Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 674

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 674 Daddy Eater

The forest was densely populated with trees, making the area naturally dark and humid despite the location of the forest being in Antarctica. The extreme difference in nature was quite astonishing to look at but the stuffed Angela, Nik, and Ignit only picked their teeth clean. Even now, Ignit would continue to chew on the bones and try to find more meat despite feeling bloated. "To think that our breakfast would attack us out of nowhere~!" Nik whimpered in satisfaction and laid on the cold ground as he recalled the giant, van-sized wolf pouncing from behind. The impulsive canine met its end with a quick throw of stone in Angela's hands.

The stone accurately pierced through the wolf's eye and embedded itself in the brain of the canine. "Well, such fortune doesn't occur always!" Angela mumbled and leaned down while resting her head against her arm with her elbow pressed against the ground.

"We should move soon," Nik mumbled while extinguishing the crackling fire with a fistful of mud. Standing up, Nik stretched his body and looked around. His gaze landed on the peak of the Eternal Mountains. "Hmm, Trix didn't know anything besides this mountain range. But I did see a settlement from up high. It should he right..." Nik mused and looked in the opposite direction and pinpointed a region, "there!"

Angela looked towards the direction where Nik pointed as the two could see a glimmer through the thicket.


An arrow tore through the bush and targetted Nik when Angela snorted and simply caught the arrow while feeling bloated. The arrow was simply too close to her and looking towards the direction from the attack, Angela smiled cruelly, "I'm here for adventure. Beast or men, I shall fight them all. Don't expect me to be kind-hearted now that you aimed for the heart of the man I've got my eyes on," she proclaimed with a deep tone, surprising Nik slightly by the possessive tone in her voice. Breaking the arrow, she began walking towards the bush while Nik picked up the arrow and concentrated on its tip.

"So... dinosaurs aren't the only interesting aspect of this paradise..." a smile touched his face while a loud shout echoed.

Before Angela could reach out for the aggressive hunter who let an arrow loose towards their direction, the young boy barely covered in anything with long disheveled hair ran towards Angela. A dagger in his hands as he aimed to stab the legs of the woman in front of him.

'Ohhh, don't let it stab you... this one's gonna hurt,' Nik thought internally but the kid was quite close and swift, and deadly. He was wilder than most of the beasts found ordinarily. But his fierce expression crumbled when Angela took a step aside and let the youth fall forward. The boy was half the total height of Ignit.


Feeling a slightly bloody scent assault his face, the rattled boy looked up as the fleshy tip of the reptilian tongue smacked against his nose.


"Now, be a good boy, will you?" Nik unceremoniously sat on the young boy while looking at Angela and tossing the upper half of the broken arrow, "The weapon in this kid's hand can hurt you, check this one out."

Catching the arrow tip, she heard Nik saying further, "This isn't poisoned but... the weapon is made from something called Vibranium. I have a sample with me. This is kind of a big thing outside in the real world."

Furrowing her brows, Angela scratched her palm with the tip of the arrow and it actually cut through the layer of her skin. "Interesting," is the only thing Angela said while Nik looked at the kid. He was breathing harshly and tried to struggle against Nik but remained pinned on the ground. "Hey, do you understand what I'm saying?" Nik inquired in English while purifying the kid. He didn't wish to sit on filth, of course. But the young boy only shouted words that didn't seem to make sense to him.

"He's calling us invaders and cursed us. Oh, now he says that the wolf we ate is sacred and his remnant family shall curse us," Angela spoke up as Nik's gaze landed on her. "Right, I forgot that you're a natural translator. Can you ask the kid where we will find the remnants of this wolf? He was sacred, alright. Fulfilling, too. So might as well store more meat for later uses."

A smirk touched Angela's lips as she slowly walked towards the boy and crouched down. The duo was completely unashamed of their outfit as Angela struck the arrow right in front of the boy's gaze as he watched the arrowhead pierce into the ground easily. "You think we are afraid of the curse from a beast? Even if there are a hundred such dogs, we'll eat them all and still not feel a single thing."

"Your funeral!" The boy hissed, his dark pupils tilted up to have a better look of the female invader, "The pack of wolves will tear you apart!" he grew excited, "And they will avenge the Guardian by devouring you! Invaders, die!" He shouted while flopping his arm around while Nik looked towards Angela.

