Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 669

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 669 Alliance

[Weaponized Force: Allows a user to connect with a weapon of choice and channel one's unique energy.

Note: The required bloodline is not found.

Note: The unique energy is not found.]

Nik looked at the [Locked] talent with a ponderous expression. His limit in bloodline was revealed.

In essence, a bloodline is a form of data running through one's veins. This data is programmed with talents and skills and the progenitor of a bloodline can also be considered the owner or more technically, an admin of the bloodline. So, in case his real body surpasses rank 5 and becomes rank 6, his bloodline would gain the ability to unshackle others. This was one of the selfish reasons why he grew interested in the Asgardian bloodline.

If he manages to get this bloodline and fuse it into his real body, in essence, most of his shackles would be removed, greatly reducing the task of venturing into different worlds! But now that he had seen the locked talent, he knew that the creator of the bloodline wasn't probably as easy going as him.

[Talent Exotic Escort initiated. The average statistical value available to be absorbed and the abilities are listed.

Name: Loki Laufeyson

Talent: Impersonator

Physique: G+

Mental: E-

Energy: D


Abilities: [Shapeshifting C-]

Affinity: Ice


Nik was slightly amused. The talent [Impersonator] increased the effectiveness of shapeshifting capabilities but, of course, those weren't all of Loki's abilities. In fact, the goddess is proclaimed to be a sorcer...ess. But seeing the two, completely cleaned goddess sleeping, Nik chose the strength from Angela, silently breaking through to the next rank and selected [Impersonator] from Loki. He had a little interest in [Weaponized Force] but since the talent was locked, even he wouldn't be able to use it.

"Huff, finally... rank 4 physique," Nik smiled in satisfaction. He had finally progressed to the next realm.

[Name: Nik Minion

Age: 17

Limits: (Phantom Physique)

Bloodline: L.u.s.t Apostle/ ???

Talent: Exotic Escort, Balance, Perfect Eyesight, Skill Palace, Physical Genius, Limit Buster, Legacy Eyes, Wild Intuition, Impersonator

Profession: Imperfect Chimera

Legacy: Idle Summoner

Physique E-

Mental F

Energy F+

Luck B+]

'But I should get a move on. I've actually got people's lives to save. There's Mj's mother and sister while Natasha's friend is also in danger. But...' Looking towards Loki who kept hugging him in sleep, easily surprising Nik since he never imagined Loki of all to be a clingy sleeper. After all, Angela had her own space. 'It's evening. I should wake her up...'

Patting Loki's cheeks, Nik slowly woke her up. Yawning, and n.a.k.e.d, Loki's gaze focused on Nik as she looked around. They were still in the storage unit and she could distinctly feel that the space around them wouldn't let Loki escape easily. Only after sensing the cautious force did a satisfaction smile touch Loki as she chortled, "Good. And for a moment, I thought that you were too aroused to even prepare a locked space. Now that I'm cornered, I have nothing else to do but help you," she stated with a mocking sigh as Nik looked at her with a strange expression.

Seeing that Loki's clothes were materializing once again, Pickle covered Nik as a blanket appeared over Angela while Nik pointed out, "A, a moment ago, you were sleeping. So, don't get all wise cracky on me. B, I underestimated the investigation force looking for you. Barely had the time to refuel the seal. As long as the 'thing' looking for you keeps at it, I'll have to continuously refuel the rune."

"His name is Heimdall. Nice guy but sometimes, nay, all the time, too stubborn. And I wanted to be found!" Loki crossed her arm while Nik shrugged, "Your wants don't matter to me," with a smirk, he continued, "You've understood that I'll let you do whatever you want as long as you free the group you've controlled."

"It is possible," Loki leaned forward and let herself be held by Nik as her fingers played over Nik's chest suggestively, "But I've got other things to discuss with you. Why don't you help me take over Asgard? As long as such a 'capable' man is close to me, I'll finally be able to 'turn' all the female generals. A bit of context, female Asgardians are far more terrifying than male counterparts."

