Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 673

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 673 Savage Trip

A/N: Before I begin this chapter, I want to say that Savage Land is right in the middle of the x-men and avengers series. Now that I have chosen to add this here, many things will be au and I won't dive deep down into the lore of the land. I feel that it would be a great mistake to add more stuff to a mystical land than it already has. When I say savage land, many might think of Shanna O'Hara. No doubt she is hot but I read her complete story and... well, let's see. I'm not sure if I want to add her to the harem and she might have a kid. Of course, that isn't what's stopping me... it's just that, compared to Shanna, I might just add an OC or even Vertigo.


"Everyone," Nik stood in front of the girls with his eyes moistened with emotions. "How long will we remain fettered by the confines of our society? I ask you all! Should we live life to the fullest or just grind on this routine? Eat, sleep, and f.u.c.k? Where's the adventure? The passion? The romance?"


As Nik's gaze landed on Natasha, she closed her mouth. Even Cindy, in her nightwear, suppressed a yawn. Only Anna seemed to enjoy Nik's theatrics as he sighed, "I've found a perfect place to have fun. The savage lands! Dinosaurs, barbarians, and many more secrets remain in that place."

The word dinosaur caught Angela's attention while Cindy and Anna were finally attracted. They were definitely interested in such a place but it sounded a little dangerous.

"I'm sorry," even Mary groaned softly, "It's already 3 in the morning and we have to"

"I know, I know!" Nik smiled. He had found such an amazing location so he truly couldn't care for the school anymore and wished to explore that place. After all, the Savage Land wasn't only filled with dinosaurs. "That's why I'm proposing that I'll make a personal trip there. Have a look if that place is worth adventuring or not. Angela, you can join in on it, I have no problem with that. Meanwhile, you guys can keep on with your routine. Cindy, you've got your daily patrolling with Ava and others, too. Meanwhile, Anna and Mary need to get used to their symbiotes, and Natasha is busy with Shield, too."

Nik smiled, two portals appeared in the living room, "I didn't let you guys sleep right after it because I'm leaving now!" His excited expression served to soften their expression. It was rare for Nik to feel this much excitement. After all, he can steal from others whenever he wants but with a ticking clock and a large expanse to explore, this brought Nik a sense of urgency, too. But he couldn't just leave before his daily activities came to a conclusion.

"Wait, you're leaving now?" Anna groaned as Nik nodded. "Remember that we were supposed to find Newton together but he just called me out of nowhere? I owe you one adventure so instead of having all the fun myself, I'll save some for you, too. Of course, once you get used to the symbiote."

Under the girl's stunned expression, Angela stood with a plain expression and drew her sword, looking towards Nik inquisitively made him snicker, "the right portal is ours to enter. Bye, guys. Will meet you in a week!" With a wave, he walked inside the portal while Cindy yawned and stumbled into the portal meant for her and instantly fell on her bed with a soft 'oomph' and started sleeping soundly.


Fierce winds blew as a couple walked out of a stable violet hole connected to the unknown. The wide expanse was white and pure looking. The cold sky was cloudy. Feeling the cool ice under their feet, Nik mused for a while before pointing at the extremely large mountain. "Quick! Let's begin with climbing that range. The Savage Lands is situated on the other side!"

"Can we not teleport there?" Angela sighed and sheathed her sword once again as Nik shook his head. "I want the full package. And the last time I climbed a mountain, it didn't end so well. Let's see if I am any good now!"

He thought back at how he fell down the cliff due to a mistake before his life of traveling worlds began.

"This mountain range is called Eternity Mountains... here, grab my hand," Nik smirked and extended his palm towards the wingless angel. With raised eyebrows, Angela curiously grabbed Nik's arms when he suddenly clenched his hold and flexed his muscles.

"You" Angela was tongue' tied when Nik threw her high in the air. The speed demonic enough to make even Angela shiver a little but her expression turned flushed as she spread her arms and looked down.

Even with more than a kilometer of distance between them, Nik and Angela looked towards each other and smiled. Not willing to just fly and ruin his own experience, Nik crouched and finally jumped. His hair waved around wildly as he reached closer to Angela and hurriedly held her hand before twisting mid-air and throwing Angela high once again!


Both of them grinned as Nik thought for a moment before falling towards the highest point of the mountain and jumped high again. His jump caused a large rumble to pass through the mountain range and he made his way closer to Angela. Weightless and refreshed by the cold air, Angela inquired with a pleasant expression, "What about climbing the mountain?"

Even with gales of cold air between them, Nik heard everything clearly, "We are climbing it! But this way is more fun!" he snickered and extended his palm towards Angela who promptly grabbed it this time with no intention of letting go.

"Together!" She exclaimed as Nik could already see the vast expanse of greenery on the other side of the mountain. A group of 'birds' flying about in the distance as Nik twisted and threw Angela sideways. Instead of letting go, Nik let himself get carried away by the momentum. Looking down on the mountain, Nik couldn't help but smile with satisfaction.

