Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 670

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 670 Traitorous Widow

'Ugh, where's that whore?" Angela complained. Loki really did have many moves in her arsenal. Many of them had shocked Angela greatly. In comparison, she was more accepting of Nik having his mind filled with orgies almost every day and a plethora of beauties. Nik being from another reality wasn't news to her. Her horizons were already broadened in these matters.

"She's off to bring destruction on the State and quite possibly the entire planet. Just that she will have to postpone her plans to next month," Nik replied while holding the glimmering scepter that Loki once wielded. The scepter filled Nik with great power and augmented his powers, especially his illusive methods by a great deal. "So, this is called the Chitauri Scepter..." Nik unceremoniously kept the staff with himself to keep Loki from going back on her words.

"I've agreed to help Loki get to Asgard and then, we'll enter the realm with her help. Meanwhile... there's a true son of Odin on the planet presently. Do you wish to meet your possible brother?" Nik chortled while Angela showed a bad expression. "Unlike the popular belief, in Heven, blood is not thicker than water. So, even if Odin and his family turn out to share the same blood as mine, they won't be the one I love."

"Hmm? Then, who's the lucky one gaining your affection?" Nik inquired as Angela looked at Nik with an impassive expression.

"I joined your... 'endeavor' out of impulse. But fret not, you clearly have the chance to attain my affection. So, you're not lucky... yet."

Hearing Angela's words, Pickle snorted inwardly. It had been months since her creation and she now knows when to interrupt or not. She had no doubt her master greatly cares for her, but she also knew now that his affection for the beings 'outside' him was no less. Some of them were pretty arrogant for Pickle's licking. After all, what was 'external' when all that matters is what's inside? And within Nik was an adorable killing slime with her entire body formed from a high-grade aphrodisiac capable of affecting even the deities!

Nik didn't find anything to reply to Angela with. There was no need to make a smart comeback just because a girl said that she'd be willing to try and develop a relationship with him, right?

However, Nik had other appointments. He couldn't keep on skipping school like this, so, after calming Natasha through their mental connection, and bringing Angela away, Nik once again shifted and appeared outside Ray's and Mj's apartment.



The door opened slightly and only after confirming that it was Nik did Mj let her in. Feeling Nik's gaze on her body, the redhead did feel a little uncomfortable as she shifted to pick up the blanket on the table and cover herself up with it. After all, her current attire was barely adequate and she might as well be considered a major 'player' if she could wear the bikini set all day long without feeling ashamed.

"Ray isn't here so I guess I can thank you... you know, for that... umm, it's weird not needing to bathe and... freshen up," Mj pursed her lips as she felt the need to express her gratitude but also found it extremely awkward. After all, this is the first time she is thanking someone else for not having the 'need' to go to the bathroom.

"It is nothing to worry about," Nik smiled and looked around. He couldn't smell Ray or his illusions so he looked towards Mj with a curious gaze, "Where's Ray? He's usually around."

"Oh, he's on a mission and about Ray... umm, how do the two of you actually know each other. I mean... did you know about the Hand while we were dating?" Mj sat on the couch and probed the topic. In fact, she wished to ask something else but she needed to start from somewhere else.

"No, like my powers, many things became clearer in the recent months," Nik smiled as Mj's gaze darted around.

"So," she dragged, "Ray is kind of cute... and... you are, too... did you two, maybe... you know?" Mj's gaze turned slightly suggestive but Nik didn't feel even a little bit shy or fl.u.s.tered. In fact, if Nik wasn't a l.u.s.t apostle or if Ray wasn't a part of succubus lineage, they might have indeed set aside their 'similarities' for fun. That is the only reason why Nik and Yar shagged it up. For fun. But Nik and Ray were innately possessive. They both knew that and understood that trying to forcefully step forward in their relationship would only be damaging to their present cooperation.

"Well," Nik licked his lips, "When I first met Ray, there were some thoughts like that. In fact, we both have a mutual friend who had similar thoughts for Ray, too... but you know, Ray's a bit crazy and scary when it really counts," smirking, Nik looked at Mj with roguish intentions, "Why? Do you feel that Ray and I make a good match? Personally, I still prefer you over Ray."

Mj's lips twitched as she snorted, "That's not cool," she muttered, "You don't get to say this kind of stuff after you dumped me."

"But the word around the school was that you dumped me," Nik shrugged, "Besides, Anna is open to that kind of stuff," he informed. He wasn't going to dump everything of Mj. She knew about Anna only and once she accepts Anna, there is only a single step from there to getting corrupted in the mind realm. Seeing Mj's slightly enticed expression, Nik felt like an evil mastermind whose superpower was to continuously corrupt all the girls that gain his attention but...

'Well, as long as I'm having fun, too.'

"We should look after mom and sister," Nik stated while standing up, "Do you know where they are?"

"Yes, the members of the Hand aren't restricted to meet their families," Mary sighed and gave Nik the address of her mother's and sister's workplace and living area. The fact that the two of them didn't remember Mj at all was her own wish. A selfish one, she reckoned, but she didn't want to be a part of the family any longer. To this, Nik didn't have anything to say but the thought of Tanya wishing the same gave Nik the chills internally, firming his decision to parent the crap out of her when he finally becomes able to bring all the girls with him. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #%!d(string=14762036805540805)/traitorous-widow_%!d(string=51502525156742638) for visiting.

The duo vanished from the apartment and appeared near a coffee shop.

