her b.r.e.a.s.ts. This confused the woman again. In Heven, every single angel had a pair of healthy bosom. It was the lack of men that drove the realm into magic born creations. To return the favor equivalently, the woman looked at their chests but lack of pupils made it harder for the young college boys to follow her path of gaze.

"Yo, with that outfit, you're looking for fun, right?" The larger one out of the group inquired, making the woman tilted her head, "Fun? I've had no fun in years. Let's enjoy it then." With a nod, her fist flew to a jab, making the young man fly through the street, surprising the girl and surrounding civilians. "Hmm, he had a big body but no fun after all," the words broke the group from the drunken stupor as they slowly backed away inch-by-inch.


"How was the movie?" Coulson inquired as Nik shook his head, "Average. Still, what's up? You sounded urgent."

"Yeah, Luke is hospitalized," Coulson revealed, "You remember how he couldn't even be cut by a saw? Well, a woman cosplaying in North Korea cut him pretty well and left for who knows where. A team is keeping tracks of her but still, we need to ask you for... you know." Coulson stated while turning the laptop to show the woman in a bronze-like bikini armor set as a single slash of her blade made Luke holler while holding his guts. It would be a miracle if he even manages to survive given his condition but Nik nodded nonetheless. He didn't really think much of the situation.

"All right, I'll get this done," Nik replied and stood up while Coulson nodded. "Would you require assistance in transportation?"

Shaking his head, Nik smiled, "Just the coordinates and surrounding pictures."

For a while, Nik had deluded the Shield into thinking that he could only make a portal to the general location where he had his eyes on, at least, once. When Maria 'curiously' inquired Nik after each session about his power, he decided to feed the organization false information out of fun. In fact, this was the major reason Nik didn't even try to bond over with Maria. S.e.x was mighty but the subsequent questionnaire made him realize that even when such a nature of a person can be tolerated, the certain form of displeasure that slowly buds into one's mind can only be accepted. He truly had no more thoughts about Maria.

"But sweet damn, this woman is a different concept," Nik looked at the picture taken of the mysterious woman and regarded her with an appraising mind.

However, Shield hadn't just prepared one mysterious individual for Nik to handle. Unknown to Coulson, and even Maria, who was having a high time of her life, considering she provided intel that Agent Widow couldn't and even found herself in a relaxed and satisfied state. Deep within a secret facility, Nick Fury picked his aching body. The bullet barely stopped by his vest, credits to Agent Barton's modified bullets. The facility was destroyed, one of the minds behind the creation of the portal was taken away by the man claiming himself to be an Asgardian going by the name Loki. The other mind, was in fact, Tony Stark. His tech used in the arc reactor was utilized to understand the mysteries of Tesseract but before they could even begin, the portal birthed that ruthless man, and now, his most capable agent was under another's voodoo.

With a groan, he slowly made his way out of the facility, soon reaching the exit vehicle. As Clint Barton stated previously, the place was going to blow and he needed to leave before 60 miles in the radius of surrounding collapsed within, taking Fury away to an early grave. One of the many complications of having technologically apt agents under hid task force, making him see to a few tasks with his own body.


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