Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 662

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 662 He Dazzles

Slick black hair combed back, a charming and sharp face, mischievous set of eyes, and an enchanting smile. He was unlike the boors of Asgard that only knew how to hunt. He was no planner either. Plans meant a definite set of actions that he didn't like. At all. Straightening the collar of his tux, Loki looked on from the first floor of the mansion. A gathering of humans never looked so appealing to him. With a narrowed gaze, he started walking down. A classy staff in his left hand and a small briefcase in his right.

A target was already set. The piece of stone that Sergi wanted could be obtained through a passcode which was the retinal scan of the target. The soft classical music only improved Loki's mood. Walking down the stairs, he was instantly spotted by the security detail. This was a renowned government official's event so the security was quite strict. To the surprise of the team, even they did not know how Loki appeared on the first floor.

"Hey!" A bulging man walked forward only for Loki to snicker. His cane moved and struck the man in the balls.


Before the man's knees could even collapse together, Loki swung exaggeratedly and hit the cane against the face of the man, sending him flying! The crash of that guard instantly silenced the pleasant surrounding as many eyes focused on Loki. He could feel and a smile touched his lips. The fate of the fallen guard was unknown, even to Loki. If he survives, then lucky him.

"Stand down!"

The shouts of the guards made Loki slow down. 'Guns... they didn't work previously but I can't have the equipment damaged.'

Thinking till here, Loki's gaze instantly fell on one particular gentleman who shivered under the sight and Loki ran towards the man. The gunshots fired but only a few touched Loki and even these couldn't harm him. He might have used other low-key methods to take care of the guards but he wasn't in the mood. The plan had two key aspects. Getting the eye. And being caught!

"Uh-oh!" The target had gone through many assassination attempts and he knew when he was being targeted. After all, he was the only one interested in the soup before even starting with Hors D'oeuvres, so, in essence, in the man's path, only he was standing.

"No!" The target shrieked when he was caught by the collar and raised high in the sky then smashed onto the table. Hot suit splattering all over.

The gunshots finally stopped. This just became a hostage situation but finally gazing at the look of pure terror in the man's eyes, Loki breathed softly. Loki's and the target's eyes remained locked as the shouts of negotiation from the security group came to an end. Now, Loki didn't consider himself a romantic but he was in love with the pair of eyes and emotions hidden in them.

"P-please," the man begged softly, making Loki nod as the god instantly unlocked the suitcase with a flip, pulled out the device with one end holding three pointed ends, and the moment Loki activated the device, the pointed ends rotated at a high speed. Speed enough to pierce the man's head and cover the right eye.


"Aaaaghhh!" Target shouted at the greatest volume, his legs and torso struggling in the air while his arms spasmed. The constant grind instantly caused a fountain of blood to instantly drenched Loki's face and that's all the guests and the guards needed to complete their action. The guards shot and the guests ran. The sound of screams and gunshots only served to increase public panic as Loki slowly stood up, the body of the target still spasming. Once again, he didn't care if the man was dead or not. He wasn't interested in killing. He was interested in his enjoyment and finding more sources of fun for himself.

Once he stood straight, Loki could only adjust his hair back under the continuous gunshots. A soft golden glow touched his body as the tuxedo changed into a regal set of clothes. Gold and Green. His head now covered by a helmet that stretched to two, curved horns and his can shifting into a beautiful scepter, the beak of its edge slightly curved to house a glowing blue gem in between.

"That's enough of the weapons, I say," Loki smiled and turned towards the guards. With a snap of his fingers, the guns transformed into venomous vipers that instantly bit onto the guards, poisoning them as Loki slowly strutted out of the hall. His appearance and commotion instantly caught Shield's attention, making them Fury send Natasha and Captain immediately but the news couldn't be hidden from Tony and Nik. While Nik was enjoying having a 'spar' with Angela, Natasha's news came to him but he still continued to beat Angela. She, after all, asked for a spar saying that she hadn't beaten a tough opponent in a long time. Meanwhile, Nik separated his consciousness. A small part of it now resided within Natasha and looked the surroundings through her eyes.


Meanwhile, back in the streets, Loki theatrically shouted, cornering a bunch of civilians with three of his illusion self shaking the people's heart appearing around them. A wide smile remained plastered on Loki's face. He just felt Heimdall's vision passing through him. Others might not be able to ascertain Heimdall's investigative force but Loki could. He spent years devising a magic chant just for this circ.u.mstance. Aside from a few cosmic entities, Heimdall could be said to have the best vision in the whole universe, how could Loki not be alert of the guy who just loves to disrupt his fun?


Seeing a black shuttle tearing through the sky and appearing in front of him, Loki's heart now shivered in excitement.

"That's enough of kneeling!" A shout attracted Loki's attention and he looked to his left, finding a man in a blue outfit and a round shield. 'That's a nice ass,' Loki noted. He wasn't a guy in the truest sense, after all. Not after hundreds of years of 'fun'.

