Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 666

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 666 Ruining A Goddess 1

For Natasha, teaching pubescent students was a breath of fresh air. All of the kids would readily agree to her teaching methods. Boys, of course, felt a strong desire to impress her. A few who had clearly watched a lot of p.o.r.nography were a bit annoying to deal with. Meanwhile, girls, when faced with someone a lot cooler than their parents would simply become puppets ready and begging to be emotionally controlled. However, Natasha still couldn't feel the same enthusiasm she felt previously.

'Don't worry. Nik will get answers. Loki is a god but in some manner, Nik can be the most probable person to deal with the situation. Not only that, there's a high chance that Banner and Stark can find a way to locate the cube and in the extension of it, find Clint...' Her heart worried for the man. She didn't care if it was any other agent whose life was on the line but Barton's life was different. She respected the agent and his status was equal to Mary's in Natasha's heart. The man even had a family whose kids called her aunt!

Thinking till here, Natasha forcibly calmed herself. If Nik wouldn't be able to get answers then she'll try her own way. After all, she had long betrayed Shield and sided with Nik, so a few crimes against a god was nothing to her.

'Nik... please get some answers for me.'


"Nik *Mhhh* slow!" Angela squeezed out, breathless, with her hands violently holding Nik's head and thrusting his face against her h.i.p.s despite her words. Her well-developed, wet thighs wrapped Nik's sides and pulled him closer as the two enjoyed each other's 'taste' in front of the forlorn goddess of trickery. Loki was internally shaken by Nik's mastery of spatial element. Not only did he create an intricate shackle, but he also covered Loki in a bubble that didn't let her voice leak all the while managing to make his... scent able to cover the room despite the spatial changes in the room.

But seeing Angela's expression, her drool-struck face, bucking h.i.p.s, and dripping thigh, Loki couldn't help but wonder if Angela herself was weak to s.e.x.u.a.l advances or Nik was simply what he claimed... God of Debauchery. Loki knew of many gods. But none claimed themselves to be debauched. Love, passion, and other flowery words but the Gods are hypocritical! Loki understood and loved this fact deeply. It brought her greatest joy.

But now, she only bit her lips. Easily seduced was one of her many weaknesses too. Her partners knew it but none dared to lay with her after a single night except for one particular sorceress but that was the past, she was experienced and so was her partner.

"Heven's" Angela's exclamation resounded and boomed in the storage unit as she might have broken Nik's neck itself. The thrusts of her angelic cunt against Nik's lips held outstanding force behind them as she enjoyed the feeling of raw and untamed s.e.x.u.a.l charge filling her spine, preparing her for the 'big bang'. It had been a few minutes and Nik did surpass all her expectations and went beyond. It was like his body was made for illicit actions.

With Nik's face crushing against Angela's h.i.p.s, there was nothing much he could do with his hands, and rested them atop Angela's knees. He could clearly feel her shudders every time he sucked against her honeypot. His lips were pressed against Angela's darker p.u.s.s.y lips and his tongue explored her warm and fleshy cave that convulsed around his tongue happily. Even Nik felt extremely aroused. Aside from Yu Yan, Samya, and Gojira, Angela was a rare exception that could challenge Nik physically at the moment and thus, he could afford to be slightly rougher in his actions.

Squeezing her knees, Nik slowly pulled her pressing thighs away and made her snort in annoyance but one flick of Nik's tongue and Angela mewled like a satisfied kitten once again. "Here, since you love getting sloppy, why don't you see me do it?" Nik inquired with a warm expression but his words made Angela's heart grow cold. She was instantly pushed downwards slightly and her h.i.p.s were raised high. Now, her extremely wet and lecherous hole was exposed for others to witness as Nik stroked her butt before spreading her tender entrance with thumbs on the opposite side.

Though indignant by the 'humiliation', Angela couldn't look away as she saw and felt Nik's finger slowly entering her body from the squeezing snatch and her body shuddered once again with a soft and suppressed gasp leaking through her lips. Now, instead of gracing the floor and the couch, her hevenly honey slowly traced the backward length of her thigh and even dripped on her bent stomach as Nik locked gazes with Angela. For the first time, she continued to hold his gaze as he kissed her entrance with loving intention, and affectionately began to lick her again. Not sparing anything, Nik started to use all his abilities save for instant orgasms. He didn't wish to ruin Angela straight from the beginning. Instead, he used his spiritual connection, and his bloodline abilities.

