Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 675

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 675 Sibling Guilt

Two figures stealthily stalked a large reptilian beast. The species of the dinosaur continued to eat surrounding flora peacefully as its large tail swung high in the air. Aside from its large body, plate-like spikes erupted from his back and even reached the fleshy tail. Aside from the clearly large one, there were four more dinosaurs with the same features.

Sitting on the trunk of the tree, Nik looked at the beautiful product of nature with a bright gaze. "It's a Stegosaurus," he whispered while Angela was perched on the branch beside him. A little confused, she asked Nik in an equally low voice, "Why are we supposed to jump on branches?" Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #%!d(string=14762036805540805)/sibling-guilt_%!d(string=51623762705044269) for visiting.

"We aren't supposed to. You can walk if you want but I'm not gonna wear clothes like Tarzan and not hunt like one."

"Who's Tarzan?" Angela inquired with a frown.

"Oh, an animation movie which was ahead of its time. Not important. The thing is, I wanna go at the beasts in the same manner as any tribal man of this land would," as he spoke, Nik drew a small rune on the trunk of the tree.


With a soft sound, the small part of the trunk broke apart as the 'liquid' wood slowly tore through space and formed a tough pike. "I don't have many weapons left and those I have are simply an overkill against dinosaurs. You want one?" Nik inquired as Angela looked a little conflicted. She gazed at her sword before looking at the wooden pike. Then she looked towards the sword again and turned towards Nik.

"In Heven, it was tradition to present your mates with a weapon. Xiphos was given to my be Sera... I love this weapon dearly. Are you sure that this wooden pike is your weapon of choice?"

Speechless, Nik retracted his hand and chuckled, "You know what, we need to have a chat about your traditions. The last thing I want to do is accidentally give you jewelry and it turns out to be the mark of us breaking up."

Even Angela couldn't herself and snorted a chuckle before nodding, "I'm up for it."

"Alright," Nik turned serious and directed, "I'm going to jump them with a loud call. You'll back me"


Angela jumped without listening completely as Nik rolled his eyes and held the pike through his mouth before holding a thick vine near the branch and swinging down. 'Oh... I should also create a belt to hold the pike. Can't make a Tarzan call while clenching wood in my mouth... oh, that sounds too bad even in my head.'


Angela shouted as her sword cleaved the prehistoric bull's neck, her attack alerting every other dino in the herd as they roared in confusion and panic, the fountain of blood spewing from the shivering body of the recently slain body of the stegosaurus only propelled their confusion. However, with a large number of trees already surrounding the inflexible bodies, the herd of four Stegosauruses was completely helpless. To ordinary humans, the dinosaurs might be extremely strong and even for superhumans who wished to preserve such ancient lifeforms, things might prove troublesome.

But to Nik and Angela, food is food. Meat is meat. Using their full force, the sword in Angela's hands Xiphos, and Nik's larger toothpick pierced through the tough skin of the dinosaurs. With one last squeal of pain, due to the ambush, the herd fell to its last breath.

Once the attack was finished and successful, a considerably shorter and arrogant lizard sauntered out of the thicket. If Nik wasn't familiar with scaly expressions, he wouldn't have found out that the lizard was arrogant in the first place. Looking at the Lizards greater in size than her now laying in the puddle of their own blood, Ignit hissed happily and even clawed against one of the corpses, making Nik feel a little speechless as he created a belt to hang around his chest and strapped the pike on his back.

"We should not kill all of them. I want to collect as much as I can so that I have the greatest meat farm ever..." Nik commented while Angela thought for a moment and opened up.

"This sounds reasonable... if I am to live and travel with you, I need the best possible dishes you can cook!"

"Did Sera cook for you all the time?" Nik inquired with a confused expression as Angela shook her head.

"She didn't know the first of cooking... after the first time, we always visited the nearby taverns, but that wasn't why we began mating with each other in the first place," turning around with blood still marring her perfect body, she smiled and grew closer to Nik. Evidently, the fighting did loosen Angela a bit as she showed more expressions and allowed herself to be more indulgent, "You, on the other hand, can mate and cook better. So, I want to have both of it for myself!"

"Yeah," Nik smiled but didn't start purification again. The blood wouldn't easily attract more dinosaurs. In fact, it would only attract predators out of the food chain while the prey would make way. "Hey," Nik continued, "Why don't you lose your shoulder and knee guards? Headgear, too. I want to look at you without the armory."

His request was sudden and took Angela a moment before she unbuckled her armor and removed her headgear, letting her locks freely fall over the sides of her face as she looked at Nik with a curious expression, "Is there something wrong with my headgear... I've been asked to remove it before, too."

"Well, I've got no problem but..." letting his palm softly stroke the side of his face, Nik stated with a smile, "but I love to see you this way, too... and honestly, since we're technically going out at the moment, why not just see you in the bikini for a few days. Not to mention, almost all the people here would be wearing the same thing if they wear anything at all."

