Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 665

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 665 Pray To My Name

"Huff!" Angela heaved yet another deep breath. Her intense gaze fell on Loki and Nik but she could not conceal her own reactions. Her olive skin now flushed with excitement far greater than the moments of any battle she had faced in her life. Her body creaked with desire, yet again, far greater than her moments with Sera. "Is this your doing?" Angela inquired but the answer to her question, she already knew. Of course, it was 'his' doing. Men were rare and weak in Heven and this thought only turned firmer when she used her strength to gut Luke and almost killed him. But Angela couldn't help but feel her knees shiver as he inhaled the sweet scent once again.

"Yeah," Nik stated with a shrug and took out two chairs from god knows where before suggesting, "You might want to sit down. It'll help cool your thoughts," he pointed at the free chair while sitting, too. Nik's gaze landed on Loki once again. She continued to float in a standing position while breathing deeply and letting the scent take its effect on her. "Mmgh," she gave out a pleased grunt, "You smell sweeter than Amora!" she exclaimed as her fair cheeks flushed in excitement while her gaze towards Nik and Angela shifted slightly, "So? How is it going to be? Am I being teamed on or is it the opposite? Making me serve you," she inquired with a mellow chuckle but as Angela sat down, Nik shook his head.

"Nothing like that. There's no point in trying to get into your pants... and it's not because you were a guy a few moments before, mind that," Nik stated casually and completely ignored Loki. Why would he actually offer his services to a soon-to-be s.e.x.u.a.lly frustrated... goddess? It is better to stew her in her own l.u.s.t until she crumbles. After all, a person's worst enemy is itself.

"Still enjoying the process?" Nik inquired Angela with a gleeful expression as if he couldn't notice her bodily desire. "N-not, of course," Angela replied while stifling her voice slightly to give a rougher voice but before she could say anything more, Nik twisted his waist and let his legs fall on Angela's lap.

"Oh, good then," Nik grinned, "Now, massage my legs will you, I feel quite tired," Nik replied while zipping Loki but cutting off space itself. With the realm's suppression, Loki could only gaze at Nik with a slightly furious expression but her powers were extremely limited and that's where the scepter was supposed to fit in. To augment her powers. But that wish had clearly crashed and burnt.

Seeing Nik's leg exposing itself as the white membrane receded, Angela could only scowl and place her hands on Nik's calves firmly. In fact, she twisted her palms with all her strength but all she received was "OOh, you are a natural~" Nik closed his eyes in satisfaction. The chairs were replaced by a large couch for Nik to lay down comfily as Angela sat at the other end of the couch.

"What being are you?" Angela finally inquired the same question she had been asking for days and seeing that Angela was so diligent in her work, Nik gave a heartfelt answer, "I'm a god. The only way to pray to my glory is by conducting orgies. Oh, an orgy is an event where a large number of men and women gather to engage in intimate activities."

Angela stared at Nik's face for a long time but seeing his sincere expression, she couldn't help but feel shocked internally. "So... it's like this," she mumbled to herself while her hands reached Nik's toes and started to put pressure on them, making Nik grunt in satisfaction once again. "Oh my!" Nik smiled as he felt Angela's fingers pressing in the space between his toes. This was clearly not an 'orthodox' massage which allowed Nik to understand Angela further. She truly was naive as Nik inquired, "Angela, now you know what kind of entity I am... you wouldn't mind me asking who your partner was, right? I can sense that you have clearly 'worshipped' me at least once." His shameless words brought boundless embarrassment to his spirits, and Lola but Pickle felt admiration towards Nik. She was a l.u.s.t apostle, too. But seeing her creator's methods, she couldn't help but feel proud of her existence.

Meanwhile, a look of sad reminiscence flashed across Angela's face as she sighed. The feeling of her body getting warmer, her 'parts' getting comfortable and Nik sharing his 'identity' made Angela reveal a few facts about her personal life. "Her name was Sera... she won my heart with her courage and... smile, and her eyes," she stated softly before looking towards Nik and seeing the familiar violet pupils, Angela couldn't help but feel drawn slightly.

"So, that's whom I remind you of," Nik sighed softly, enjoying the massage. "She was a sorceress, too," Angela continued and even Nik had to admit that he fit the bill completely. He had a beautiful smile, he thought shamelessly. His eyes were pretty neat. And courage... well, he lacked none of it but just needed weak targets to show it off. And he could be considered a slightly better practitioner of magic, too.

"And she would feel it, too when I massaged her," Angela sighed softly as her gaze was drawn to the stiff pole pressed against the remaining portion of the underpants while Nik shrugged. Angela was extremely good at this kind of massage and Nik could understand why this Sera would feel 'it'.

"Oh, this, don't worry about it. Just keep it till thighs," Nik stated with a smile, "You haven't been with a male, clearly, so I would rather not let you massage this due to your inexperience."

