Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 655

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 655 A Ruler To Spank All

Explanations became redundant when Nik simply instilled the basic use of controlling the symbiote now bonded with Anna and Her. After a short meeting in the office due to the rise of crime rates once again, this time, new gangs forming from exotic countries that weren't able to hold on to few territories due to major players, Mary holed herself in the bathroom and pulled the seat down before sitting and looking at her hand. Surprise was one thing she wasn't when Nik gifted her an alien symbiote. After a great length of conversations with a few rather welcoming girls in the city of consciousness, Mary realized that Nik had little to save when it came to spending things on his harem, as they stated.

With a gulp, Mary slowly felt the same connection, as if her skin was extending forward and under her watchful gaze, a shimmering black tendril reached out of her nails. It felt amazing as the tendril moved solely based on her command formed by internal thoughts. Nik made it plenty clear that the mother-daughter duo needed to practice using the symbiote on an instinctual level. There was a passive boost to their physical aspects once they bonded with the symbiote but it wasn't near strong enough to compare against the venom from the spider unless they were fully covered by the Symbiote.

Mary understood the reason and actually enjoyed the challenge proposed to Anna and her. They were given such a wonderful power and while Nik's thoughts, at least externally, were that this would be useful in s.e.x, she knew better that her man still felt shy giving out things due to a protective feeling in his heart. She was partially wrong since Nik really felt eager to see getting in action with the feminine host of a symbiote but he wasn't going to burst her bubble. After all, he wanted his girls protected, too and for that reason, last night, mass production of symbiotes began that would leave a lasting hole in Nik's reserves of spiritual meat.

As the small tendril with a liquid structure moved erratically, only responding to Mary's amateurish commands, another woman walked into the bathroom. "Mary? Are you there?" It was Linda.

"Hmm?" At the slightest distraction, the symbiote retreated into Mary's finger, making her sigh.

"Grant just asked me out!" Linda squeaked happily, making Mary forget about the temporary failure and quickly walk out of the booth with a surprised expression. "Really?" Mary looked at Linda's face, the brunette unable to contain her happiness hugged the redhead. 'Well... considering that I rejected Grant a month ago once again... this was bound to happen.' Just like a certain someone, Mary didn't poke at Linda's bubble and let the cycle of 'Not bursting other's bubbles' continue.


"I dislike getting unannounced visitors," Strange folded his arms, his mood a bit bitter than usual but Nik didn't mind it. He was training to be more selfish and apathetic towards males. Strange didn't even have the heart to comment on how Nik would continue to bring more and more girls, except that one time. In fact, Strange wished that Nik had introduced him to a girl at that time.

"Oh. And I was led to believe that Kamar-Taj has the planet's best interests in their hearts. Did you change that in the menu because you're serving us some cold welcome here..." Nik waited for a few moments as Strange eyed the youth until sighing softly, "Why did you bring Odin's spawn and Scathach's champion here."

"They have names, you know?" Nik smiled but before he could continue, Angela snarled, "How dare you muddy my name by making that Tyrant a relative of mine!" If that was it then Nik would have taken out the cellphone once again but while she shouted, her sword moved at a quick pace. That was what Nik perceived. However, what he saw at a slower sense of time made him want to diffuse the situation more quickly. For a moment, Nik found Strange's eyes glowing green followed by the same amber-gold glow around his fist in a runic pattern while the space in between the sword and the marks on Strange's fist almost disappeared.

However, to Strange's and Angela's surprise, the space between the devasting magical mark on the man's fist and the magical sword capable of cleaving roads was met by an ordinary-looking ruler. Long and wooden with centimeters and meters marked, making it a standard 30 centimeters ruler. Much to Strange's horror, instead of blowing into splinters, the wooden ruler absorbed the impact with a swirl of menacing energy that he felt for the first time.

"That's it, no more swords for you!" Nik hissed with the ruler floating without any support. Nik's arms reached out and snatched Xiphos from Angela's hands and throwing it within his Dream Core. Taking the ruler in hand, Nik smacked the stunned Angela's outstretched arms as she was still processing the feeling of almost being devoured alongside her sword, then clashing against the ruler, and then losing the connection from her sword. Finally, a slight sting broke her stupor and she paled with fright for the first time. "You practice dark magic! I could feel it! That was devouring energy!" she glared at Strange with venomous pair of eyes while Strange still looked at Nik.

"How did you do that? What artifact is that ruler?" Strange ignored Angela and gazed at the ruler that slowly turned into wisps of light and traveled back to his body. "A simple scale for drawing diagrams," Nik lied. This was the item he fused after using almost everything in his collection. Soul Ruler. An item developed by constant nurturing of his soul and even if Nik couldn't identify his soul yet, the strength and variation of his 'Confusion' soul, better known as Chaotic soul, gave the ruler a few technical advantages when compared to other methods.

"I brought Angela and Mj here for help," Nik looked at Strange with a sigh, "Can you... not fight? At least, place bets."

