Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 664

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 664 Giant's Gender

"My might has been vanquished by the ingenious fighting technique. Sorcerer, state your name," Thor was sweating heavily. He wasn't wearing his cape any longer but his figure was large and bulky. Shoulder-length golden hair and straight features that were already hard to find. However, right now, Thor held a large ice bag against his crotch. Even his hammer had been returned but Nik didn't let it go without a price. If he knew anything about the 'gods' is that they are all, at some level, arrogant. Which meant that they did not enjoy 'free' things. So, when Nik probed by saying that he would only return the hammer in exchange for an equal weapon, Thor readily agreed!

Even though the Hellicarrier was spacious with many rooms and spots, none of them looked warm and welcoming. Right now, the group encircled the ball-busted Thor as he waited for Nik's reply.

"Nik," he stated plainly. He was already without his 'cover.' Nodding slightly, Thor took a shuddering breath accompanied by a long and boorish groan as if his mouth was a detective horn. The sound was jarring, making everybody flinch and purse their lips but the pained groan soon subsided once again. "Your strength is capable, Sorcerer Nik. Now, where is Loki?" Thor inquired with a growl as Tony and Fury looked towards each other. Containing Thor was slightly tricky but none of them wanted him to lose his cool again. Not even Nik. But he could always snatch his hammer and raise the price again.

"We were hoping you would know something. After all, you came charging towards us while believing that Loki is here. Why?" Fury inquired as Thor grunted, "Heimdall lost sight of Loki but he followed his pursuers. They entered this big flying metal tub, wait... I believe this is called a ship. Yes, flying ship."

Tony pursed his lips and then sighed, "This is getting nowhere. Come on, Bruce, let's just complete the wave for searching the cube." He left alongside Bruce promptly while Captain sighed deeply. Looking towards Fury, he couldn't help but mumble, "Director, this is a dead-end. Let's keep our surveillance tight. Who knows, we might find Loki again."

"Why is everybody leaving?" Thor tried standing up but his expression went pale and he slowly returned to his seat.

Once everyone left, Nik looked at Thor with an innocent smile.

"Thor Odinson, right?" Nik inquired as the man, who felt defeated by Nik, nodded without hesitation.

"Thor, want me to keep you a company? I am very interested in Asgard. After all, it's the realm of gods. So, tell me about it. The animals, the plants... maybe other gods," The apostle probed carefully but the Asgardian didn't care much about modesty. The moment Nik inquired about Asgard, Thor laid it all out in the open. His explanation left much to be desired but Nik took what he can get. But with such a perfect opportunity in front of him, deviousness touched Nik's eyes as he pulled Thor into an illusion.

"How resistant," Nik furrowed once he used his spirit magic to use illusion but this was way better than using his bloodline ability. It was easily resisted by Nik which made Nik ponder a little bit. However, Nik started using this method and continuously provoked many questions until he gained access to Thor's mind, and with that, the experience of his life!

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"Hey, girl," Nik returned home after a while. The night had been an eventful one and Nik wasn't willing to extend it by taking out Loki again. Instead, he called Ray.

"Nik? It's late," Ray spoke softly but Nik's lips couldn't help but twitch. Nik respected other's s.e.x lives and would even offer many couples to spice things up but knowing Ray, his stuff might be spicier than he can consider, so, instead of the usual offer, Nik clicked his tongue, "Just wanted to ask if you still remember you owe me a blind date. Make it two. I've got a god for you," his words silenced Ray for a moment before a soft grunt echoed.

"Oookay, I'm hanging up," Nik sucked a breath of cold air and ended the call right there and then before he returned to his bed.

The next day, instead of going to school, Nik prepared an enclosed space. He recalled last night's events. After going through Thor's memory in a few minutes, Nik couldn't help but still feel slightly awed. "Asgard, Midgard, nine realms... This universe is not filled with countless pocket dimensions and planes but also divided into nine realms. The realms are majorly vertical in the division, each of it ever expanding and a universe in its own right... hot damn," Nik mumbled. He wasn't going to create an enclosed spatial structure on the rooftop but he barged into one of many storage units.

"You slept yesterday and didn't wait for me... my legs were sore all night long," Nik stated as he switched on the lights of the storage unit while Angela's expression flickered darkly. "I didn't mean to sleep... I was simply exhausted."

"No, you didn't want to massage my legs. Sigh, and I thought Heven bred true warriors who keep true to their words. Maybe Asgard really isn't as bad as you make it to be either," Nik commented 'half-heartedly' and began to check the empty unit when Angela yelled, her voice echoing slightly, "I won't go back on my promise!" Her expression was twisted in fury. To Nik, three days was enough to know ins and outs of the woman. She had massive wings complex. Probably, the women of Heven have wings, Angela didn't, and it became a root of her obsession. And she had, what can be commonly called, temperamental nature.

Looking back and standing up straight, his height equal to the tall woman's as Nik gazed into Angela's pupilless eyes once again, he observed Angela's expression demoting to nervousness. "Hmm, it's strange. Your attacks in yesterday's spar were lethal but you never return my stare," smiling with cruel intentions, something that was even more rememberable to Angela, Nik inquired softly, "Who do I remind you of? Past lover? Parent? Disciple or maybe even an offspring?" His words made Angela shudder slightly as she shoved Nik but found his body unmoving.

