Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 654

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 654 Clipped Angel

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Heaven Lake, a crater lake divided by the borders of North Korea and China remaining at the alleviation of slightly more than 2 kilometers, earning the title of one of the highest lake on Earth and the name Heaven Lake attracted the attention of a curious guest who covered the climb of 2 kilometers in almost forty minutes without breaking a sweat. After all, it was cold that high. Winds blew harshly as a remarkable gingerhead stood on the platform of ice which is called a lake. Her gaze curious as she looked at the surroundings. "It is so different but I never expected to see such a beautiful scene... what is this place?" She mumbled to herself when a slightly hollow and charming voice informed.

"Oh, this is Earth. Would you be interested in a guide? I can visit the seven wonders of the world with a snap of fingers, and by that, I mean the time taken to snap my fingers."

The frivolous voice made the woman's expression severe as she turned around instantly, seeing a man that may as well have wings behind him. Shimmering violet pupils that reminded the woman of something unpleasant but the man wore clothes different from the denizens of Heven. So much skin covered... the woman felt a chill at the thought.

"Identify yourself and I shall not dispose of you!" She raised her sword. Steel-looking at first glance but the abhorrent emergy leaking from the artifact made Nik feel a bit... surprised. After all, he came into contact with many forms of metals in the Glory City, some surpassing the weapon held by the amber-haired woman. "Is that it? Boy, why did you cut open Luke's gut then?" Nik inquired as a confused expression touched the woman's face.

"Ah, dark man, big and strong. About ye high?" Nik stated while raising his hand slightly above his head. Realizing this, Angela nodded, "That man refused to name himself and attacked me after saying Sorry, I didn't want this. His death was marked at that moment!" She hissed as Nik was colored impressed. This was the first time he heard of someone getting killed because of saying sorry.

"Well, my name is Orochimaru," Nik smiled, "I am the secret Lord of the Earth and I have felt a strange sensation from your body."

The woman nodded, "I see. As a Lord, you have the right to know my name. I am Angela, the daughter from Heven who... was accidentally cast out. I wish to return to Heven."

Nik knew he was screwing around but now he needed to consider if the woman in front of him was also screwing around or not. "Heh," Lilith scoffed, "If she was screwing around, it would have been literal. Nik, five of her shackles are removed and even if she isn't rank six physically... you might as well consider her one. It's a bloodline from a higher being who has allowed unshackling of the limits."

With that note, Nik decided to change his methods and smiled sweetly, his expression attracting Angela for she swore on the mighty name of the Heven's Queen that after Sera, the man in front of her was the most seductive piece of chest she ever came across! "Angela from Heven, is that right? Hmm, well, it doesn't matter then. While I call myself Orochimaru, my name given by my mother is Nik. While I am the Lord of the World, not many know of this identity because I don't want the glamour life. Now, you said you were cast out. While you are finding a way to return, may I offer you my palace to stay at?"

Angela furrowed her brows as the new information and her gaze changed towards Nik. "I didn't understand that a Lord can have such modest thoughts. This palace... you said. By chance, is it one of the apartments held by the beings I encountered?"

"Why, yes!" Nik chirped, "A castle is a place where a Lord resides. Apartment, hut, streets, the place doesn't matter. And do you remember Luke? The one you cut, he survived but his... master..." Nik stated with a slightly hesitant voice, "Is looking for you."

"Then point me to the master and let me inquire about his name," Angela brandished her sword as Nik pursed his lips. "Sure. Are you aware of portals?" He inquired as Angela nodded. "Tears in the fabric of space for quick transportation? Any mage capable of the act is worth the respect of warriors in every realm."

"Well, let me show you my palace first. Once you are familiar with this planet and customs, you can leave at your convenience," Nik smiled while snapping his fingers. A clean, circular portal appeared beside him as Angela's pupilless gaze widened in surprise. "He's a mage, too..." she mumbled under her breath, something that Nik caught but didn't explore upon. Instead, after knowing that the woman had a bloodline with the progenitor gracious enough to unshackle the limits to such an extent, Nik decided to wisk another centimeter of her amber hair for analysis. This is the first time he came across such a physique and fully intended to make great use of it.

As she reached towards the portal, Nik took out his cellphone and sent a message to Coulson saying The mission was too much this time. The woman is strong as hell but taken care of. I need 100k this time, discount's already included :-$.

"What is this?" Angela prompted at the device's exposure. "A cellphone. But I'm sure that this piece of technology cannot compare to whatever you have in your realm."