"Oh, and not superpowers while fighting. Let's see a fistfight!" Nik smiled gleefully, sitting beside a nervous Mj who couldn't help but wrap the jacket she received from Nik around her a little tighter. "Hmm? Why are you not fighting? Oh, Angela, this should be a tradition for boors like you. Go... go on!" Nik gestured with his hand as Strange and Angela looked at each other. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/goddess-collector-every-hole-is-a-goal_14762036805540805/a-ruler-to-spank-all_50926148330253235 for visiting.

"I need my sword back," Angela stated somberly as Nik snuggled back and offered, "Then take it? Oh, am I getting in your way? You can snatch it. I'm sure that you would love to move a bit, right? Get your joints warmed up a bit."

He tried to ease into Angela but she wasn't the listening type. Sure, she had no reason to listen to Nik cause she had no reason to but Nik simply applied the same rule to himself. He could loot and burn corpses for all he cared at the moment. "Every time you hear something a little controversial you go all what did you say? argh like lady, be cool."

His words making Mj gulp as she could feel the pressure from Angela turning physical but instead of letting the momentum continue, Nik snickered, "What are you going to do now?"

"Taking my weapon is not an honorable act?"

"Honor bit my ass when I was eleven," Nik smiled as he recalled the day his caretaker and 'mother' made a move on his after suffering from stress.

"Return her."

"So you can threaten someone else? But I don't care if you threaten others. You are meeting someone I am introducing. I already have one bad guest introduced, don't want another pinned to my name," Nik stated while referring to Ray.

"I will not make sudden movements any longer. You have my word," Angela stated without losing her cool for once but Nik knew he was thinning her patience and couldn't help but poke further. Her genetics were being slowly observed by Lola, who claimed that a mystical force was impeding the process but the rudimentary knowledge allowed Nik to realize that despite having a form of unshackled bloodline, Angela might only be equal to him or lower in physical stats. Confined by the perimeters of rank 3.

"And you 'word' matters why?" Nik patted the seat beside him, "If Strange said something, there must be a reason for it. Now, why don't you sit and listen to his explanation for once?"

"And that will make you return Xiphos."

"Of course... you have my word..."

Angela pursed her lips at Nik's words and sat down while turning her glare at Strange who coughed. "Alright, I will quickly go through my conclusion why you are related to Odin. Unlike the previous ruler of Asgard, Odin Borson is a deity who can control a mystical force named Odinforce. It is one of the rarer types of energies that do not interact with the elements of the world but command it. Conforming to his role as the king of Asgardian deities. But odinforce is only blessed to gods with Odin's blood running through them and there is only one such god. Thor Odinson. Well, a god who calls himself Odin's son just popped on Earth but you are the second person I have met with una.d.u.l.terated odinforce running through her veins." A book materialized in Strange's palm as he walked up to Angela and place it in front of her.

"This book is written in Asgardian runes. The only reason you can read it while learning Heven's language is due to every Deities' ability Allspeak" As Strange continued to explain, Lilith filled in with slight tweaks. "This Allspeak is not deities' ability. Once you qualify to become a rank 6, that is unshackling 5 times, you get the ability to interact with every organism in the world capable of speech. Chatting with rocks and ground, now that's a real ability!"

"This..." Angela slowly opened the book, her lips trembling. Meanwhile, Strange looked at Mj with an equally impassive gaze as his explanation of Angela's origins and his thoughts. "As for you. The blessing of championship is a common trait in plenty of gods unable to enter our plane. Just... keep it cool, is all I can say. The blessing brings a person no harm and only benefits, meanwhile, your actions count as the deity's action and it gains the benefit of divinity."

"What's a divinity exactly?" Nik posed.

"Another form of energy. I've got books on almost a thousand energies found near our universe," Strange replied while thinking once again about the form of energy Nik's ruler released.

"Oh, neat..." Nik smiled.

"Excuse me," Mj rolled her eyes, "Is there a way that I am not in a Bikini in public?"

"Yes. This is your title Red Sonja... she was an adventurer and one of Scathach's greatest champions. The best way is to confront the spirit of Champion imprinted on you and replace it with yourself. A monumental task but Champions are, in essence, equal to each other in some manner, allowing them a chance to defeat each other."


The heavy thud of Angela placing the book down broke the trio out of their conversation as Angela stood up. "I need to leave. I want to meet this Odin Borson."

'Wait for it...' Nik thought to himself.

"And rip the man who couldn't say this to my face into shreds!"

'There it is...' Nik's lips twitched while he quickly discussed his interest in joining Kamar-Taj for further knowledge and imprinted a small illusion rune powered by his spirit energy on Mj. The current stock would last her for a week and this gave Mj enough time to think about her decision.

But the continuous thirst she felt from this form's blade only made Mj lean forward towards getting rid of it completely.


A/N: Odinforce is never really explained that well in marvel but let's be honest, it isn't a Chinese of Japanese fiction so there aren't any levels to mark a proper difference.


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