Matching his gaze, Angela looked back at the boy and frowned, "He doesn't speak of the location of the wolf pack. After spouting so much nonsense, I think he doesn't know where they are situated. We should hunt for his Tribesmen, interrogate them."

"Really?" Nik inquired while the youth shivered and struggled against Nik harder. His expression turned vicious but no matter how emotional the young boy felt, he couldn't overcome the immeasurable weight over him that failed to crush him but also kept him immovable. "Yes, he's but a youngling," Angela smiled softly, "Ignorant knows no fear. I reckon that the pain from torture is itself harsh enough to put him in shock and end his life. Elder men and women have better tolerance."

Nik and the boy blinked before he spoke hurriedly. "Wait! I'll tell you! Don't you dare touch my tribe! The guardian's den is situated near the tribe!" Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #%!d(string=14762036805540805)/daddy-eater_%!d(string=51599957832025550) for visiting.

"Which direction?" Angela inquired and Nik knew that the question was for the boy.

"That," he pointed to the west of where Nik located a tribe. "Whatever he's saying, it's probably true," Nik smiled, "Or his heart rate is trained to be this stable. Let's go!"

Nik stood up alongside Angela as the youth scrambled away, reaching out for his weapon only to find that the large lizard, and the two outsiders were no longer in front of him.

A chill spread in the youth's heart as he recalled the myths reiterated in the tribe.

"C-could they be... demons?"

Meanwhile, pushing away a low-hanging branch, Nik and Angela silently gazed at a large cave. The entrance of the cave had swatches of mud with barely any flowers, unlike the sides that were layered with a carpet of unknown flowers. From within the cave, the soft whimpers of puppies echoed as a soothing bark calmed the litters. "I've got a reptile, an octopus, a kitty, a spider as a pet, too." Nik mumbled, his heart a little excited, "Should I get my first wolf here or... should I wait..." he thought deeply. Unlike his relationship with his harem, Nik wanted a single pet of any form of species. For instance, with Ignit by his side, Nik had long ruled out other forms of reptiles as his pet and only saw them as a source of nutrition. The same for the feline Moon, the 'aquatic' Pentacle, and the insectoid Spider... which Nik truly had to tame and name.

After gaining a bit of experience in attracting pets, Nik knew he shouldn't let his emotions get the better of him. "I'll think of canines later... I've already eaten their papa, might as well farm them," licking his lips, Nik slowly walked into the cave while Angela silently looked at Ignit.

As her palm fell on Ignit's head, the salamander instantly shook her head and growled at Angela but the redhead only snorted and continued to forcefully pet the forest salamander until Ignit helplessly turned silent. "That's better," Angela smiled and scratched the top of Ignit's nose while the future dino snorted against Angela's palm. The short burst of flame failed to hurt Angela by the slightest and finally calmed down the indignant salamander.


The sharp howl from the cave fell as quickly as it was called and within a few moments, Nik walked out with a wide smile on his face.

"How many were there?" Angela inquired with heavy breathing as Nik grinned, "Over thirty! Heh!" He snickered.

A wave of satisfaction touched Angela. Nik was a great cook in her eyes and with such good materials, she was bound to have her physical and s.e.x.u.a.l appetite fulfilled. "Good!" She exclaimed, slightly surprising Nik with her enthusiasm as her gaze turned towards the thicket, "Let's hunt more! Seven days of hunting... hehe, finally something good after arriving on this world!"

"Hey!" Nik extended his hands with a surprised expression, "What about me?"

"Eyeing Nik for a few moments, her gaze lingering over his barely clothed tool, she smiled, "Not yet... give it a little more time," she stated with her intentions clear enough for anyone to understand.


"Sir, we have reports of unusual activity near Eternal Mountains. Agent Shanna just contacted us. She is traveling with Mr. Plunder towards the Fall People."

The Savage Lands had the attention of too many organizations but with the joint force of the world's government, many private organizations with ill intentions are warded off but that didn't stop them from attempting new things time and again. For that very reason, a fully equipped military force was installed within the hidden lands.

"Where is Agent Grant?" The superior inquired while rubbing his eyes as the scout reported that the Agent in question is nowhere to be found.

"Alright, send out team 4b to the Fall People for any assistance they may require."

Nodding, the scout left to report the order to the relevant officers.


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