"That's true," Angela nodded seriously, "I can't see this small box killing off giants and wraiths. In fact, I sense great physical capabilities from you," she looked at Nik, "Have you enchanted your body with magic?"

"Many think the same but it's more technique than stamina. The trick is to tire others first," Nik grinned, his words vague and confusing to Angela as Nik entered the portal and Angela followed in with a curious expression.


"Oh..." Mary stated with a stunned expression as she saw the tall warrior in her attire. She heard that the woman named Angela was from a 'realm' called Heven. She was strong, strong enough to make Nik comment on her strength something that even Natasha couldn't pull out and now, Nik was somehow the Shadow Lord of the world. "Don't worry," Anna smiled at Angela, "Nik is just joking. He's not really a Lord. He doesn't like to rule."

"What's your name?" Angela pointed the tip of her sword towards Anna, alerting Nik and Mary. "Anna," she smiled, "From the beginning, you didn't say anything about food? Are you hungry? Should I make Nik whip something up for you? He's a great cook," Anna conversed casually. It was probably the ignorance of death that gave her so confidence when dealing with beings far stronger than her, Nik presumed.

"That is very kind of you," Angela nodded before looking towards Nik, "A ruler who doesn't like to rule... very interesting choice of life. Allow me to taste the handiwork of a ruler."

"Or... I could have ordered pizza," Nik mumbled with a troubled sigh as he walked towards the kitchen while raising a silent spatial barrier around Mary and Anna to keep them safe from any outbursts. 'Well, I'm modifying a symbiote for the both of them tonight. No sense in waiting any longer,' Nik thought to himself. His first choice was to introduce the spider's venom into their bodies or other mutation so that they can get stronger quickly but then he realized, just like the girls from his homeworld, Mary and Anna were blank slates when it came to future development. Instead of causing changes to their bodies that might limit them in the future, a more sensible course of action was to allow them to suit up with a slightly tweaked symbiote that doesn't want to kill them and get them warmed up to his spiritual magic.

The best part was, he had finally figured out how a symbiote spawns after going through Venom's memories. Well, partial Venom. The other half which calls itself Venom was also in the laboratory of Wakanda. But that would change because Nik knew what changes to introduce.

The new apartment had an open kitchen, so when Nik produced a large slab of spirit meat of a beast merely ten-years-old, Angela's gaze widened at the sight of shimmering meat with the red flesh looking like soft, harmless rubies. Not to mention the scent. Even without cooking, instead of rot, she smelled... home.

"Angela, dear," Mary coughed as Angela furrowed. "Why did you call me dear, Mother of Anna, Mary. I have only had one lover. I do not wish to engage in another l.u.s.t-fueled adventure with a woman of your high caliber. It is destructive to my health and I am sure many women would find your bosom appealing," she stated while gazing at Mary's gaze with slightly hungry eyes. "Okay, Nik," Mary said with a nervous blush on her cheeks, calling out to Nik, "She's scaring me!"

"Oh, don't worry, Mary, the mother of Anna. Angela speaks the truth. Your bosom is really appealing. I show them my appreciation every night," he replied casually while focusing on the slab of meat. The regular temperature of the stove never worked on the dinner so Nik had to infuse a bit of the lightning element into a small blaze on his index and cook the meat as it floated in the air. Not to mention, this way, Nik could even reserve the evaporated juices and then condense them into small salt-like particles and sprinkle all over the cooked meal.

But that was just the beginning, as Nik began to prepare vegetables that would go alongside the main dish to work up the appetite of the group, Angela looked at Mary with a surprised expression and then turned to Anna, "You did not introduce me as Nik's daughter. Why?"

"Because I'm not?" Angela closed her eyes with a pleasant smile. It wasn't every day that she got to eat spirit meat cause ger stomach couldn't handle it and... it always becomes a disaster. Nik's purification comes in handy but he never assisted when her tummy hurt bad. "I and mom are going out with Nik together. There's also my aunt, Cindy, and well, you need to be a part of it to understand."

"Just like Queen Mother," Angela frowned.

"So, Heven," Mary diverted the conversation from cleavages, harem, and one's parentage, "What was it like? Your home?"

"You believe me? I can see a clear look in Nik's eyes so he's either a great liar or a truthful speaker," Angela stated while Mary and Anna instantly thought of Nik as a former even when he didn't lie to them. It was just a quality of his. Still, unaware of their thoughts, Angela continued, "But why did you chose to believe me? That Luke Man, I tried to explain for a moment but then I lost my patience," she growled while clenching the handle of her sword.

"Uh... because I believe that Earth isn't the only planet with life on it? And, it is a courtesy on this planet to let go of weapons when sitting on the dinner table."

