Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 656

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 656 Multi Million Dollar

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After realizing Strange's inability to travel through the realm of Asgard, his title of Supreme Sorcerer binding him to an oath taken years ago, Angela grabbed Nik through his hands and stormed out, unwilling to stay even for a second. Not willing to be the only bikini girl in a stranger's house, Mj quickly followed behind them. At least, she learned the wording of the process needed to get rid of the troublesome blessing altogether. Understanding it, however, was a matter for another day.

As Angela pulled some distance in between Strange's mansion, she stopped and turned to demand her sword back, which Nik complied with easily. Xiphos materialized in front of Angela which she sheathed instantly, afraid that Nik might take it away at the slightest aggravation. "Huff!" Mj, meanwhile, panted slightly and stated, "Look, Nik, you clearly have a lot on your plate... but if you have the time, please try to figure out a way for me. Ray also uses illusion so I'll be fine but the urge to fight Angela grows harsher with every second and..." looking at Angela's posture and now knowing her origins, Mj smiled weakly, "I don't want to try resurrection. It sounds and would probably feel creepy. And please... don't text me again for movies that stupid. Try Kristen Newart next time."

"Ew, from that Vampire movie?" Nik made a face, "no thanks. Oh, by the way... I wanted to ask if cannot take off your attire or change into different clothes... how will you... you know... freshen up?" Mj's smug expression suddenly froze before she hissed.

"That's why I hate this stupid form!"

"Here! This should be enough for the day but think about your options and if the urge doesn't stop after a few hours, you'll probably have to make a decision. To either fight Angela or to fight the holder of Scathach's blessing," Nik shrugged and generously bathed Mary with a wave of purification. However, Nik couldn't contain the energy within a rune, testifying to Newton's statement that the methods of his ravager bloodline do not conform to the realities of this world. After Mj left, feeling a bit numb, Nik and Angela looked at each other for a few moments.

"You... want to fight me?" Nik inquired.

"Yes. You are a spatial manipulator. You have the chance to enter Asgard and I want you to take me there. Defeating you in a battle would mark me the superior warrior despite your ruling capabilities. Fret not, I shall not abuse your might for dishonorable actions."

Nik sat on the bench of the sidewalk and thought over the proposal carefully. "Look," he began, "I tend to favor women over men but you haven't been making it easy for me. Let's say we fight and you defeat me, you establish a certain authority. Maybe you are looking for respect, too. But what about me? If I defeat you, I'll probably only gain a lifetime of unwanted rivalry. I don't have any use for your respect. You clearly are hell-bent on fighting another, quite possibly, an experienced rank 6... or 7 for that matter. So... I'm gonna have to reject the challenge."

A rank 1 Lucifer had instilled enough caution in Nik to not screw around with 'gods' until he was at the same rank. His soul, probably, allowed him to survive multiple encounters with strong beings such as Yu Yan, Samya, and others through his charm and a certain gullible quality within them. But what about male gods? Should he take Ray? He couldn't even handle Strange. The only reason he f.u.c.k.i.e.d a god in the last adventure was because it was no longer a god. Not to mention, Ray was already entangled with someone named Mephisto.

"How can you have those eyes with such a weak spirit?" Angela snarled while Nik, again, thought if these words managed to offend his actual spirits or not. Noticing their silence, Nik concluded that they were probably sleeping or enjoying the show. "It's not about my eyes or spirits," Nik emphasized the plural form, "It's about knowing when to act smartly. You are not capable of acting smartly when the situation calls."

"You misunderstand cowardice with caution," Angela grunted.

"And you misunderstand stupidity with bravery. Why do you even want to meet this Odin? You hate him, and if he was strong enough to be the cause of your realm's sealing then probably, you are nowhere strong enough to face him."

"I am!"

"Can you unseal Heven?"

"No," Angela sighed softly.

"What if Odin seals you instead of fighting?" Nik inquired again, this time stunning Angela. "A battle is not fought with a sword alone. Now, I have been a wonderful guide for you and will point the direction of the man who controls the organization that sent Luke after you."

Angela's mood only soured as she held her head and clutched on her glimmering headgear. "Wait!" she suddenly exclaimed, "I don't care about them anymore. I need to resolve my parentage. For this world, it might not be that much but for me, it is close to everything! If you don't want to work for me, still, help me! You clearly are well-versed in speech. Your help might be what I need in this strange world."

"Well..." Nik touched his chin, slightly unsure. He realized that after coming into contact with his ravager bloodline, his mindset was slightly shifting. Earlier, the bloodline had contacted him in the form of notifications of Transmigration Paradise, stating that multiple impurities were detected in his body but after changing the methods to Transmigration Heart, no notice was received. However, after coming into the form of malice his astral bloodline projected, Nik had become slightly indifferent to the pleas of women.

