Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 657

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 657 Big 'boys' Club

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"Hey, I'm back!" Natasha cheered. The mission of recruiting Dr. Banner was more mentally exhausting than anything else. After all, the man had a reputation but after meeting him personally, the red thought that most of the 'details' noted by General Ross in his report have been out of spite of the man once dating his daughter. Her thoughts didn't rain on the subject for long as a wonderful scent hit her nose hard and caused a chain reaction in her stomach. "Mmgh~ Something smells so good," she mumbled while taking off her jacket. While it was still summer, she needed to wear slightly heavier clothes. After all, it gets cold in the jet.

As she stepped into the hallway, the sound of metallic clinking attracted her attention as she almost ran into another gingerhead with a large plate in her hands, a round piece of roasted meat, well-garnished, allowed Nat to realize that the source of the delicious scent was in the strange woman's hands.

"Who are you?" The cosplaying woman inquired while Natasha slowly reached for her gun. She had confidence in Nik's apartment being a safe house but years of experience instilled her with caution. Not to mention yesterday's incident of Barton getting caught had really shaken her. "Ah, you must be one of the cosplaying cooks on hire," Natasha smiled with her gaze narrowed, her palm finally reaching for her gun when Nik's voice called out from the living room.

"Angela! You are blemishing your name as an honorable warrior! Oh, Nat, you came right on time!" Nik's voice diffused the situation by a slight margin but Angela continued to look at Natasha before smiling with her pupilless gaze slightly excited. "Next time, challenge me straightforwardly," Angela walked past stunned Natasha, "I am well aware of a beast's stare when it scouts the prey."

'Beast? Prey? She's nuts,' Natasha pursed her lips and followed the taller woman as her gaze fell on the glimmering panties that were slightly wedged into Angela's butt cheeks, making Natasha sigh. 'Great... now I'm hungry and horny...'

As she entered the living room, she found that there was the entire group present. Ray was in the middle, enjoying the food, Cindy and Anna sat beside him as the former waved at Natasha with a smile. Nik sat on the floor in front of the table, eagerly devouring the new dish as Mary sat near them on another chair. Ironically, the scandalously dressed Angela pulled not even a little bit of attention from the group as all of the gazes fell on the meat!

"Quickly grab a plate," Nik said with a smile as Natasha sat down on the floor beside him and earning a considerable share from the larger plate while the man turned to Angela, "Angela, please get Natasha a glass."

"Right..." Angela walked away in distress once again.

"What's going on?" Natasha inquired as everybody's expression turned severe with Anna hissing, "Angela almost ate all of the dino meat once again! She's on serving duty now!"

"Context, sweetheart," Natasha sighed as Anna instantly waved her hand as her right arm turned into roiling black sludge that froze everybody's expression, especially Mary's, "Oh, and I got this super cool symbiote, just like Mom's. See, I can even turn it white like Nik's!" She exclaimed as the black slime instantly changed its color, making everybody feel stunned.


"Okay..." Natasha closed her eyes and digested the information before pointing at Anna and Mary, "You both have attached a symbiote to yourself," she then looked at Cindy, "You need to go home quickly, you father has called you three times already... and you transferred into Midtown Highschool."

Looking at Ray, Natasha stated plainly, "And you're here for food, and you," Natasha looked at Angela, "You're... an alien that caused Luke's coma... hmm. Why is the dinosaur being hunted today still the weirdest part then?" She muttered to herself while she mentally informed Nik of the other alien they are looking for is, coincidentally, the Odinson that Angela and Nik want to meet. Once again, Nik didn't show any external reaction and sent Cindy off only after a loving and affectionate kiss that lasted for minutes and satisfied Cindy completely. Ray didn't need sending off. Whether Nik liked or not, he already considers the youth more than a friend so with a shove out of the door, Nik closed the doors in front of the stunned youth who could only smirk after having the door slammed in front of his face.

"Okay, Ann, darling, how did you do that with your symbiote?" Mary inquired. She had been trying to practice her control for the entire day but she wasn't near the same level as Anna, who tilted her head and shrugged as her clothes changed from casual to nightwear in front of Mary's surprised gaze. "I just did it? It isn't that hard. Just think and it will do things!" She smiled widely while tiptoeing with translucent clothing, not a bit of shame in her heart as she revealed her juicy bits to the people in the living room as she jumped on Nik and grinned, "Hehe, I can be a superhero like you, too!" Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/goddess-collector-every-hole-is-a-goal_14762036805540805/big-'boys'-club_50999767559361484 for visiting.

"That's why I wanted a few ground rules..." Mary sighed as Anna's raised and n.a.k.e.d butt was presented towards her, her hole already damp as Natasha couldn't help but look towards the embarrassed and blushing Angela once again. "What about her?" Natasha inquired as Nik waved his hands, his words slightly muffled, "I'm busy," his words cut short as Anna playfully nibbled Nik's lips, and only after her share of sugar did she sit up, her clothes reverting to her casual attire, "Now... whether we do it, I can change into various costumes! Just think of much money we could save by not buying various lingeries!" Her exclamation finally attracted Mary and Natasha.