"You know, in my realm, we cut off the tongues who speaks this much!" She hissed as Nik smirked and snapped his fingers. Loki's unconscious body floated out and reached the center of the room while Nik replied, "You've tried to cut me yesterday. The results were disastrous. If you think I'm lying, ask your bottoms. They faced my super technique with 'honor'."

Though boorish and crude by nature, Angela was well-versed with the acts she desired during the spar. However, she has never been with a male despite her interest in the idea. It was a slightly foreign concept for her but the only thing that served to make it easier for her was the violet orbs embedded in Nik's eye sockets alongside his somewhat 'cruel' and 'sadistic' nature. Still, she focused on the task at hand. Loki Laufeyson. Her gaze turned towards Nik who walked closer to Loki and touched his forehead before the handsome god opened his eyes and yawned.

"Ohhhh my god. Best sleep ever. After we are done for the day, let me sleep like this again," Loki licked his lips and stated with a satisfied gaze. Hearing his sincere tone, Angela seemed impressed by the god's mental fortitude but seeing a sneer form on Nik's lips, Loki had an ominous feeling rise in his heart.

"Sleep? Come on, Loki. You cannot sleep. You killed Laufey while Odin was sleeping. Defenseless. I'm sure... you've never actually slept for a wink after you were 'exiled', right?" Nik inquired while clicking his tongue in derision and walking around Loki slowly. For a moment, Loki's expression changed but soon, a smile bloomed on his face. "Hah! That's right. You caught me."

"No, you still think you'd get away. Once I stored you inside the core, the restriction on your powers were lifted and you created many, many loopholes to escape. Sadly, a much higher and... angrier entity also controls the core. Boy, did she hate you!" Nik snickered as he returned towards the front and looked at Loki curiously, "But sadly, I cannot get in your head. You are more interesting than your brother. The best sorcerer of Asgard. God of trickery. But that's only a part of you, right?" As Nik continued to expose Loki, the opposite party's expression finally crumbled but the more he was exposed, the more Loki felt excited.

"What about you?" Loki interjected, his deep black eyes staring at Nik with mocking expression, "No human holds the ability of spatial manipulation to this extent. Even I'm in awe of such intricate spatial locks. You must have learned it from someone. And... hehe, you read into my brother's memories? I don't know what's amazing. The fact that he's calmed down or you survived the encounter."

"His balls didn't," Nik shrugged and sighed. At first, he had wanted to learn about Asgard from Loki. Specifically, from his mind and memories but he was a tough nut to break. Thor, on the other hand, seemed to have overpowering magical energies around him but that was it. There was no form of control, allowing Nik access to the juicy secrets within moments.

So now, as a prisoner, Loki's value was only to find out the location of the cube and in turn, Agent Barton's.

"Oh, right. Loki, let me introduce you Angela," Nik stepped aside and let the young god take another look towards the ravishing gingerhead. "She has a reason to believe the Odin is her father," Nik continued as the revelation, for the first time, made Loki feel confused. His gaze now carried intensity far greater than before but Angela snorted and crossed her arms, "He's not my father. He never will. In the name of Heven, I shall"

"Wait, wait! Heven? The tenth realm? Amazing. I always thought it was just a myth but to think that it could be real. In the books, it is stated that the land is covered with divine grass that was occupied by angels of various colors," Drool escaped Loki's lips, "And the queen of heaven. She is supposed to be one of the most regal existences. Her might and charm far-reaching. Her guts, however, were too great and she finally lost against Odin! Heh, the fallen valkyries were part of Heven's troop but they all died in coming wars! Ohhh! You have to take me to Heven. After all, I can finally have the use of this form!"

Loki's body changed instantly. His... her face turned slightly rounder. Her nose lost its initial sharpness, lips turning plump, chest jiggling out, and waist widening. Her hair length grew only slightly but the new form stunned Angela and Nik.

"You are a girl?" Angela inquired with uncertainty in her voice only for Loki to snicker.

"What's male and female? I have many forms. I'm a frost giant, after all. Fixed genitals never suited the Giants."

Nik blinked for a moment, heaving a deep sigh.

'Oh, no... she's hot...'

He couldn't help but feel a little disgruntled.

'And just when I was beginning to crack him... her open.'

"But..." Nik mumbled. If Loki turned into a girl, then what he was going to do next would certainly be quite easier on Nik.

Turning towards Angela, Nik thought for a moment before inquiring, "Listen. You should understand that I have different approaches in interrogation based on gender. I already know of a method to take you into Asgard so you don't have to stay... but... I wouldn't mind it either way," Nik smiled gently. His expression was sincere and honest while his words made Loki's expression twitch.

"What if I return to my previous form?" She inquired with a snicker.

"Well, males usually receive pain as a motivating factor while females generally receive pleasure. Chose your form based on your interests," Nik eyed Loki carefully.

"What if I like both?"

"That can be easily arranged."

"Alright, but why go through such methods?" Loki inquired with a plain expression, "You want answers, right? Just ask me. Why assume that I'm not willing to talk?"

Loki's words would have been met with the agreement if Nik hadn't seen it firsthand that Loki was, in layman's term, crazy.

"Then... where's the cube?" Nik inquired.

"Oh... no. I enjoy humoring myself with lies. I will never answer anything you ask," Loki snickered, making Nik shrug. Since Angela remained unmoved, Nik assumed she wanted to stay and observe Nik's methods and so he began. His methods not differentiating between friends or foes.


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