Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 661

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 661 Thor's..

"You won't get any answer from me!" The man hissed, gritting his teeth hard but nothing happened which changed his expression.

"Looking for this?" Nik inquired with a small, dry tooth held between his thumb and index. The man pressed by Ignit's claw suddenly tasted the taste of his blood and looked at 'Vanish' with a horrified expression. "Oh, and I don't have any questions for you," Nik stated clearly while sitting on a chair as he mused silently. Every Hydra base was equipped with multiple traps but how can it affect Nik when he knew the tiniest detail of the set-up once he stepped into the base?

"I just can't have Ignit eating anything poisonous. Stomach cramps are a bitch to deal with it," Nik smiled warmly before he started operating the central unit of the current Hydra Base. This base had completely different information and objectives from the base Nik had destroyed earlier. While the multiple bases were aware of each other's location, they did not share information at all. That was done to secure as much data as they can with reduced risk.

Going through their data, Nik found out that this base had the objectives of weapons distribution. He looked towards the storage unit which is filled with weapons of various grades and mused silently. If released in the state, the weapons could create destruction on an unimaginable scale but these weapons were designed for their ultimate weapon.

"Project Sin?" Nik grew interested and went through the first few units of data. "Hmm, artificially creating a living organism but... this is based on the genetics of the Hydra's founder. The incubation will complete in a year and she is supposed to have peak human conditions with supernatural reflexes? Nice, I guess," Nik had already soundproofed himself so that he doesn't hear the poor man's wretched screams as Ignit tore him and devoured him alive!

It was gruesome... like a real zombie game.

"Hssh!" Ignit hissed and strolled closer to Nik when he let out a large fluctuation of purification, cleaning the base from his marks that he might have accidentally left and cleaning Ignit simultaneously.

"Oh, sweetheart..." Nik smiled and crouched to hug her while petting her grizzly scales as her tongue flicked in satisfaction.

"Hey, I would never abandon you," Nik sighed as Ignit hissed softly, making Nik gasp, "Haaa! Where did you learn that word? NO! We are never doing that, you dirty salamander!" Nik smacked the top of Ignit's head, making her walk away and start thrashing a few chairs as Nik groaned, "Great, now she's mad at me..."

After looting the weapons facility, Nik and Ignit left the area before the salamander voluntarily entered into the Idle Summoner space for the summons.

"I wonder where'd she get that kind of idea..." Nik thought with a strange expression. Although Idle Summoner only had a summoning option alongside two items, he knew that as long as he continues to break his shackles and rise in ranks, more and more options of the legacy would be revealed. This was a rank 9 legacy, of course, Nik did not doubt that this could provide him with a lot more benefits.

He still had Dr. Connors genetic material when he was in the form of a humanoid lizard but he had no means for it to be used on Ignit. Ignit still did not have the required mass to be converted into a humanoid lizard but he knew that in time, he would be able to evolve her bloodline, too. He had played games with Anna and had read many novels, books, and mangas, alongside hentai and doujins. He knew that the most 'common' form of evolution was the humanoid path but deep down, Nik couldn't help but want Ignit to turn into a humungous lizard or even a dinosaur or dragon! Just the thought of it made Nik shiver in expectations!

His own dragon! Fire Breathing Ignit!

With drool leaking through his lips, attracting the attention of equally drooling women on the streets, Nik started making his way to his apartment.

"I'm back," Nik announced his arrival while fully understanding that there were visitors waiting for him already. Anna was hanging out with her classmate so she wasn't here. Instead, Angela, Mj, and Ray peeked their heads from the living room, making Nik sigh deeply.

"You're late! Anna told us that you left immediately after the school ended," Ray huffed, making Nik shrug, "You guys have my contact info. Just text me."

He looked at the trio, Angela looked slightly tired but Mj and Ray seemed quite fresh. Mj, for the most part, due to the storage symbol holding waves of purification while still in her ridiculous bikini outfit. "Did you know about this?" Nik pointed at Mj slightly and inquired Ray with a smirk, making Mj feel hot in her cheeks. "Nope," Ray cackled, "But I wish I knew!"

Both of them had a dirty smirk before Ray looked at Nik, "But when were you able to do this?" He pointed towards Mj's collarbone that held two runes. These both were a mix of storage seals that were designed to hold units of energy. One of them held Nik's illusion to keep Mj from embarrassing herself in public and the other held the purification to... keep Mj from truly embarrassing herself in public.

"I'm just trying new things," Nik replied nonchalantly as Ray blinked. Not pursuing the topic further, he looked towards Mj and sighed, "We tried to remove the outfit forcefully but it didn't move at all. It's like the bikini is stuck to Mj's b.r.e.a.s.ts," Ray analyzed as Mj was now on brink of tears. "Can you please not keep on saying that?" She begged while Nik touched his chin, gazing at Mj and making her feel a little cautious. She didn't consider Ray a 'boy' in an orthodox manner... after all, Ray had more shoes than she does and even better clothes! Angela's silent stare didn't falter her, well, because she was in the same outfit but when placed under the stare of her ex who only seemed to grow more good-looking by the day, Mj couldn't help but try to cross her legs slightly.