"And? Who are you supposed to be? A Blue Monkey?" Loki scoffed with a smile, his scepter charging with energy, and with a point towards the man with a shield, Loki shot a ball of energy that instantly bounced back from the shield with an even greater force.

"Well, shit"


Loki's chest instantly caved in with his own attack but the injury didn't take long to heal. Frost Giants were quite resistive to damage and even when he was a 'failed' heir, from both sides, ironically, his level of sorcery was unmatched. Alas, each realm had its own origin and in Midgard, Loki was weakened quite a bit.

The three illusions faded and allowed the citizens to quickly retreat while Natasha loaded her weapons against Loki. However, at this moment, the control of the shuttle was overwritten and a slightly smug voice echoed from the transmitter, "Enjoy the music, Agent Widow."

In blazing glory, a suit of armor stopped in front of the standing offender. Extending his arms and revealing the cruel glow of his repulsive blasters, Tony chimed, "Uh, stand down. You're under arrest for ruining a perfectly good gala."

'This is it,' Loki narrowed his gaze when everybody's pupils shrunk. Nick, who had been observing the situation from the Hellicarrier had a headache, Tony and Captain felt stumped but knew a mischievous soul who might have just done it while Natasha groaned internally. It was good that she could just send information to Nik from her mind or else she would have been branded a traitor long ago!

"This is!" Loki's mind shivered. This wasn't part of the plan. Instead of a destroyed street, he now stood in front of two individuals and what seemed like a roof. The woman was beautiful and so was the youth, stumping Loki who he should try to seduce later and get out of the spatial locks binding him. Flowing red hair or the deep violet eyes. A buxom body or a perfectly chiseled face!

'But... it looks like she has seen better days,' Loki observed Angela silently. Her face was slightly swollen and a few marks could be seen on her body. Instead of pained, she looked more embarrassed.

"You must be Loki Odinson, right?" The youth inquired with a pleasant smile.

'Sigh, the boy it is,' Loki thought internally before smiling coldly, "Odinson? Don't make me laugh. Try Laufeyson. My father is Laufey, the frost giant."

"Really?" Nik furrowed his brows and looked towards Angela. They both showed a confused expression as Nik sighed while Loki's body slowly landed on the ground and the shackles on his body loosened.

"Heh! If you're not Odinson then I apologize. But you do know Odin, right?" Nik inquired with a curious expression but internally, he was already preparing a spell. His spirit magic consisted of two parts Molding and Conversion. Both of these aspects could later be extended to many complicated subjects. The basic molding came from runes. It gave a direction to his energy but a spell consisted of multiple runes forming into an eldritch pattern that could contain various variations of energies and direction.

"Naturally," Loki scoffed, "As the appointed ruler of Asgard, I am responsible for overthrowing Odin's rule in the future."

"Who appointed you?" Angela inquired while raising her sword. Her mood was terrible at the moment and seeing Loki's smile only pushed her to an edge.

"Myself, of course. Who dares say otherwise?"

"Probably, Odin does," Nik mused as he pointed towards Loki, the tip of his finger glimmering with a soft golden glow as a small, fist-sized ball of energy floated.

"What?!" Loki instantly tried to retreat or even teleport away but he was locked in place and the ball of light finally entered his body.

"Relax, geez. You were marked with something and it could still see us. Let's change our location now," Nik's words instantly disrupted all of Loki's thoughts and plans.

Once again, he was teleported to a different roof as Nik's phone suddenly rang.

"Hmm? Hey, Agent Coulson. Yeah, you found the guy? Great! Oh, you want me to interrogate him? Sure. Should I come now? Hmm, okay. Me? I'm in my apartment. Why? Hehe, come on, it's late already, why would I go somewhere else? Sure, I'm coming immediately."

Hanging up, Nik looked at Loki and thought for a moment. Of course, he knew that he will fall under suspicion but so what? The Shield neither had the capability or the evidence to do anything but leaving Loki alone could be dangerous, too. It was good that he had the best space he could ask for at the moment.

"Angela, I'm sending you home for now. Don't forget your promise," Nik winked as Angela's expression turned even worse but nodded nonetheless. She lost fair and square.

Meanwhile, with his energy now blocking Loki off completely, Nik came to understand that the man in front of him was quite dangerous but somehow suppressed as well, so before he could do anything, Nik knocked Loki out and stored him within Dream Core!

With everything done, Nik appeared inside the research lab of the Shield, where he was requested to meet and seeing the grim faces of everyone present, a dazzling smile touched Nik's lips and he greeted them with Pickle slowly receding into his body, stunning Tony and Bruce but others present already knew of his identity.

"Where's Loki?" Nik continued, "We are supposed to interrogate him, right?"