Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 668

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 668 Ruining A Goddess 3

[Talent Exotic Escort initiated. The average statistical value available to be absorbed and the abilities are listed.

Name: Angela

Talent: Weaponized Force [Locked]

Physique: F+

Mental: G+

Energy: D+

Luck: H-

Abilities: [Swordsmaster C+] [Close-Combat Master C+]


The notice from the exotic escort flashed in front of Nik as he waved it away and looked at the breathtaking form of Angela. Although collapsed with her honeyed w.o.m.b squeezing out jets of Nik's fiendish spunk, her gaze, her face, that slightly goofy smile, everything about current Angela was new for Nik, too. Although she had yet to accept the invitation, Nik held confidence that his 'persuasion' would be enough to pull her into the fold on her own accord. The storage unit's lighting had dimmed slightly but Angela looked spectacularly radiant.

Heaving a deep breath, Nik felt a little guilty. He had been wanting to try a threesome but after such a long time of using his full strength in his thrusts, Nik did go out of control for a bit. But gazing towards the bound goddess who had shown multiple advances and was ready to throw herself at Nik's arms, he felt the slightest hint of doubt. Any ordinary man might have felt confused with such a behavior, fearing that a conspiracy was at play but after being with many women, Nik had learned to consider that a woman might just be quirky. Or in this case... an ambiguously gendered deity of trickery and mischief.

"I must apologize for such a brutish display," Nik breathed and stood in front of Loki. His tanned physique glistened with sweat and his gaze was filled with unbridled desires. Desires that wished to 'devour' the lamb in front of his eyes. "But it seems like Angela won't be able to swoop you away after all," Nik smiled gently and wiped away the drool mark near Loki's lips.

"But you wouldn't mind if I continue with such eagerness, right?" He softly inquired, his body leaning forward with his and Angela's lingering scent assaulting the dumbstruck Goddess' nose while his warm breath against her earlobe titillated her further.

"Mind?" Loki hissed, "Of course, I mind! How dare you try and stick me with that sloppy seconds?" She clenched her jaws with a furious expression while glaring at Nik. "I'm no toy that you can pick and rut against whenever you will. I'm a deity. You will not disrespect me!" She continued, her words making Nik smile as he tilted his head in confusion.

"So? You're asking for a rougher treatment?"

"You overgrown c.o.c.k! Of course, I'm not!" Loki spewed fire from her gaze, "I'm indirectly hinting at making me your toy! I want to see if you're just a dumb and l.u.s.tful fiend or actually have a class to make that delightful lass take such a whorish image."

With comprehension flickering in Nik's gaze, he positioned Loki's body to slant backward slightly. He wasn't going to give it to her from behind. That would ruin the fun since he won't be able to exchange gaze with such a 'meaningful' deity that could speak such sagely words.

"Wait!" Loki suddenly spoke up. Her nether regions were already wet after experiencing a single instance of instant orgasm and seeing her lush garden's tip slightly wet, Nik couldn't help but stand 'erect' with full attention. "Aren't you going to untie me?" She inquired with a begging tone as Nik chortled a chuckle, letting his c.o.c.k kissing the tip of her soft pink p.u.s.s.y answer her question.

"Since when did toys start to make demands?"

"In Asgard, they do. Consider my brother for an example *Hah*" Loki suddenly took a deep breath with her eyes widening as she looked towards Nik with an annoyed gaze. But the stare didn't last long as her 'inner' defenses crumbled and she finally felt what Angela did. Mind-numbing pleasure began seeping into the flat of her crotch, her highly flexible p.u.s.s.y squirmed in pleasure as if this was the first time were they tasting something this delicious while her breathing slowly turned shallow as Nik continued to move until prodding the entrance of her tight w.o.m.b.

"Heh, a surprise like this is barely noteworthy," Loki smirked, her expression barely held together. But Nik didn't mind any of it. Right now, he was focused on experiencing the delightful hole that squirmed without moving. Her innards held Nik tight, Loki's warmth not pushed away by the heat spreading from Nik's c.o.c.k as he slowly placed her hands on her slender thighs. Unlike Angela, who had thick curves and an athletic body, Loki was soft and warm with her assets moderate but highly appealing to touch and mold.