"And you came now because you have decided what you want to do?" Nik inquired, finally looking into Mj's eyes as she nodded. "Well, I explained everything to Ray and he surprisingly understood most of it and then explained the entire situation"

"Or the possibility of it. I still cannot be completely sure," Ray shrugged.

"So, I want to get rid of this thing completely!" Mj stated as Nik and Ray looked towards each other.

"Are you sure?" Ray tried to change her mind once again, "Cause you have weapon mastery... that kind of thing is definitely rare!"

"Not that rare," Nik sighed, "And... I think I can get 'rid' of it completely," he admitted. It was a simple thing. Any mark of this world can be removed with Purification. Although Newton stated that he currently stunk of Nirdai, Khooni, and Mirage's marks, Nik was sure that this might be their last method. Khooni's mark, even Nik could perceive it but couldn't erase. Maybe Khooni was far stronger than the two. But aside from this, Nik was clean.

"You can?" Ray and Mj exclaimed as Nik nodded with a smile. "Do you want to do it now? I don't have anything to do at the moment."

"No, not now," Mj shook her head as a butter smile crept up her lips, "I'm still part of the Hand. If I lose my value now then it'll be problematic later on."

'Woah, that's mature thinking right there,' Nik looked at Mj with a slightly widened gaze. He had expected Mj to be far more immaturish and snappy with such a power but she's been a delight to the boot. "The hand? Want me to help you with that?" Nik offered genuinely. He was still interested in Mj, that's why his body in the past was in a relationship with her but he wasn't enlightened in the true ways so he could only break up and then move on. Now, Nik wasn't like that so, of course, he found Mj still attractive and appealing.

Hearing his offer, Mj considered things seriously for once. "My mother and sister..." She mumbled with a distressed sigh, "Can you help them, too? It will be much harder that way. I won't hide. Organization like the Hand loves to keep track of their member's weaknesses. I don't spend time with my family but I would rather not see them hurt at my expense."

"It should be easy, too," Nik shrugged when Ray suddenly interjected. Instead of speaking out loud, he used the communication method of the Transmigration Heart.

"Can you leave the Hand to me?" He inquired.

"Oh, then this must be your objective, right? Let me guess, they did something to your Phantom physique in the past and it was set ablaze with vengeance?"

"Something like that," Ray passed a smirk as Nik let go and stepped out of Ray's path. The whole idea of traveling in this manner was to complete karma and loosen shackles slowly. If he became the reason for Ray's or Brian's inability to complete their objectives, that would be like stepping on their neck. Ordinary competitions between them were applicable but this would be ruining years of hard work. And the trio had a tacit understanding to not do that in the first place.

"Alright, so I will help your family out of this mess before taking care of whatever that's inside you. Cool?" Nik inquired as Mj smiled happily.

"Thanks a lot!" She exclaimed before looking at Angela, "Now that's sorted, I wouldn't mind having a spar with another bikini warrior!" Mj was in a great mood but Nik couldn't help but stand up, "That's a weird thing to say, even for me," his words making Mj's lips twitch while he continued, "I'm going to the kitchen, want anything?"

"Water," Ray snapped.

"Blood," Angela stated somberly.

"Uh..." Ray and Mj looked at Angela with a surprised expression.

"She means red wine," Nik chuckled and left.


"It has been two days. Why can you not harness its power still?" Loki inquired as he walked into the lab. Barton glanced towards Loki before continuing to handle his handgun meanwhile Professor Sergi looked towards Loki with a fascinating expression. "We need more materials but cannot leave carelessly. There's a piece of meteorite that is needed to be installed..." As the man continued to inform, Loki soon lost his interest. The main ingredient for the portal was already set. A fist-sized gem that would work as a destination for the portal to connect with. His armies were waiting there.

'But that's not all. A few round trips in Midgard will catch Heimdall's attention and flying would come Thor. After all... I'm not dead,' Loki thought with a complicated expression as he looked towards Barton. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s..._51255405354992346 for visiting.

"Aside from Thor, there are many valuable assets needed to be considered by the current government," Loki was not smart innately but simply devious. Given any situation, he has always been able to find the most 'interesting' situation that would please him greatly. That's what this was to Loki. Pleasure. Screams of fear and horror brought him pleasure. Unlike his 'father' and brother, the duty could never take hold of his heart.

"What do you need for that stuff?" Loki inquired, shutting Sergi's yapping as the old researcher smiled.

"An eye!"

Loki's mind instantly twinkled. Opposing forces, a criminal activity, and his fun.

A plan formed in his mind instantly as he looked towards Barton and instantly set on the plan that would shock others gravely. After all, before anything else, he was an Asgardian fugitive. What would a god feel when his brother has been taken captive by mortals?

"Heh! Sometimes, I wonder why others cannot have the same mind as mine for once... then again, it's for the best. Who loves to get cucked..." Loki sighed with fondness as he recalled the best moments of his life.

Turning Thor's lover bald, turning Thor mortal, turning Thor into a frog, turning Thor's clothes into a woman's gown, turning Thor's...

He continued to live those memories while moving out of the base provided by Barton.