Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 658

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 658 Return Of Kendra

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Once Maria informed Captain and Nik of their general situation, they dispersed with Maria getting Nik aside and asking him a few things that had been bugging her.

"Why would you invite that woman to your apartment?" Maria inquired again but this time stated the reason for her doubt, "She is dangerous. She could even cut Luke and he is now in medical facilities."

"Hmm, I thought the same," Nik nodded, "But as it turns out, she was only confused," not worrying about the stares from other officers, Nik continued, "And she even agreed to serve food and help out with housework to pay until the time she's living there. You should meet her. Angela's a lovely girl!" Nik had clearly mastered the art of lying as even he felt convinced by his own explanation. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/goddess-collector-every-hole-is-a-goal_14762036805540805/return-of-kendra_51047357676048604 for visiting.

"Then what about Luke?" Maria inquired.

"They fought out of misunderstanding. What about it? If Luke ever fought me, I guess, I wouldn't even leave him good enough for medical attention," Nik shrugged as Maria rolled her eyes. "Stop that," she chided, "You can't just talk about killing our agents."

"Speaking of agents, shouldn't Cindy, Ava, and Daniel be here?" Nik inquired curiously, making Maria sigh.


"What?" Coulson's mood worsened as Fury sighed.

"We cannot let kids handle such a mission, you know this much already. Even when Bruce Banner is a huge variable, he hasn't turned after leaving New York. The council even feel assured by the fact that Hulk might be a proper solution to Loki."

"Of course, I know that," Coulson sighed, "My team needs more experience while the current one doesn't need experience. Tony Stark has a suit of sophisticated armor protecting him, Captain has his experience, Banner has the Hulk but... why are we allowing Nik then? He is a young boy. Even though he gets his task done impeccably, he is slightly on the goofier side of the world," Coulson inquired, "And, why aren't we trying harder to get Wakanda's help?"

"Because the Tesseract is involved. We know that the Tesseract affects the space around us. According to reports, Hydra had special ammunition based on the resonation with the Tesseract that was stopped at the cost of Captain's life. He slumbered, but Tony's father continued and failed to replicate that source of energy. Tony didn't. Wakanda is in search of such a source of power, too. Tesseract is the key objective, Agent Coulson. Do not forget that."

Hearing this, Coulson couldn't help but purse his lips. "What do we know about Loki?" He inquired, "Aside from the myth, of course. He's related to Thor who arrived on the planet back then. Professor Sergi recognized him but... he's been taken. He has some form of mind manipulation."

"Or that scepter," Fury analyzed, "Loki used it to touch the chest of others and get them under his control."

"But this isn't everything I wish to discuss with you," Fury smiled, "Come on, cheer a little. You are finally rising the ranks. Heading the Avengers Initiative is clearly good for you and with Tony agreeing to continue working as an alliance with Shield and Baxter Building, you've got the necessary focus on yourself. Don't let up now."

"Yes," Coulson smiled lightheartedly.


"So... this is your job? Waiting?" Nik inquired with a disappointed sigh. He sat beside Natasha and looked extremely eye-catching. After all, a large man with a pure white exterior and black markings with two patches on the head where eyes should be, his gaze on the small monitor while Natasha continued to operate without a change in expression, wasn't a regular sight. Natasha was quite popular in the agency but not many held affection for her. She had been in the force for years and had thoroughly tormented many.

Physically. With a ridiculously stubborn and impatient nature during the moment she was recruited in the Shield, she was approached by many but after having her fill with how the world works, she needed a bit of space and a fighting phase to cool down. Her stories were akin to urban legends among the agents and now, seeing her work so calmly despite a 'monster' sitting beside her only affirmed the thoughts of various agents.

"Hmm? I'm sorry, did you think I go out and put on a show for men to allure them and kill them in one swoop?" Natasha mocked with a smirk as Nik shrugged, "Your words, not mine. But still, I thought you guys would have already found the location of this Tesseract... hmm, right, I'm gonna explore this ship. There's no problem if I don't break into anything, right?" Nik inquired as Natasha shook her head with a smile. Under Maria's gaze, Nik finally left the control room.

