Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 667

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 667 Ruining A Goddess 2

"Swept away by Angela?" Nik's gaze flickered before his smile broadened. He had many abilities. Spatial, gravitational, elemental, physical, and spiritual. In terms of elements, Nik had reached quasi-grandmaster level attainment in lightning, fire, water, wind, earth, light, and darkness. His spiritual abilities were increasing at a heightened pace since he had chosen to develop the path based on magic which is founded on deep knowledge and that he had plenty due to the combined effort of his Harem, benefiting the girls themselves. Not only that, his real body has been using purple qi to enhance his eyes and was now on the brink of reaching master-level attainment in the concept of vision.

But if there was one ability that he fully believed in despite the natural restrictions faced when meeting opponents of 'higher' birth then it would be his bloodline abilities.

However, not finding any reason to retort the delusional goddess, Nik instead, smiled and gently cradled Loki's chin between his thumb and index. "Are you sure?" Nik whispered as his touch sent a shock to Loki's body, her eyes widened in comprehension but it was too late. Taking back his finger, Nik reached Loki's lips with his thumb, now her heart pounded against her tasteful b.r.e.a.s.ts but Nik didn't gaze at her body. He only held her gaze and whispered with disappointment, "Such pretty lips. Sigh, even I feel regret saying this but... no kisses for such a mouth. Not blowjobs, too. Mischievous goddess, you just missed the greatest deal of your lifetime," saying so, Nik took a step back and pulled Angela in his arms.

"Angela, have you done it before?" Nik inquired without beating around the bush as she gazed towards her sword and nodded. "Ehm," coughing, she replied as she felt the hot tool pressed against her right buttock while Nik's hand slowly peeled down onto the flat of her crotch, "We went as far as the complete length of the hilt."

Pleasingly surprised, Nik snickered and used his other hand to move her long hair to the front, leaving the back of her slender neck exposed as he kissed her softly on the slight protrusion of the spine, "Then I don't need to take it easy, right?" He inquired as Angela felt ashamed and scoffed, "Easy? Size matters not. You'll be drenched in your fluids within minutes!"

"Hey, wait... what about me?" Loki suddenly inquired. What's a woman to do butt n.a.k.e.d and already hinting that she would happily take that delicious piece of meat in her bun?

"You?" Nik slightly looked up, only his eyes visible while he pleased Angela's back, "Watch."

Angela gasped in surprise as Nik's hand reached for her b.r.e.a.s.ts. His hands had already marked her lower region so feeling his fingers against her welcoming hole, Angela couldn't help but feel the urge to sit and enjoy the sensation well. In fact, lying down would be even better but somehow, standing up and having her knees feel a strange form a weakness, letting her body enjoy such weakness, felt quite amazing.

Even Nik started to feel it. Angela's ass was wonderful. Athletic and shapely with firm quality that when pressed against his c.o.c.k only made him harder. His fingers, meanwhile, traced her wet labia before gently rubbing her erect clit, his other hand squeezed her upper mound and made Loki gulp. "Oh!" Angela exclaimed as she felt like she had just gained the most honorable victory of her life and nothing could ever top it. She was, certainly, incorrect.

After all, Nik pulled his waist back slightly and finally aligned his shaft against the narrow passage through her thighs and poked against the fleshy entrance that suckled on his tip.

"If you keep ignoring me," Loki began with a gloomy expression only for Nik to stroke her cheek with a mild expression.

Instant Orgasm!

Nik finally used the skill whose methods eluded him still but this was the most if not one of the most devastating skills in his arsenal. Something that even subdued Lucifer! Loki's expression instantly turned dazed before her body shivers and her mouth gaped with a beautiful arc of squirt squeezing out of her godly p.u.s.s.y. Before Angela could connect Loki's expression with her sudden change in the situation, Nik finally moved front and penetrated Angela, causing her to feel a little daze, too.

Xiphos, Angela's sword, finally failed her. 'It feels warm... all I've ever heard about anchorites is their lack of 'heat' but this...' Angela was tongue-tied as the walls of her fleshy dungeon squeezed around Nik, unconsciously unwilling to let go of even a single inch, and with the continuous push, 'it' touched the uncharted boundary that struck rightly against her inner entrance, making her shiver and her innards to squirm tenderly. Her juices were gushing already but her lower body moved and rightly snuggled against Nik's pelvis with a satisfied grunt.