"I see..."

"Hisss!" Ignit slowly made her way towards Nik and flicked her tongue as Nik sighed, "Ignit... you were so cute back then. Only enjoying food. Sigh... I don't have a bikini for you, girl."


Walking away while 'accidentally' flicking her tail against Nik's calf, she began sniffing the pools of blood while Nik stored the corpses within his Dream Core.

"Let's hunt any other dino along the way. If it's more Stegosaurus, we'll just keep it alive. Wolves and other beasts are rare... ooh, I wonder if there are other species like a mammoth or a sabertooth here... I bet they're tasty, too."

"If they are anything like twelve-horned bison, then yes," Angela commented while Nik sighed, "Damn, I'd love to taste that, too."

As Nik, Angela, and Ignit continued to make their way towards the nearest tribe he located, back in New York, Thor groaned and sat up. He wasn't in the residence provided by the Shield but found himself in a rather luxurious apartment. He looked around for a little while and found his hammer placed over the bedroom's study. Few moments passed as Thor continued to look at the hammer, his title of worthiness, Mjolnir. Walking up to it as the bedsheet fell from his body, unashamed of his own n.a.k.e.d body, the God of Thunder slowly clenched the handle of the hammer.

"You're still afraid, aren't you?" A soft voice inquired as Thor held the hammer and picked it. The weight was bearable and extremely unbalanced, just as a hammer with the task of foes' destruction should be.

"I'm always afraid," Thor replied in a slightly raspy voice. Looking behind, he found a brunette holding a bedsheet over her body. Despite her utmost efforts, she failed to hide the pity in her gaze which made Thor chuckle slightly. "It's nothing to pity, Jane. Worthy or not. This can change at a moment's notice. You have made me more human. But I still rage time and again. Sometimes, I wonder if it is pitiful that I let myself feel afraid. After all, which god is worthy to rule while wallowing in self-doubt?"

"You are," Jan spoke up but another voice chimed slyly, "Well, I've always wanted to be the ruler of Asgard myself. Not that I need a hammer to verify my worth but, well, that's what it gets you to be daddy's boy."

Jane and Thor snapped towards the source of the voice, finding a ravishing woman wearing a regal gold and green dress. The soft, glimmering fabric traced the woman's contours and didn't sleep on her curves. A golden headgear with two curved horns covered the woman's forehead as her ink-black eyes gazed at Thor's body and whistled, "Oh ho, brother. Still going strong? Have some pity on this mortal, will you? She can't bear the brunt of your 'Mjolnir' every day. Sigh, why couldn't you have remained satisfied with Sif?"

"You're" Jane's shout came to a stunning end as the beautiful goddess disappeared from her view and appeared right beside her, sitting next to her and stroking her cheek, "Jane, Jane, Jane. You've still got a beautiful face. Too bad that the rest of you is going to sag soon," the goddess clicked her tongue in pity when she suddenly leaned back to avoid the slap from the mortal while pulling the bedsheet away. "Why not ditch my brother? He's a bore. I can scissor you just as nicely~!" Loki grinned and gazed at Jane's tasteful b.r.e.a.s.ts with a hungry gaze.

"Loki!" Thor growled as Loki raised her index finger and wagged it sideways. "Lady Loki, brother. I've got a very compelling reason to become a lady now," Loki emphasized before snapping her fingers as Jane's eyes closed and she fell asleep. Meanwhile, Thor walked over to cover himself with the bedsheet as he continued to gaze coldly at Loki.

"Why shouldn't I attack you now?"

"Oh, come now. First of all, this beautiful apartment that poor Jane worked hard on would get ruined. Second, this is just a mirage. I'm in Hawaii, drinking from coconuts and waiting for my itch to be scratched again."

Thor's lips twitched as Loki continued with a fiendish grin on her lips, "Anyway, I wanted to inform you something of great interest. Did you remember how Dad said that you'll rule over Asgard since you're the only pure-blooded?"

"No, I remember father saying that the worthy one of us two will lead Asgard in the future."

"Potato-potahto, it turns out... we have a rather foxy sister. Why don't you run along to Asgard and find out if that's true or not? Uh, she has red hair, looks more like mom than either of us, and have our father's anger. I don't know who she gained that promiscuous nature from, well, I think that it was conditional."

"What's going on?" Thor growled, "First you try to make use of Tesseract, and now this?"

"Correction, I haven't 'tried' to use Tesseract. I succeeded in using it. I guess the man was right about the cosmic instruction manual. And 'this' sister... hehe, brother, you know me. Why would I lie about 'our' family?"

Before Thor could further inquire, Loki's figure crumbled into golden motes of light as she flickered out of existence.

A grim expression touched Thor as he looked down on his hammer and for a moment, it felt a little too heavy, even for him.


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