The change was almost negligible but Nik realized it still and actually enjoyed the shift. His mind was now slightly more focused, not easily distracted by multiple idiosyncrasies and 'oh damn' situations happening in the city, but in the end, he couldn't diverge from his true nature. A beautiful woman that is possibly a God's daughter is asking for his help. No sane man will ever refuse it.

"Do you remember Strange saying something about a guy who claims to be Odin's son arriving on Earth?" Nik nodded, "We'll start from that guy. So, sure. I'll help you after I understand more about the situation."

Angela nodded and sighed softly. She had gone through a lot only to be accidentally pulled out from a spatial rift. The cause of which was still a mystery to her.

"Alright" Before Nik could conclude, a flaming figure tore through the wind and flew above the duo's head with a flying pterodactyl chasing after it. Seeing the extinct long-beaked animal soaring with a loud shriek, Nik's gaze brightened! "That's our dinner!" He exclaimed, shocking Angela as he held her hand and shifted to the roof of a building before letting Pickle cover him, "Can you fly?" He inquired with a muffled voice.

"No. I don't have wings!" Angela seemed particularly offended by the inquiry as Nik shrugged, "I haven't taken a flight for a long time and I'm itching for a ride," saying this, his sharp finger landed in between Angela's collarbone as he drew a small rune, "This should help you float. Try to play around while I will get our dinner!" Nik didn't wait for Angela's reply and to her surprise, took to the sky without wings!

"How..." she whispered, amazed at the sight.


"Johnny! What the hell did you do now?!"

"Nothing, Susie! That creepy fellow couldn't handle the heat and simply unleashed a freaking dinosaur on me! I can't even kill it! These things are extinct!! I've seen Jurassic park and the ladies will get angry if I become the cause of extinction again. Flaming meteor destroys dinosaur again that title will become too trending!" Johnny had to respect Reed for developing an extremely fireproof comm but Susan only snorted. "Call me Susie again and I'll leak your baby pics to the media!" Johnny shivered despite the intensity of the flames covering him.

"Wait," Susan suddenly spoke.

"I can't stop! Didn't you hear! A giant bird is chasing me!" Johnny groaned only to be verbally smacked by Susan, "I meant wait as in wait, something's up and not wait and get yourself killed! There's another object approaching you. Around 200 pounds but the mass is shifting slightly. It's a living organism."

Johnny didn't look back. The last time he looked back, he accidentally crashed into Baxter Building, causing damages estimating a million dollars! "Aight, keep me notified Susi" before he could complete, the pterodactyl's shriek rang and grew a bit distant. Finally, Johnny slowed himself and looked behind as Susan stated through the comms.

"Dr. Trix's dino is no longer after you."

"Oh, yeah," Johnny nodded as he saw Vanish in the dinosaur's place, "What about that flying object?"

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"Hmm... well, Susie, your date is in front of me..." Johnny stated, making Reed and Susan exclaim together "What?!"

"Oh, yeah. A mysterious man in an alien suit is waving at me with the most frightening smile. I'll tell mom that you miss her," Johnny jested while back in the Baxter Building, Susan couldn't help but feel awkward.

"What's my dinner doing chasing after you?" Meanwhile, Nik inquired casually as the burning man flew towards Nik and looked at him carefully. "I didn't know you could fly... maybe we could race?"

"Maybe," Nik shrugged. He wouldn't say no to a race if there was... "What's on the line?"

"My motorcycle," Johnny stated instantly as if that wasn't the weirdest part of the conversation, "A vintage Ducati."

"Oh... but you should know, I may teleport," Nik smiled, making Johnny float slightly backward. "We'll have rules, don't worry," he then suggested.

"Pass," Nik refused finally only prompting Susan to quickly inquire something from Johnny and making the youth speak up, "Hey... um, Vanish, did you just say that... Dr. Trix's dino is your dinner?"

"Dr. Trix?" Nik inquired.

"Oh, a researcher funded by the government for a super-secret development of dinosaurs which, I believe, I wasn't meant to say anything about, damn," Johnny clicked his tongue, surprising Nik that he could even click his tongue but Lola's words from within attracted Nik's attention, "Nik, remember how we need a source of energy for the set of mutations brought by these four guys, the person in front of you is radiating with the required form of energy."

Even though Nik's thoughts grew chipper, Johnny couldn't understand anything from the vicious expression as Nik chuckled, "Oh, well, looks like I'm having multi-million dinner. Couldn't have happened if it wasn't for you, so, I'll send you a tupperware filled with Dino meat," Nik waved his hands, "And say hi to your sis for me," with that, Nik disappeared and reached towards Angela once again.

However, his expression turned bleak when she had a petite youth in front of the tip of her sword. "Nik, this woman is suspicious. She claims to be a man!"

Ray, meanwhile, grinned, "I saw you capturing that Pterodactyl... you will invite me for the party, right?"

"Aah!" With a cute yelp, Angela felt her balance faltering and she reeled down on the ground once again, making Ray sigh, "I told you. Use your sword for balance! I am suppose to be your captive!"


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