"That was no surprise," Nik snickered as he lowered his head to suckle on Loki's b.r.e.a.s.t, his mouth equally pleasurable as Loki felt her shoulders shudder in delight. But she only kept a haughty expression on her face. "Sigh, just some sloppy seconds. Beat it, you can't do anything good with"

Already knowing that Loki was knee-deep in her acting, Nik decided to heed her advice and 'use' her properly.


Loki's expression crumbled as the l.u.s.t-fueled Goddess' head rolled back with a satisfied purr. Her uncovered, right b.r.e.a.s.t jiggled with the pounding as Nik continued to thrust. Each thrust threatening to break Loki but it only pushed her over the edge. Her n.i.p.p.l.es were poking in expectations with one of them enjoying the warmth of Nik's mouth.

"Ah! F.u.c.k! Can't you be a bit gentle!" Loki squealed, severely wishing that she had a pair of mouth to stick against to save her dignity now that she couldn't keep her voice in. Her body squirmed the moment Nik hit the deepest part of her cunt, pressing against the entrance of her w.o.m.b and making Loki's words vanish into gasps of delight!


Fury was pressed into a corner by the physical and technical pieces of evidence. Having amazing humans like Captain, Tony, and Banner on the ship definitely had its risk of being exposed but Seeing the large prototype gun formed using the little knowledge they had on alien tech alongside loads of data flowing in many holographic screens made Fury's expression darken. Maria stood beside him as her gaze, too, flickered with anger.

"Hah! As I divined. Humans always try to chew more than they can handle. Developing these weapons show that the Earth is ready for a higher form of war!"

Gazes of everyone in the room flickered. Chuckling coldly, Fury looked towards Thor and hissed, "We wouldn't be so helpless to develop even greater tools of destruction if you and your armor of doom hadn't caused such deep losses in Mexico. Or did you forget about that? Basked in the glory of being a god and still unable to understand the most simple thing."

"Simple?" Thor smirked with the tiniest sparkle of lightning oozing through his eyes, greatly changing everyone's expression, "War is simple. This is Midgard. Conquests never end in this realm. If you keep developing such weapons, armies of another world would strike you most definitely and then, my brother will be the least of your troubles."

"I'm sorry, your brother is probably causing a mess as we speak. Why undermine his crimes?"

"This isn't the same after all," Captain looked ill at ease, "First the commissions of villains and now Shield trying to strong-arm the world of weaponry..."

"Heh," Bruce smiled and leaned back on the table, "Hah, I missed this. The cold revelations that show everything is not candy and sweets."

"Because the research you were doing was definitely for the good of people, right?" Maria scoffed as Bruce's expression turned a bit ugly.

"I don't wish to have arguments. Loki with the Tesseract is dangerous and now that you still haven't found him, I'll have to" Before Thor could complete, Fury's communicator started and the man's expression turned slightest strange.

"We found Loki... he's in California!"

"Great!" Thor's expression brightened as Fury quickly stopped him, "If you can, try to make him submit peacefully. Innocent lives can be in danger.".

"Loki has never submitted easily. He tricks others into thinking that he had submitted but he never does! He's annoying that way."

"I'll come along," Tony left the room and went towards his suit. Meanwhile, Bruce took another look towards the weapon and left with a groan.


"Aah! Ngh!" Loki's expression had fully broken as she enjoyed her cunt getting violated and ravaged. Her entire body had never felt this good. Again, as Nik's c.o.c.k furiously thrust against the entrance of her w.o.m.b, entrance to which he was denied, Loki's thighs shivered with her squirt gushing out. It was a wonderful sight to the sore eyes. But Nik's eyes weren't sore. Instead, he growled and teasingly pressed his thumb against Loki's lips, pushing it and locking it against the side of her open mouth as he inquired, "Again? Such a selfish goddess. Too bad, I won't be able to f.u.c.k you all day long since I have to find that stupid cube and the stupid people you took under control. Sigh, it'll only be one time for me," Nik shook his head as Loki's body shuddered.