"I've met Thor and his hammer disagree strongly," Nik poked Loki's cheeks as she continued to persuade Nik through natural seduction and coy acts. Puffing her cheeks, she hissed, "Thor's hammer is a god in its own right. Two of them together is not simply one-plus-one but an exponential function. Besides, I haven't even elaborated my ingenious plan," she purred. Meanwhile, Nik continued to focus on Loki's words since she would let out a few important details in between her words. Intentional or not, that Nik still had to verify.

"It's not that hard to 'divine' your plan," Nik didn't feel the act of using the means of seduction to persuade someone else, presently himself, the least bit bothering. In fact, he enjoyed Loki's playful touch as his words made Loki furrow her brows, "I've known quite a bit from Thor and that also includes the slightest hint of the political structure the Asgardians hold in the form of hereditary monarchy. For some reason, you're not considered a part of that system. But you tried to dethrone Odin, kill Thor, and all of your revolutionary acts still haven't made the realm of Asgard hunt you down with full force."

"So, you will probably use the cube to get back at Asgard. The fact that you're on Earth means that you plan to use the planet to achieve this objective. Oh, be sure to interrupt me when I'm wrong."

"No, no..." Loki leaned back and looked at Nik with a calculative gaze, "You're right," she smiled but she was a bit bewildered by Nik. She had come across many men and women. Many, due to her place of origin, were brutish and cruel with little intellect. A few were quite smart but sometimes too much for their own good. As an astute individual, Loki placed herself in the latter category without any hint of modesty. Then came the full package. Strong, smart, and sometimes, physically compatible. Even though Nik didn't look extremely brutal in his methods, something that Loki enjoyed seeing, she couldn't deny that Nik had the ability to connect dots quite easily.

'But the main part is that he can actually read Thor's mind. Without father's special powers now protecting us, there have been many loopholes in our natural defenses. Thor is defenseless against the formless methods affecting his mind and I'm helpless against natural suppression of Midgard.'

"I will let them go," Loki changed the subject, "A day or two and their use would vanish. While we are having a pleasant discussion, why not answer my previous offer? Join me in taking over Asgard and there are only a few existences in the world who would oppose you."

Nik's gaze shifted towards Angela. Innately, Nik wasn't ambitious in the most orthodox manner. He loved beautiful things and people but that didn't apply to beings he began to care about. Even the loss of his pets would greatly affect him but that's where his ambition triggered. From the moment he came here, he has been simply acc.u.mulating more and more energy without taking too many radical actions comparatively. Killing Peter Parker? Hunting Garuk? Controlling Wilson Fisk? Killing off various gangs? These were moderate actions in Nik's book.

But Angela's and Thor's bloodline was similar. He had analyzed it with Lola's help. Even Susan and her team's mutations didn't make Nik feel this strongly.

After all, there is a distinctive difference in Angela's bloodline and the cosmic mutations. Nik, presently, wasn't looking for power but methods to unshackle himself. One of the most efficient methods was to absorb a bloodline with an unshackled progenitor. Even Nik's bloodline could unshackle others' first limit but Angela's could unshackle at least 5 limits. In fact, Nik had another bloodline that could unshackle all of his limits.

Battle Seraphim Bloodline.

But Nik didn't have the mind to take such a great risk. First, the moment he absorbs Battle Seraphim's bloodline, he would be under the Supreme Seraphim's radar and if by some mystical manner he finds about his long fallen daughter inside him, Nik's fate would look even worse. But Nik did have the heart to tackle Asgard and get ahold of the approval of the current progenitor of the bloodline. If that comes to pass, Nik would be shedding off some major time required to unshackle himself.

"Taking over Asgard?" Nik coughed while keeping his thoughts to himself. He didn't have any need to share things with Loki. After all, he still had his misgivings about the woman but seeing his frowned, Loki replied eagerly, "We can't do that with what I've planned. In fact, there's a great chance that I will fail but that will allow me to return to Asgard. I won't share anything but with me back inside the forces... hehe, you better believe that Asgard itself is the best place to conquer it."

