Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 672

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 672 Noland Trix

"I guess you didn't tell me because it wouldn't have mattered..." Nik smiled in understanding. Right now, he had returned to his spiritual world. Instead of a single dragon 'gif' totem, another one was added. A cruel-looking viper slithered around his body and playfully entangled with the dragon. The ground was equally divided in red and purple. Beneath the ground was an icy hell. Above the ground was a beautiful starry sky with unimaginable stars.

He sat lazily on the ground while stroking Lilith, whose blade body lay atop Nik's lap. She would 'hum' as the sword would tremble every time. Nik's hand even reached out for the hilt of the sword and gave her a soothing massage while inquiring Sky and others, including Lilith herself. Pure's icy blue 'parrot' body flapped about and played idly while Asmodeus continued to chase Pure down with her raised slimy tendrils. Sky, meanwhile, nestled on Nik's head. Her cute, bat-like physique leaned down on his head and nuzzled.

"I'm not worried, really," Nik replied with a smile.

"Really?" Sky inquired with a dubious tone. If someone just found out that almost everything except his spiritual world had been marked with enemy forces to be used at the right time, any sane person would feel quite scared and nervous. That was the reason why Asmodeus kept this secret with Sky. The two of them were adept in the matters of various energies thanks to their interests. Even Asmodeus slowed down in chasing Pure as her blob of a body 'turned' towards Nik.

"Yeah... I'll remove as many marks as I can but I feel like there will be plenty that I wouldn't be able to remove due to the sheer difference in level. However... why not shift these marks to someone else? Or something else for that matter. If I cannot remove them, can I not try to change the targets of these marks? I now hold the initiative in this matter. Purification and absorption. That is the ability of my beyonder bloodline aside from their investigation methods," Nik smiled as a viper formed of red mist appeared behind Nik and poured crimson venom over Nik.

The venom didn't affect Sky who was on top of Nik passed through her spiritual avatar before entering Nik's body. In the real world, instantly, an absorption force erupted from the gates of his spiritual world and absorbed a total of 123 seals and curses!

Even then, two marks remained. They glimmered with power and resisted Nik's action of absorbing them. Just like Khooni's, these were Mirage's and Nirdai's methods. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #%!d(string=14762036805540805)/noland-trix_%!d(string=51529235826789758) for visiting.

However, Nik didn't continue the futile act and let out a sigh of relief. Just a single wave of comprehension had actually allowed him to understand his bloodline and finally gain the full support of the abilities of a beyonder/ravager bloodline with another ability now stating in his information.

[Devour: A+

Use: The ability to devour to expand and restore energy reserves.]

Nik closed his eyes to feel the effects of using this ability for the first time.

They weren't great.

Considering that these marks were supplied by superior beings like Nirdai and Mirage, Nik felt that he would have earned big time but the results were disappointing. However, before he could change the direction of his thoughts, the two marks left by Mirage and Nirdai began acting and started marking Nik's entirety once again.

Sensing this, Asmodeus and Sky were tongue-tied.

Meanwhile, Nik couldn't help but smile widely.

"This... ordinarily, devour techniques shouldn't work against seals and curses. Instead, they absorb natural forces of the world but..." Asmodeus' voice sounded a little hasty as Nik snickered, "But beyonder bloodline isn't from this world. It has the ability to unravel almost every method of the world due to differences in origin. I can devour the seals but not the three main methods left by the trio ancestors. This means that Newton's explanation left out many considerable points regarding the strength of the person itself when considering the beyonder bloodline. Hah! But continuous regeneration of seals means... free energy baby!"

Nik guffawed while Sky sighed with emotion. These forms of 'lucky' encounter may be hard to come across for others, but she had been with Kaal for a considerable time. She knew that such fortune was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Chaotic soul. For all she knew, the chaotic soul might have repelled a meteor without the group's knowledge!

After all, Luck has been one of the most distinguished and mysterious concepts of the world.

Even though the supply of energy from the curses and seals was quite low, but with continuous absorption, he would eventually reach the rank 4 stage in his reserves, too.

However, with the innate nature of the bloodline, Nik couldn't use [Devour: A+] on every form of energy or items. Some will get purified and the things that aren't purified, those will get absorbed. In a sense, this provided Nik with quite a neat form of defense!

