Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 676

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 676 Plundered Couple

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"Demons! They are demons!" If Ignit were to be present in the run down tribe, she would have snorted against the kid's shouting and finally ignited him alive. Unlike the tribesmen, the boy looked clean. His hair now glossy and his skin without patches of dirt. His furry underpants without a drop of blood. This peculiar situation didn't escape Shanna's eyes as she placed her hand over the boy's face.

"Take a deep breath," she stated calmly, her striking blue eyes diverting the boy's attention as he soon got his boner. Again. But Shanna couldn't care about that. With such clothing, she already knew that phenomenon like erection was as common as PDA in the cities.

Even the boy didn't seem too affected by his own erection and he finally nodded. Once Shanna took her hand, the boy continued, "Those demons ate the guardian! There was a small dinosaur with them too who kept crunching on the bones. Uh, the man demon had short hair. Like those men, Ka-Zar works with. And the woman demon was like that cat woman. She had same red hair, too."

Hearing such a description, Ka-Zar's mood plummeted as he growled, "Where are they?" Seeing the blonde hero who assisted the tribe against the swamp men, the young boy hurriedly explained the situation. How the demons threatened the Fall People and how he pointed them towards the cave of the guardian so that they can hurriedly get cursed.

Shanna and Ka-Zar exchanged glances before they left the encampment hurriedly while notifying the tribe that the armed men from the government would stop by to protect the tribe if the 'demons' visit the tribe.

"How did you contact the government facility?" Ka-Zar inquired as the couple rode over Zabu, the sabertooth beast who actually took care of Ka-Zar when he was a young boy.

"I have a device from them," Shanna stated plainly. Her association with the government facility was kept a secret from Ka-Zar but instead of the expected argument, the heroic man sighed before shrugging. "Thanks," he replied with a soft voice as Shanna felt stunned before her mood lifted, too.

"These 'demons' are probably outsiders so, of course, there's a low chance that they believe in curses," Shanna stated with a worried expression while Ka-Zar's expression flickered.


Suddenly, their ride let out a fearsome howl. Sensing Zabu's panic, even Ka-Zar's expression changed while the group came to a stop. In front of the group, slowly, the large bushes parted ways as another group of a couple and a beast appeared in front of Shanna and Ka-Zar. Shanna's and Ka-Zar's first impression was quite different than they had expected earlier. The group in front of them did not look like outsiders at all. The man and the woman were well-groomed. Beautiful at that. The redheaded woman attracted Ka-Zar's attention while the short-haired, violet-eyed youth attracted Shanna's gaze. Zabu, the sabertooth out of the three, only glared at the giant lizard cautiously as did the lizard in return.

However, the people in front of Ka-Zar were outsiders, no doubt. Such beauty and cleanliness could only be found in Pangea or the outer world. The locals of savage lands simply did not have it in themselves to groom their bodies. If Ka-Zar would have been born here, he would have never been attracted to Shanna, or those highly civilized women from Pangea, instead, it would have been the boorish, square-jawed women with hair all over their bodies.

"Outsiders," Ka-Zar began grimly, his gaze lasted for a moment longer on the redheaded woman with a tasteful sword and his own 'sword' began to rise eagerly but before he could think of anything else, the slightly darker-skinned youth gazed over him and the moment his violet gaze flashed, Ka-Zar saw darkness. His limp body plopped over Zabu's back as Shanna hurriedly called out in panic, "Kevin!"

"Damn," Shanna heard the youth speak English, "For shame brother. I don't go erecting over your girl now, do I? Oh, that's a nice Kitty. Me likey," and instantly, Shanna and the unconscious Ka-Zar fell on the ground. Zabu was nowhere to be seen but Shanna looked towards the youth with a fearful gaze. Her hand unconsciously clenched the spear a little harder and slowly stood up just right enough to be in a crouched position as if a wild beast ready to pounce.

"What did you do to Zabu?" She inquired with a narrowed gaze as she saw the youth and the gingerhead look towards each other.

"Well," the youth spoke, "There are many dinosaurs in the place than other animals. Aside from wolves, this is the next animal we found which isn't a reptile... so I can't just kill it. Anyway, be a doll and guide the three of us around, will you? I promise I'll wake the blonde punk by then. Nice leopard-spotted bikini, by the way," the man praised while Shanna's heart sank.

"You are... mutants," she stated.

"She talks too much," the redhead out of the three snorted and started walking towards Shanna. However, Shanna was pleasantly surprised when the woman sheathed her sword. 'She's underestimating me. I can use this chance to eh?' Shanna felt a little confused. The woman in front of her was clearly quite a few steps back but when did she reach this much closer to her

Once again, Shanna felt a sting from her right hand clutching the spear. A soft yelp escaped her lips as her vision changed and she found herself pinned on the ground with a cruel clutch holding her down from the back of her neck. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #%!d(string=14762036805540805)/plundered-couple_%!d(string=51642560417954376) for visiting.