"Did you just ask to let go of my sword?" Angela inquired as her pale white eyes were now touched with a bit of red. A violent expression fueled by years of experience touched her face when a strong grip to the shoulder brought her out of the rage-fueled stupor. "It is a custom of this world to eat without weapons. Eating is a peaceful action not marked with blood," she looked up to find Nik's equally destructive expression as his violet orbs gazed into Angela's pale orbs, "And the next time I hear the tone of threat, I'll forget your appealing bosom and have the hand holding your sword. Of course, not to take the sword but to smack your face with your own hand."

While Mary dreaded that Nik may have turned the situation worse, Angela slowly placed the sword against the edge of the table, making Nik let go of her shoulder. Unknown to Mary and Anna, Nik just caused Angela's internal framework to disrupt for a moment. Even Nik wasn't aware of that. In fact, he let out a small stream of spiritual energy but that didn't affect Angela at all. His eyes did.

"Psst, Sky," within Nik, Lilith inquired with a sly smile, "Didn't he just..."

"Yep," Sky whistled as Asmodeus groaned sadly.

"Aw... I never got it..."

"Cause you're a s.l.u.t!" Lilith hissed while Pure inquired curiosity, "What are you talking about?"

"Oh, this a cool ability? Comes from experience. Not that rare but eh, when considering relatively, even rank 9 monsters numbers in millions so what is!" Sky soon began to teach Pure again.

"Oh, by the way, where's Natasha?" Nik inquired as Mary gazed at Angela for a long time before answering, "She got called for an emergency. Said that it might get late."

"Huh," Nik mumbled while Anna inquired Angela curiously.

"Say, what just happened?" Anna leaned forward, "I didn't think Nik was that scary just now?"

"I stand by my words, Anna, daughter of"

"Wait, wait. Just call me Anna. Here, we call others by their first name."

"I see," Angela nodded after gaining a newfound respect for this world's tradition. "I said, I stand by my words," she stated impassively.

'The eyes of a ruler cannot be hidden. Unlike the Queen, who wishes to rule all... and a few others, who wish to rule all.'


"Oh, hey!" Coulson smiled as he looked at his cellphone, "Nik neutralized the target."

"Yeah, swell," Natasha gazed at him with a deadpan expression as Coulson echoed a nervous chuckle while showing his communicator away. In front of Natasha, Maria, and Coulson, a badly injured Nick Fury soon recounted the story of other guests, who sadly, they couldn't neutralize as he left with Clint Barton.

"He said his name was Loki... could it be related to the..." Natasha mumbled.

"To the visit of the God of Thunder back then? Yes, it is definitely related, and Coulson... I want you to go present the case to Stark immediately. After Dr. Selvig, he has a better chance of finding the Tesseract. And Natasha, since we are dealing with a god, I want you to bring in the person I believe in the most. Coulson will hand you the information."

The redhead nodded gravely as she soon walked out with Coulson.

"Maria... you had something important to say to me in the morning, right?" Fury inquired as Maria nodded, "Yes, sir. I found a weakness in Nik's ability. It is a rare form of alloy crafted from Vibranium. He said that he found this weakness in Wakanda itself."

"Hmm..." Nick nodded thoughtfully, "Good work. And, how did you even find all of this?"

"Oh, regular spy work," Maria cracked a smile before leaving. Nick let go of his thoughts regarding the girl and stared at Captain Roger's file. Even he needed to make a trip. After Luke fell into a coma due to shock from the surgery, they needed a persona who can gain everybody's trust. Ava was young, so was Cindy. Daniel had his own objectives and surprisingly, his contract was the loosest one after Nik. There were a few enhanced beings Nick had an eye out for, like the recently dubbed Fantastic Four. But Richard Reeds would not like to work with Tony Stark. Not to mention the fact that Benjamin and Johnny from their team were kind of a loose cannon who weren't in custody because of their deal with the CIA.

And, they held back the threat named as Victor Von Doom. However, Nik could be used to neutralize most of the threats with his demonstration of the bowl cut in half using the portals. In a way, just like the Fantastic Four, Nik had turned himself to be a major player of his own despite his youth but unlike Maria, Nick refused to start manipulating other's weaknesses. Maria still needed to learn that, just like he did before killing off the previous Director of Shield. Nick Fury.


A/N: Many might be confused but the MCU Nick Fury is actually called Nick Fury Jr. in marvel comics and he succeeded Nick Fury (white one) after the winter Soldier shot the man dead. Of course, I am not playing the original sin storyline as it happened and the crossover is still pretty ambiguous.





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