Hearing him, the roughly breathing Angela snorted. "Command your skin to remove itself," she scoffed while referring to Pickle.

"Are you sure?" Nik inquired with a furrow of his brows. "This is a pretty big deal. Can you really take it all the way?"

"I've seen men squirming under my teammates countless times. I can handle it!" Nik took a moment to realize what she meant. Heven was a place of a reverse harem!

'So... Heven, huh...' Nik's thoughts drifted slightly but Pickle receded nonetheless and Nik's stiff shaft sprung out, attracting the silently shouting Loki and Angela's attention.

"Hmm? The Anchorites that others used for worship aren't this hung... this size resembles the devour wolves more than ordinary men..." Angela furrowed. Her metal gauntlet was already placed aside when she started massaging Nik's legs so one of her warm palms landed on Nik's shaft and after gripping it slightly, she pulled her hand down, freeing Nik's tip from the confines of the skin reaching till the base of the tip as Nik instantly scoffed, "See? You are inexperienced. Do it slowly... there is a difference in the two walking legs and the third leg in the middle just like there's a difference in our eyes and the third eye!"

"What do you mean? I have seen my team doing this," Angela retorted while Nik sneered, "Well, they are wrong. You don't see my shoving metal bars inside girls, do you? Now, if you want to master this art, do it the way I tell you."

Although indignant, Angela nodded and under Loki's stunned gaze, Nik started teaching Angela the art of handjob.

"Gah! Never try to grip testicles this tightly! Just rub them softly!"

"Oh, this is nice! Go ahead, use your other hand in the same motion, too!"

"Hey, no way you're touching yourself, missy! All hands on this pole!"

Angela couldn't help but grit her teeth as she stared at Nik furiously, "What happened to your worship of l.u.s.t? I'm trying to relieve you and I need to do this for myself, too. If you continue being unreasonable, I'll crush them!"

"Oh," Nik lost his impatience and slowly sat up while nodding sagely. In reality... Angela sucked at the job but this might be her first time ever trying it so Nik didn't hold it against her. Instead, his gaze turned towards Angela who had already unbuckled her waist guard and revealed her bronze panties. Sweat covered her skin and she glared at Nik with her bitten lips. She hadn't 'taken off' her stress from the moment she landed on this planet but Nik had indulged in romantic activities non-stop but Angela now felt a little thankful to Nik's ability that was arousing her. She already had less than usual inhibitions and now felt quite free. After all, she had already witnessed Nik's c.o.c.k, so, it didn't matter if Angela exposed herself, too.

"How about I help you?" Nik inquired. The stage was set. Many would feel ashamed to use such tactics but Nik wanted to have Angela in his fold as quickly as possible. There were many selfish reasons behind this thought but the most selfish reason was Angela herself.

"Help me?" Angela realized the intent behind the offer and after a slight moment of hesitation, she inquired softly, "How good are you with your mouth?"

"Very!" Nik replied with a broad grin.


"Sir," Maria entered Fury's quarters as the man with a single eye looked towards the young agent with an inquisitive gaze.

"Nik has disappeared once again. There's a high possibility that he may be lying about not kidnapping Loki yesterday," she stated with a plain expression. Aside from Nik's techniques, Maria's thoughts were filled with trepidation towards super individuals. if Coulson was the front to lead these 'heroes' then Maria was appointed to be the shadow to find various methods to contain the heroes should they become a national threat.

"He may also not be lying," Fury countered. Nik's acting had bought him some time against Shield. "Loki is a higher being. And he has Tesseract. It is very likely that Loki might have used the cube to bring more forces and some of them might have the ability to teleport."

Haring this, Maria couldn't help but frown. If that was true, there were more complicated matters to be handled. Just the thought of it brought great stress to Maria as she couldn't help but text the boy behind whom's back she was plotting.


A little surprised and satisfied by the quick reply, Maria checked her communicator and found the reply quite... annoying.

Nik: I'm quite busy and listen, we should try and slow things since I'm not able to focus on important matters. But we'll set the date next month totally. Till then, enjoy a bit of some 'me' time.


Placing the cellphone aside, Nik looked towards Angela and smiled again, "Where were we?"

"You were going to show me your skills with your mouth," Angela pursed her lips and slightly leaned back. It was slightly harder to understand her emotions from her gaze but Nik could feel that her body was already expecting his methods and he grew closer to her face, Angela turned her face slightly and whispered, "I'm... only willing to reciprocate if your technique is better than my former partner."

Even when Nik was slightly surprised, understanding flashed in Nik's eyes.

'The effect of my pheromones can be enhanced using my spiritual abilities but at the base level, my bloodline's inferiority might be causing fewer effects... but even if my bloodline was better, all there's a fact that Asgardian bloodline comes with five limits unshackled, this is already a major boost and I have only made my bloodline go through the freedom of the first limit.'

Pushing all these thoughts away, Nik gingerly lowered his head and unclothed Angela from the confines of her bronze underwear.


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