Each stroke of her fingers built the nefarious blaze in Angela's heart and with the tender sucking, Angela soon found herself crying as she was pushed to the edge. Sadness, and bodily pleasure mixed while she couldn't help but m.o.a.n helplessly. "Se Nik!" She exclaimed as if growing out of the shadow of certain someone, "It's going to"

Before she could complete her announcement, Nik closed his eyes and enjoyed the squirt of the deity. After all, this was a benefit enjoyed only by a rare few individuals and as her warm taste only excited Nik further, the sight of Angela's tears did put a damper to his hot blazes.

It took a few minutes for Angela to let it all out. At that moment, despite her carnal release earlier, she hugged Nik extremely tightly and continued to sob and the fact that he had to face the mocking smile of Loki didn't really help the situation.

"There, there," Nik spoke softly while brushing Angela's smooth ginger hair with his hand as she slowly rubbed her eyes, and when she sat straight, all the traces of her being an emotional wreck vanished.

"That was... strange for me. After Sera died I... hmm, this is the first time I have cried."

"Woah," Nik exclaimed, "Girl, you need to cry hard and then eat lots of ice cream," he pondered, "but I have a way to balance things once again. You've never been with a man, right?" Nik inquired as Angela shook her head.

"Well, I've never been either but this one looks a lot more appealing than Ray. Why don't we forget the interrogation for a moment and use this chance to..." a mischievous light flashed through his gaze, "break a goddess?"

Nik's words were not stopped by the barrier and for a moment, Loki felt a chill in her heart. But showing a decisive heart in such scenarios, Nik removed many restraints covering Loki and brought her closer to the couch as Angela looked at the fair-faced Loki, feeling a little enchanted herself. To Angela, males were slightly less appealing. In these days, Nik had been broadening her horizons but presently, Angela still preferred women and Loki was, in her right, breathtaking.

"Heh!" A sneer formed over her lips as Loki's sonorous voice echoed once again, "Ruin? Me? It takes guts to dream and balls to take such actions. You might have both but what about your capability? What if I ruin you instead?" She queried with her brows slightly raised. Even with the scent affecting her far greater than Angela, Loki showed her experience in such matters as she reigned her expression well.

Standing straight, Nik observed Loki from top to bottom. "Quality, truly!" He exclaimed. He was trying to keep himself from getting affected by Loki mentally but who knew that a woman could hold such a mixture of s.e.x appeal and deviousness? Yar came to Nik's mind but she was roguish in nature. Men, women, she loved to f.u.c.k them all, and only in rare cases like Ray or Nik would she indulge in getting pleased herself. Loki, however, managed to look regal still.

"Ah, I know!" Nik nodded, "These clothes are messing things up. Two out of three in the room are already n.a.k.e.d. It's only fair and equal that you follow the norms," Nik's words made Loki and Angela stump for a moment when Loki's attire vanished under a golden glow. A smirk touched Loki's face as she didn't mind her exposed body and inquired with a soft coo, "How about now? Is this fair enough?"

Not replying to her directly, Nik looked towards the slightly enamored Angela and then returned with a smile, "I'd say good enough. But you still have time. Why not confess? I can wear a priest's outfit if it suits you."

"Oh, hush now," Loki stretched her neck forward, getting close to Nik's face as she blew over his lips, her mellow scent not escaping Nik's senses.

"We are having such a great time... why not just enjoy this moment? Oh, and don't let me be swept away by your current partner... she's just supposed to be my half-sister, remember?" Loki enticed and winked slightly.


"So..." Steve sat in front of Thor. Both the blondies continued to look at each other awkwardly before Captain continued, "I'm"

"Clear this for me," Thor suddenly spoke up, "Why am I being kept here? I can travel the planet and search for Loki. He needs to face Asgardian justice and I also need to take away the Tesseract. I do not wish to harm innocent mortals but in the end, they are just mortals. Why don't I fly straight out of this mechanical ship?"

"We have our best men searching for the cube and... what good would come if you harm the 'mortals'."

"You speak well, Shield Bearer," Thor sighed, "But the same is not true for metal man, and that Director. They are trying to harness power much greater than their capability and knowledge. If the Tesseract is truly activated, it will bring pain and suffering to your planet. Heh," Thor suddenly chuckled, "Loki has been like this. His pranks and his anger is well justified but why weaponize the forces of nature?"

Hearing him, Steve couldn't help but feel slightly ominous. In history, a force was on the verge of successfully weaponizing the Tesseract which was stopped at expense of his own life. Right now, Steve simply a walking shell but still, he couldn't help but think.

What is the Shield really doing with the Tesseract?

After leaving Thor as he continued to observe the sky and make one of the operators find pictures of Jane Foster, Steve started moving around, and finally, he found the storage facility that might just solve his confusion.


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