"My blanket!" Mj exclaimed with indignation as she glared at Nik.

"Oh, my bad," clicking his tongue, Nik looked around while Mary growled, "That's dirty! I need that blanket!"

"Relax, nobody can look at what you're wearing," Nik shrugged as Mj felt a little upset. Others didn't matter to her. The fact that Nik could see her aggravated her deeply but Nik wasn't about to let it go right there, "And, I want to see you like this as much as I can. After all, you'll be losing this form soon enough."

"You're a pervert," Mary grunted.

"But you knew that even before going out with me," Nik winked and pointed into the coffee shop, "There's your sister. Most likely, the agent keeping track of her will be quite used to her routine and would be taking things casually. If we find and control that guy, most of your troubles will be finished."

After all, there won't be that many agents keeping track of Mj's mom and sister. Both of them lived a normal life.

"How are we going to do that?" Mary inquired as Nik's gaze glimmered with a strange and literal glow.

"By invading other's privacy, of course."

With no plans on dragging this particular task for long, Nik expended his energy to spread his spiritual energy as it affected everyone within a ten-kilometer radius. Suddenly, the world around Mj gained a violet hue while Nik lost his focus. His mind was already filtering almost everyone's memories and soon, he found a single agent three shops away. With ease, Nik manipulated the poor soul's mind.

"What did you do?" Mj inquired as Nik seemed to have regained his bearings.

"Just some parlor tricks," Nik smiled as he looked towards Mj's brunette sister who didn't really look like Mj at all. "The good thing is that the current troubles on your family are alleviated and you can lose your 'blessing' peacefully."

"Right," Mj nodded and sighed in relief, "Let's go," she mumbled.

"Did you think what you would do after leaving the Hand?" Nik inquired as the two of them entered back into the apartment. A ponderous look flashed on Mj's face as she thought before shaking her head.

"I don't know. I thought this power came without any price, you know... but this bikini outfit is a price great enough already. Not to mention that bloody sword that keeps on wanting me to fight... can you get rid of it right now?" She inquired as Nik nodded and began preparing for whatever he might face.


"With all my experience," Natasha smiled and looked towards Maria with a threatening gaze, "take your head out of your ass, Agent Hill."

Coulson's and Fury's expression changed slightly while Maria's gaze widened in surprise.

"First you suspect Nik, and now you suspect me along with him? What? I can sleep with whomever I want but that doesn't mean I will betray Shield. And please, give me one benefit why I would side with Nik in helping a deity who plans to use the cube for something surely worse while he still held Barton in his clutches?"

Her tone left no room for retort as Maria's expression worsened. Her guts kept telling that it had something to do with the ongoing peculiarities of the mission but she had no evidence. This feeling led her to even suspect Natasha. Unknown to Maria, Natasha lied through her teeth while confusing the upper brass of the Shield.

After all, first, Loki disappears and when he finally emerges, it is actually some form of devious technique that was covering Agent Barton.

"Let's keep the discussion clean," Nick Fury commented. Even he felt quite nervous about the situation and he was planning to make use of other forces to neutralize the threat named Loki but he wasn't the only threat. Thor and even Hulk were quite the threat.

"What about the navigator? Did Tony and Bruce get any closer to finding the cube?" Fury inquired with a sigh as Natasha and Maria calmed down while Coulson shook his head silently. even now, the Shield was unaware of the enemy's plans and that has proved to be quite the burdensome realization.

"The longer it takes, it is possible that the enemy will be prepared further. But the real question is, why did Loki let go of Agent Barton?" Coulson muttered with a grim expression. The most fearful thing in life is the unknown and Loki's action had stumped everyone except Natasha.

"I don't know but this is the truth that Nik's actions do gather a certain amount of suspicion. Agent Widow, can you find out what's going on?"

Smirking, Natasha looked towards Maria, "Why not ask her? She's got the same 'access' like me, right?"

Nik's 'reputation' had already spread far and wide but hearing her own scandalous actions so openly, in front of her superior no less, Maria turned furious and left the room.

"I think they broke up," Natasha mused after Maira left as Nick held his forehead, "Really? That's your takeaway?"

"Well," Natasha crossed her arms and smiled, "She brought this on herself. Why be casual if you can't even bear hearing about it? Anyway, what about Clint? Did he wake up?"

Coulson shook his head as he began walking towards the exit, "I will take my leave. There's a group of armed dealers trying to create a 'commotion', so, I need to call my team."

"Is it me or Agent Coulson really pulls on his own now?" Natasha inquired curiously as Fury smirked, "He's a boss, now. It's expected of him to have authority in his actions. Anyway, Nat, can I trust you with Nik? Maria won't be able to handle the situation."

"Sure," Natasha nodded with a heavy expression while snickering internally. She is one of the greatest spies, after all. Her acting was hard to get caught even by Clint and Maria even when those two were the ones with the most experience when it came to the methods of Agent Widow. 'But Nik was right, Maria is kind of screwed up... but even I would be enticed to tap that so points to Nik, I guess,' she left while her thoughts began to rank all the asses she had seen beside Nik. After all, she was no longer worried about Nik or Barton and felt like a burden had lifted from her shoulders.

'But... I should get a symbiote suit for myself as quickly as possible. It's a good trump card,' She mused while her thoughts drifted towards the s.e.x.u.a.l applications of the symbiote. Unlike Anna, Natasha didn't only think of changing clothes at will...


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