"No!" She shrieked, "Letsh tradeh!" She breathed, barely able to form words before sucking on Nik's thumb with a pleased expression. Not willing to stop despite what he said and with the intent of having the goddess remember his shape completely, Nik continued to f.u.c.k her harder while showing a troubled expression. His thumb pressed against Loki's tongue as he shook his head, "Sorry, I can't believe you."

"I promishhh!" Loki squealed with her eyes going daze for a moment as Nik's c.o.c.k actually expanded. It turned into an inhumane size within her p.u.s.s.y. Her gripping snatch was forcefully pushed back while the shape of his large c.o.c.k could be seen pressing against the flat of her crotch. "Promise?" Nik wondered with a grunt as he felt nearing his limit. "Then why don't you become my bitch?" Nik cooed in inquiry as Loki's mind shook. If she had been offered this before, she would have scoffed and tried to kill the person daring enough to offer such but as it stands, right now, she wanted to be a bitch in heat for longer.

But how could she accept such a proposal?

Her thoughts came to an abrupt end with Nik's groan as he finally poked against her w.o.m.b, this time letting out a gush of hot c.u.m that filled and violated her w.o.m.b with force, making her entire body squirm against the spatial locks.

"Yess!" Loki m.o.a.ned, her lower region slightly deforming but it was of no issue to her.

"Alright, then," Nik smiled brilliantly before removing the spatial locks and holding the c.u.m-soaked Loki in his arms. After sitting on the couch, he positioned the resting Loki onto his lap before pushing his c.o.c.k into her gaping cunt once again.

"Ohhh!" Loki grinned happily while leaning forward, fully intent on making Nik's lips hers when his hand held her cheeks and squished them before silently gazing at Loki. "What are you doing?" He inquired with a frown.

Since they were sitting, it would be uncomfortable for Nik to thrust upwards and the experienced Loki knew this. It was her time to move.

"Kishing you?" Her words deformed due to her cheeks squished inwardly.

"Why would I kiss you?" Nik's other hand held Loki's perky bottom, sinking his hand against her skin before dragging her down against the length of his c.o.c.k. His thickness spreading her innards wide while Loki whimpered pitifully. "Just f.u.c.k!" Nik smiled coldly, "You've yourself accepted the title of a toy and a bitch, right? Don't try and act like a human now."

Loki's body shuddered at his words while her butt started to move up and down on her own accord. Her hands roughly pressed against Nik's chest to gain support while her gaze begged Nik to stop with the bitch treatment but a hollow chuckle was all she received in return. With both hands firmly holding Loki's ass, he chortled, "If I f.u.c.k.i.e.d this weakly, I would've been beaten by the girls and thrown at the sidewalk."

If Loki wasn't willing to get rougher, then Nik could always use her body and make her bounce up and down. After all, she was a toy. Toys shouldn't have demands and the feeling of her cunt being scratched roughly, her entire body still used by Nik and her p.u.s.s.y being violated with the relatively large but extremely delicious c.o.c.k made Loki m.o.a.n and grunt continuously.

Her buttocks would ripple every time Nik roughly pulled her down. Even with her innate qualities, Loki felt that such a f.u.c.k would have a long-lasting effect on her but when did she start to care as such? Even her mind and heart were completely focused on being used. Seeing the slightly offensive gaze as Nik looked towards her with a sneering expression, Loki couldn't help but snort. Still, he had the ability, after all.

"Hah! Hnnngh!" Loki grunted when her loud m.o.a.ns finally started to wake Angela up. Slowly sitting up, she looked towards the c.u.m-soaked beauty with a puddle of juices dripping down the couch and couldn't help but move towards the bouncing ass.

"Ah!" Loki gasped, feeling a roguish tongue move against her entrance while even Nik sighed in relief with Angela's actions.

"Do not mind my presence. Amorous actions are best done with focus and commitment," Angela replied while the notification of her entering the fold rang. With renewed vigor, Nik started pounding away at Loki. Instead of his hands that pulled her down on the shaft, it was Angela's while Nik cupped Loki's warm bosom.

"Shit! Shit!" the goddess of trickery m.o.a.ned. If she knew she would be getting such a good meat, Loki reckoned she'd be willing to try it out yesterday itself!

"Wait? You're wetting yourself again?" Nik sighed, "Well, after we are done, we will have a lot to clean..."


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