Anna was right.

Chuckling, Nik sat back up and pecked Anna once again, "Sure. Oh, wait," He suddenly looked at Natasha, "You've got to return once again, right? Can I tag along?" The young 'god' named Loki was here but from the destruction described by Natasha, Nik felt a bit doubtful. Any rank 2 beings could do far more than that! Even Cindy could! And with Natasha on the clock, needed to return once again since the mission was important to her, she only stopped by to have a nice meal only.

"You're going? But we were supposed to have fun!" Anna whined while Mary smirked. She still had time to get her symbiote's control and after hearing Anna's explanation, she knew where she might have gone wrong.

"Sorry, sweetheart," Nik slowly stood up and placed Ann on the couch, "I'll make it up to you but the thing going on right now with Nat has me interested," Saying that, he bade farewell to the trio, and made sure that Angela wouldn't just attack anybody once again by creating a layer of protective space bubble around Mary and Anna. With this completed, he teleported with Natasha to an abandoned warehouse that is supposed to be Natasha's pick-up point. With Nik's identity already known in the Shield's few officials, and not others, Pickle covered him once again as Natasha inquired curiously.

"Why don't you ever try to do in this form? It could be fun," She snickered while slowly twirling her fingers across Nik's wrist.

"It's Pickle," Nik replied, "She doesn't like to be... you know, licked by you guys, or touched by anyone else other than me. So having s.e.x in this form is out of the question for her."

"Oh? And you listened? I always thought of you as a bad boy~!" Natasha grunted seductively. She tried her best to not think of anything bad for Barton, after all.

"Bad boy?" Nik cackled, "I'm sorry, bad boy is way past the rearview mirror. I'm a L.u.s.t Apostle, honey. Itch me hard and even the whole city would cry out in s.e.x," Natasha's expression froze slightly as she pursed her lips and snorted, "It's always orgies for you."

"What can I say, being in, and watching orgies is the best. You should know that it can help others find their talents way quicker than usual."

*Beep* *Beep*

Before Natasha could be preached about the benefits of orgies, her watch let out piercing beeps as Nik's and Natasha's gaze turned towards a fast pace object approaching the roof of the warehouse. Looking up, they found a small aircraft landing with a vertical descent as a soft whir of the engine came to an end.


"Vanish?" the operator of the aircraft looked quite surprised but he allowed both of them to enter the aircraft and took to the air once again.


After arriving at the floating castle termed Hellicarrier, Nik was quite astonished by the object. Being in the large aircraft itself allowed Nik to understand various secrets of the Shield. This was supposed to be their headquarters and any structure Nik comes into a direct physical contact with have their secrets unveiled in front of him. And boy, did Shield have things to hide! He knew quite a few things about Shield from the Hydra base he looted. But seeing such things really opened Nik's eyes to the wonders of the world.

"Uh, I thought it was just the big boys club," As Vanish entered the large control room of the Hellicarrier, he heard Tony's voice while he pointed at Vanish, "So he has to show himself if he is really a big boy."

"I did not know you were involved in this," Maria looked at Vanish strangely. Well, Nik was certainly a 'big' boy but his involvement could be considered as Natasha's move.

"Captain," Vanish smiled at Steve Rogers. The blonde man sighed and smiled at Vanish with a tired expression. While Vanish and Captain had their internal friction, he already seemed tired by something else. Vanish eyed Nick Fury for a moment and realized that this one was definitely the real one. He was injured, too. "And... you must be the Hulk!" Vanish walked past Tony and Steve before standing in front of a slightly shorter, middle-aged man in a blazer. "Uh... I prefer Dr. Banner," Bruce replied with a wry smile as he looked at the large outstretched palm. Shaking it slightly, Bruce and Vanish continued to stare at each other.

"I'm sorry, I thought if I annoyed you... I'll get to see the big guy and then offer him snickers. Could be a scientific discovery," Vanish stepped back, his words making everybody's expression bleak as he chortled, "Alright, with me here, I can assure you that if you have a picture and co-ordinates, I can take you anywhere."

"You never reported what happened to that woman who attacked Luke," Maria stated as Coulson, a little away and instructing another agent, couldn't help but frown and glance towards the center of the room.

"Well, I invited her," Nik smiled, "That is the most reasonable thing to do when you see a woman."

"I second that," Tony nodded, "And any guy with such honesty is, of course, a big boy. Come on, welcome to the club," Tony snickered while Fury sighed. "Agent Widow, escort Mr. Stark and Dr. Banner to their research lab and have them locate the Tesseract. Agent Hill, you will detail Vanish and Captain. Agent Coulson, follow me," Fury ordered and walked out while Tony looked at Natasha, "So... did you ever offer an official resignation to Ms. Potts?"

"Ms. Potts?" Natasha smirked and winked at Vanish before walking out, "So official? And I thought that Pepper and you were going out."

"Well... not as much as going out... but going in."

"Ugh, gross," Banner groaned while following the two. Meanwhile, Captain and Vanish stayed put as Maria began to describe the situation. Captain seemed already informed and got a few of his doubts cleared up while Nik stayed silent for the most of it.


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