Even Nik felt a little lightheaded for a moment. Gazing at the selfish lioness simply trying to take the entire experience for himself, Nik bit his lips in expectations and grunted along with her m.o.a.n, his lips pecking the back of her shoulder. "Damn it," Angela snarled as her hands slithered back and firmly held Nik's sweet buttocks, keeping him against her butt tightly as she continued, "Don't just *gasp* move recklessly! Let me" Her naturally seductive call extended to a stirring groan with Nik moving back despite the pressure and smacking forward with a righteous momentum!


The sound rang and Angela's back arched forward with her ass jiggling by the strike. "There," Nik smiled, his lips softly blowing against Angela's ear, "It wasn't reckless now, was it?" He cooed but his fingers still aroused her clit while he remained inside the cushy p.u.s.s.y as Angela's breathing remained ragged. Retort she wanted to make but seeing Loki's slightly amused stare, Angela growled at the n.a.k.e.d woman currently in the mercy of the couple and forcefully pressed her lips against Loki's.

Loki had barely regained her bearings after the surprising 'attack' but feeling Angela's plump lips and rough tongue devouring her mouth and pressing against her tongue, the sensitive goddess couldn't help but indulge in the forceful display. Once, Sky had stated that the longer a being lives, the more they tend to become sensitive out of their own volition so that the world doesn't seem too boring and that was true for Loki, too. She could easily seduce others just as easily she could be seduced.

"Keep your eyes in check," Angela growled menacingly. Though attracted, she wasn't cozy with Loki just yet, "Show arrogance once again and I'll forget that we have to question you and let you have a taste of"

Angela hurriedly pressed her lips against Loki's with a needful grunt as Nik took a stroll out and into the gingerhead once again. If Angela's pupils were visible, they would be rolling into her skull but Loki and Nik didn't need pupils to realize how silly Angela's expression had turned after tasting her first man.

"Mmmgh!" Both the goddess m.o.a.ned in delight as Angela's hand finally lost their strength, freeing Nik's h.i.p.s to move as they wished, and f.u.c.k he did. Swinging his waist against her shuddering and crushing ass, Nik slowly pulled the length of his shaft and with an eager grin, pushed deeper in Angeal, letting the entire space of her dungeon press against his c.o.c.k while his tip prodded her insides again. Again, and again! Angela's p.u.s.s.y was good! Too, good. Well, that was to be expected from someone that had Angel in her name and claimed to be from Heven.

With a sultry grunt, both of Nik's hands were now firmly holding Angela's buttocks as she continued to suppress her m.o.a.ns against Loki's lips, her hands now loosely hanging on Loki's shoulder and due to being taller than Loki and now bent forward, both of their bosoms pressed against each other.




The sound of wet flesh slapping against each other resounded as Angela now stood solely due to Nik's support using spiritual energy as her knees were bent and pressed against each other while Angela had turned into a m.o.a.ning mess of desire with Nik's c.o.c.k bringing out the worst of her. Years of discipline went down the drain as Nik, for a moment, thought of sending the invite of pulling Angela into his fold. He had thought of going slow but being slow when it came to Angela might just be an insult to her.

Now willing to stew in the thought, Nik sent the invitation before focusing on the torrid lovemaking and feeling Angela's holy cunt squeezing him with astounding pressure, Nik couldn't help but feel the urge to 'scratch' the 'itch' and at such pressure, Nik could only m.o.a.n softly with his body thrusting even further, now pressing his c.o.c.k deeply against Angela's entrance, only furthering the barbaric goddess' stimulation.

"Heven's!" Angela gasped with her expression extremely ravishing that even Loki's heart thumped for the briefest moment while Angela couldn't help but bite down one Loki's shoulder to lower her voice. She felt reaching the edge once again. Unlike how she imagined, it wasn't Nik drenched in his sweat and fluids but her whose body now shivered with pleasure, lathered with bodily fluids, and preparsing to squeeze out more of her squirt.

"Ah!" Loki exclaimed with her face twisting in pain due to sting as Angela came against Nik's crotch. The high-pressured release of fluid was a sight to behold but with his gaze now filled with carnal desires, Nik didn't stop until he reached the peak of his momentum. His breathing was shallower than before while Angela felt his c.o.c.k growing further. SHe didn't know what it entailed but the moment the extremely hot gush of mommy maker struck her insides and easily pumped into her w.o.m.b, Angela couldn't help but loosen her bite against Loki and feel her mind crumbling.

'Anchorites are bad?' was her thought, 'My whole life might truly be a lie...'


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