He knew his presence was continuously distracting Maria but he couldn't care about it. He was innately charming and attractive in every form. There was nothing he could do about it and while he did think of offering 'himself' to make the agent focus again, Anna's words resounded in him again. 'Right, do it rarely if casual. Do it all night long if fallen hopelessly for!' Nik nodded at his wise words.

Once he was done feeding his narcissism, Nik began exploring the Hellicarrier. Unlike what others might believe, he was already aware of everything happening on this ship and many things interested him. First, however, he wanted to find an attached interface system so that he can unlock the virtual barriers and allow the agents to access p.o.r.n sites once again. Nobody should work miles above the ground without any p.o.r.n. As he continued to wait and satisfy the curiosity of every passing agent, replying to whatever they wished to know as long as it didn't become too private, Nik finally made his way to the research lab appointed to Tony and Bruce.

The doors of the research lab slid open with a satisfying whirring sound. If Nik had to choose what was the thing he loved from the Hellicarrier then it would be this sound, of course, after Natasha. Distracted, the two of them looked towards the entrance to find the monstrous-looking hero stepping in with an eternal smile on his face. "Ah, Vanish," Tony raised an eyebrow, "Are you here to get yourself tested. Monster to monster?" he jested at the expense of Bruce's transformation while Nik looked at the doctor to see if he was finally annoyed into being the Hulk.

"It... doesn't work that way. No matter how much you joke about it," Banner sighed and continued to create a template of some form of signal that would be necessary to locate the Tesseract.

"What if someone jump-scared you?" Nik inquired while entering the lab, making Tony do an 'ah-ha' and gaze towards Bruce.

"Well... then I would pray for that poor soul atter dinner for the rest of my life," he replied with a small smile while shaking his head.

"Anyway, Tony, we are friends, right? You wouldn't mind helping a buddy out," Nik sat on a chair that Pickle morphed into, surprising the two researchers. Tony was more surprised because of Nik's words but yeah, the chair trick looked awesome in his books.

"Correction, we were never friends... but I can see our selfies together being trending," Tony admitted, making Nik smile even wider.

"Great, then, let's have a selfie and then I want an autograph on it for my girlfriend. Name's Anna. She might try to keep on saying that she doesn't like you anymore but come on, I have to try," He leaned back as Tomy furrowed his brows while mumbling.

"No... that's impossible... a female fan rejecting my heroism? Did you drug her?" Tony looked at Nik with his gaze narrowing while the creepy man nodded, "Big time. Now, let's have a selfie of me almost biting your head off!" Nik stood up, making Bruce's and Tony's smile go stiff as Stark took a step back, "No, no, you just stand there. Here" he handed a... phone? Only after touching the strange product Nik understood its function and instantly activated the camera, shocking Tony for serious this time. Taking a quick snap, Nik returned the device to Tony as he inquired with a strange gaze.

"How did you know the gesture of activating the camera?"

"What? I'm not old. Guys like use are stellar with tech," Nik cackled and looked through the template that Bruce was creating silently.

"Uh... whatever. I'll get the autograph," Tony shrugged and left the research lab for a moment as Nik eerily stared towards Bruce.

"What?" Banner inquired as Nik shook his head.

"I've seen the videos now. This got me wondering. If I bite your head off right now, will you die or your decapitated head would turn green and angry?"

"Well," Bruce considered it seriously, "If your jaws can snap quicker than the bullet traveling through my mouth and into my brain then probably... if not, it'll be the same as Hulk spitting out the bullet."

"Woah, that's dark," Nik chortled.

"And biting heads off isn't?" Bruce countered.

"Huh, I can totally see you be a snappy biology professor who's at the end of his nerves. Anyway, this is the signature of the Tesseract?" Nik inquired while picking up a folder. Gazing at the slider of the folder, Bruce nodded, "That's the one."

"Hmm..." Nik hummed thoughtfully.

"What? You have something to share?" Bruce inquired as Nik shook his head, "No, maths makes me hungry," Nik replied, "But... if I had to admit, then you're doing good work. Whatever you are doing," Nik grinned and retracted the slimy tendrils behind him that quickly entered the connection of the Hellicarrier and unbanned p.o.r.n.

"Whoo!" Tony suddenly walked in with a rolled poster in his hands as the device earlier now showed a video of a... s.e.xy nurse healing a young male.

"Kendra's back on the boat!" The owner of the Stark Industries grinned.


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