"Alright... I'll focus on reaching rank 5 within the month itself. Loki's intel on an alien army more than willing to screw up the planet should be true enough. But now that I've sided with Loki, there's no reason to let go of Shield and Wakanda, too... hehe, such juicy resources but none to protect..."

Nik always had the thought of looting the organization and the kingdom. He had also made plans for the Hydra! If he wouldn't go out of his way to fill his pockets, that would be simply weird. But in Hydra's case, Nik was willing to be patient. Their experiments had no moral compass and he desired to see the results. Meanwhile, Shield surely had a way to create sentient bots, like robo Director Fury. Wakanda... Nik didn't even need to mention it. Just that amazing panther statue had incited his greed!

After all, how cool did it look!

"Hmm, I think I made it too easy on myself when I chose spatial manipulation as a go-to method in this adventure... a shame, but... papa wants a Hellicarrier! But playing hero is cool, too... such a predicament. Ah, yes, this is the situation where I must lie and have fun... yes..." Nik nodded to himself and disappeared from the spiritual world, making Lilith fall on the ground with Sky falling on the flat of the large blade. Both of them groaning at the shameless speech and dirty act of leaving unannounced.


The next day, Nik returned to school as if he hadn't made any disturbing plans to interfere with the two of the world's leading organization/kingdom. It was the same as it should be.

However, Natasha had some juicy information for him.

First, Nik had done well for himself by taking the action of distancing from Maria. He could easily control her thoughts and make her fall for him, but for Nik, this seemed an awful lot of effort considering how she's been repaying his 'consideration'. Compared to her, more than decade-old spy, Natasha, looked far cuter.

Second, Natasha found some info on Dr. Trix.

Eating dinosaurs, as one could expect, was far nutritious than ordinary meals and its intake would actually help in Nik's growth. If he can find out about the method Dr. Trix used for the research, or if he has access to a 'censored' place where the dinosaurs might be getting cultivated, Nik's work would become easier, too.

Dr. Noland Trix. A person with a brilliant mind and 'tangy' thoughts, currently under the protection of the CIA and one of the publicly acknowledged leading researchers in grafting of cells. However, this was the research shown to the public. The bald scientist is far more capable and managed to develop a dinosaur through means that even Shield was kept in dark about.

The most prominent news about this scientist aside from his mind was the 'casual' relationship of his daughter with Johnny Storm, which made the erratic scientist unleash a Pterodactyl upon the flaming youth.

As it turns out, Nik was also being sought out by the CIA for the 'kidnapping' of such an extraordinary 'bird'. Nik felt little shock at the news. In fact, it was with the combined effort of the Fantastic Four and the Shield that CIA stopped pressuring the authorities for Nik's real identity. This was also one of the many reasons that Nik didn't feel an aversion towards Shield. It was just that Shield had outstanding resources and while Nik really was the kind of guy to spit in the face of the stranger who showed him kindness, if he could, he would pin the blame on someone else.

Not to mention, Nik enjoyed hanging out with Coulson and Fury didn't mind his pirate jokes at all. Such people were hard to find.

After his classes were over, Nik left for Dr. Noland Trix's current residence.

While Natasha refused to give any image of Noland Trix, Nik realized the effort only after seeing the man for himself. The residence appointed by the security detail of the Trix family was quite high profile. A luxurious penthouse with access to an extremely safe and well-equipped research lab. However, Nik was still a little dazed at the appearance of Noland Trix.

'It might be my own mistake to not have searched the man on the internet...' Nik sighed.

A flamboyant middle-aged man with his hair dyed into rainbow color alongside his dentures continued to work in the research lab with the currently trending rap songs playing loudly. In fact, while typing through his computer, Noland continued to mumble the song alongside his bobbing upper body.

"Ae' imma mmmgh hmm suck em dem biatches hmm ngh ummm!" Trix whistled, too.

"Oof... he doesn't even know what he's singing..." Nik mumbled while observing the laboratory. He had the sense of cruising through the lab while being hidden from Noland's senses.

"The lab doesn't have anything on dinosaurs. Just some growth research... hacking the rainbow's man mind it is," Nik turned towards Trix and smiled widely.


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