"Yeah, I'm not interested in Asgard," Nik snickered without care, "And having 'few existences' to oppose me still doesn't reduce the threat of the task at all."

"So, you want me to sweeten the pot?" Loki inquired with a sly grin, "It's been a long time I returned to being a woman again. My lions rage still, is that now sweet enough?" She gently traced Nik's chin with the tip of her right index as it reached up to the tip of his nose playfully.

"What about her?" Nik inquired as Loki turned to look towards Angela, too.

"If she's an Asgardian, a daughter of Odin and my sister no less, then, of course, I'll help you cover for her."

"Cover for her?"

Nik furrowed as Loki shrugged, "My adoptive father has the ability to keep track of Thor through some method that I'm not aware of. Who's to say that he hasn't already found about... Angela, that's her name, right?"

"If that's true then either this All-father doesn't care for her... or he isn't able to even find out about her. Hmm, yes... Odin sleep... that's what it is called, yes?"

"Careful," Loki growled softly, "I don't like that tone when you talk about Odin."

"Then you probably need to stop deluding yourself with the dream of overthrowing the man. Even he would laugh at your face if you wish to conquer the realm of wars with that kind of mentality."

Loki's eyes narrowed down after hearing this particular statement but suddenly, her gaze flashed blue.

"There. Clint Barton. That's the man you wish to free, right? He's a free bird. Now?"

Nik's pupils shrunk slightly.


"Where is he?" Natasha inquired calmly as the 'Loki' in front of her, captured in a glass cage and positioned above the eject pit laughed. "You are sleeping with Nik, aren't you? The fact that you asked me about Nik the moment you walked in is a clear indication that you knew of the matter of my humble self being in his captivity."

Natasha's gaze changed.

The sudden appearance of Loki had instantly made Natasha feel a little ominous but to think that she couldn't even contact Nik made a pit sink into her stomach. The man had given her too many things and showered her with affection so she cared for him, too. But not willing to sink into the wallowing despair, she began questioning Loki professionally.

"Don't worry, your man is safe and sound," Loki offered, his expression malevolent but before he spoke anything, his expression changed. A look of contemplation touched his face as he looked at Natasha appreciatively, "Hmm, I guess I don't need to aggravate such a potential alliance with a moment of mischief."

With a golden glow, Loki 'melted' and left an unconscious man on the surface of the cage.


Natasha exclaimed.

"Hahaha! Jane, it is extremely fortunate to hear your voice right after capturing Loki!" Thor laughed into Coulson's cellphone but before the woman on the other side could heavily criticize her boyfriend's act of not calling for six months straight, the news of Loki's 'escape' reached Thor who accidentally crushed the communicator in surprise.

"Well, there goes your relationship... just like my device," Coulson sighed.


"This is... amazing," Nik whispered with a gleeful expression as he finally focused on the other ethereal forces blocking his connection with others, "This isn't just spatial manipulation... this is... a spell?" Nik looked towards Loki with an inquiring gaze as she smirked, "I sensed a connection between you and that redhead. She wanted to know two things. Your location and Clint Barton's... sweetheart, I can connect the dots, too. It was fortunate that I used that sharpshooter as a pawn. Now, I'm still amazed that you haven't accepted my proposal yet~"

Surprisingly, Nik held her hands and pulled her close, showing Loki the difference in their physique. "I almost forgot about your magical talents," Nik exclaimed with a wide smile.

"Well, I must admit that I'm not that good in spatial manipulation."

"No matter," Nik licked his lips, his gaze thirsty. Not for her body and this realization sent a chill down Loki's spine.

"Why don't you teach me a few things," Nik smiled sweetly, this time it was his turn to use his body to make his case persuasive enough as Loki instantly fell into the warm, pleasurable hell of her bodily desires while Nik unfolded her spell with sheer force.

"Wait!" Loki gasped as Nik placed his fingers on Loki's lips, "You want me to help you take over Asgard, right? Fine. First, help me take over the library of Kamar-Taj... I'd ask to help me defeat Strange but sadly his ass is now under someone else's radar.


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