"Who screwed up this time, huh?" He laughed as the couple launched in the air started to dive down at an even greater pace but instead of fear, Angela's face was plastered with an easygoing grin.


As if sensing the highspeed humanoid projectile, the living organisms under the point of impact started roaring and screeching in panic. But the two couldn't care. If one meteor couldn't finish off the entire race, why would their descent be of any harm?


Tearing through the air, the two raised their arms, and the moment they came into the contact with the wet ground, Nik licked his lips and propelled himself against the pressure. His body creaked but Nik jumped nonetheless with his limbs swinging in the air and he nimbly landed on a branch of the nearest tree which only broke due to the force of the landing.

Meanwhile, Angela grunted and slowly stood up. Flipping her hair behind, she looked around without giving any attention to her current visage. Muddied and haggard, her bright eyes swept through the trees and already located a multitude of beasts that looked as delicious as the one that Nik cooked.

"That was fun," Angela finally commented as Nik slowly stood up from the ground.

"I knew that you would love it... yes, I know you loved it," Nik smiled as Angela snorted. Not minding her aversion to such topics, Nik continued, "And since it is only the two... ehm, four of us, I think that we don't have to try and be extremely delicate in our actions."

At Nik's words, a part of his outfit turned into Pickle's face while his outfit shifted. His clothes disappeared while a beastly hide hung on his waist, barely covering his butt and nethers. A necklace formed by canines of unknown animals adorned his neck. Meanwhile, beside him, from a portal, a man-sized lizard walked out and nuzzled against Nik's waist.

The transformation was quick and stunning, pulling Angela in a daze as Nik petted Ignit with one hand and raised his other hand to reveal the entirety of his outfit.

"How do I look?" Nik inquired with a playful wink, pulling Angela from her dazed state.

"Decent," she commented with her gaze turning away as Nik smiled at her reaction.


"Yes, yes! You look the best lizard, too!" Nik puckered his lips and planted a kiss on top of Ignit's scaly head as she narrowed her slit gaze in satisfaction. Looking around, Ignit suddenly growled and looked towards the cl.u.s.ter of beasts in front of Nik that hid under the thicket of forest and refused to come out, only scouting the new 'beast' who appeared out of nowhere.

"You must know interesting places, right?" Angela inquired as she picked a stone close to her foot, readying herself for the hunt for food.

"Of course!" Nik let go of Ignit, who started to make her way towards the threat while snorting few peals of blazes from her nostrils. "And even if get something wrong, this land has many citizens and hunters that will be more than willing to show us around."


Far from Nik's and current location, a pair of blonde couple looked towards the region of the Eternal Mountains. The sudden rumble from the mountain had attracted attention from many sources. One of the most prominent forces of the Savage Lands was the blonde couple themselves.

"The rumble of the mountain range can be completely natural but the tribes will once again use this as the excuse to begin sacrifices once again to appease the 'gods'. The woman stated with a worried expression as the man shook his head and sighed.

"I have lived here almost my entire life. This is the first time the Eternal Mountains shook. It might not be natural. I will go with Zabu!" The male of the two had a well-sculpted figure and was strangely hygienic with his facial hair shaven clean. Unlike what a caveman should look and dwell in, the couple lived in a rather well-off home with the most basic facilities installed. Through the base of their home, a reinforced pipeline of unknown sources and objective was laid down and connected itself with some form of the powerline.

"Kevin..." The woman pursed her lips. The two had just started living together and it was hard for both of them to get used to their nature despite knowing fully well that the word wasn't only limited to the Savage Lands.

"Ka-Zar," the man corrected with a deep sigh, "Kevin would not have survived this place. I'm Ka-Zar, son of a tiger."

"Oh, you," the woman sighed and gently pecked his cheeks, "Before meeting me, you actually looked like a tiger," she traced the chin that housed the longes beard she had ever seen.

"The foot of the mountain is the hunting ground for the Fallen People, I must look out for them and Tongah," Ka-Zar spoke with a grave expression. Hunting grounds are the lifeline of the tribes and without their own hunting grounds, the tribes could only die or feast over each others' bodies!

"Shanna, take care, I"


A large howl cut-off Ka-Zar's words as the couple paled. "The wolf guardian of the Fallen People! Something happened, I must leave this instant!"

Even Shanna felt ominous as she prepared her weapons and tagged with Ka-Zar. The wolf guardian belonged to the race of mutated wolves. The Fallen People took care of the wolf pack while the Wolf Guardian, the strongest of its kind protected the tribe from scaly threats.

If something were to happen to the Wolf Tribe, the Fallen tribe would face multiple dangers at the same time.

'But... the government has taken on themselves to preserve the flora and fauna of the Savage Lands. The wolf species is one of the most precious lines to the government... could this be a political attack?' Shanna couldn't help but think of this. The reason why the couple was one of the most influential existence in the Savage Lands had much to do with the assistance of the government who wished to preserve the wildlife.


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