"It's stupid that you're so weak," Shanna heard the redhead growl, "There must be stronger hunters around, right? Be a sweet guide and take us there. Mindless beasts barely satisfy me."

"Woah, Angela," the youth appeared and gently picked Shanna up. His dazzling smile stunned Shanna for a brief period as she found the young man even more stunning up close. Even after living in the Savage Lands for so long, her standard of beauty hadn't diminished one bit. Ka-Zar was handsome and looked like a textbook hero straight out of a children's comic book but the man in front of her presently simply attracted attention out of every single of his movements.

"Now, why don't you introduce yourself? With your accent, I'm sure you're an outsider, too."

The youth inquired and broke Shanna out of her trance as she looked at the man cautiously once again. Glancing towards the unconscious Ka-Zar, Shanna finally replied softly.

"My name is... Shanna."

"Hmm, right," the youth smiled and nodded, "My name is... Orochimaru. A well-known hunter from the outside."

Angela and Shanna furrowed their brows simultaneously. Angela, of course, knew Nik's real name but failed to understand the need to lie about it. It wasn't like Nik had ever shown being embarrassed about his self. Meanwhile, Shanna found that the name and the face didn't match at all. 'Orochimaru' looked way too western to have an eastern name.

"Now, Shanna... we must clear one thing. Who's that man?" Nik pointed towards Ka-Zar, "Is getting a boner a tradition? If yes, then I must apologize for not complimenting your beauty in a similar manner."

"It's... not," Shanna replied with a tongue-tied expression.

"Enough chatting. Is there anyone strong?" Angela growled an inquiry while Shanna shivered.

"K- Ka-Zar is strong," she looked towards the unconscious youth but even Shanna herself now doubted that his level of physical strength could satiate Angela's hunger for a good battle. As she expected, Angela turned towards the youth with a mocking stare, "Him? He's even weaker than that Luke."

"You see, Shanna, you're very beautiful and ordinarily, I wouldn't have let any harm fall over you but... my partner is, how should I put this... my priority. I am to cater to her wishes and fortunately, she only cares for three things. Brawls, delicious cuisine, and me," for the last part, Nik looked towards Angela, and seeing her only stare back at the response, Nik's smile turned brighter, "I've got the latter two covered. Brawls, however, she wants to have it with someone of her own equal. Sadly, I can't fulfill that request intentionally. Now, think harder because you are going to guide us whether you like it or not... and"

Opening his hand, 'Orochimaru' revealed a small device. Seeing it, Shanna's pupils shrunk. The device vanished instantly. "This tracker, I'm keeping it. Don't worry, we won't really hurt you. As for him..." Nik looked towards the fallen Ka-Zar, "We can let him be a dinosaur's lunch"

"No!" Shanna instantly shouted.

"Don't hurt him. Please, I'll be your guide. And yes, a little farther from the Savage Lands, there are many physically stronger mutants. I'll take you all there. But please do not hurt him," she pleaded hurriedly.

"Alright," Nik snickered and walked closer to the man, "We might as well enjoy a good chase. Hmm... there, take off that band on your left arm."

Shanna did as asked hurriedly and took off the pearl-like band from her arm before tossing it towards Nik.

Placing the band in front of Ka-Zar, Nik nodded in satisfaction. "He'll wake up in seven minutes. Rest assured, until he wakes up, there will be no dinosaurs aiming for him but, this will get us a headstart. If he finds us, we'll let you go. If he cannot find us, then we'll continue to find some use for you. How does that sound?"

"Fine," Shanna nodded instantly. The game Nik devised felt too easy for Shanna but as long as she stalled for enough time

"Oh, and my partner will fight even if you don't find someone strong for us... hmm, I wonder if it will be this Ka-Zar or not~!" Nik snickered as Shanna's expression fell.

Meanwhile, Angela seemed to have gained another awakening at how despicable Nik can actually be. First, he plundered Ka-Zar's ride, the sabertooth tiger. Then, he left a clear clue in the form of an armband that Shanna is with them. Instead of dashing the hopes of the unfortunate couple who ran into Angela and Nik, the L.u.s.t Apostle instead prepared a game and removed the first thought that Shanna might have for countering Nik's game.

Feeling Angela's stare, Nik shrugged, "What? We're on a trip, right? Why not have fun?"

"Fine," Angela nodded before pushing Shanna, "Now, move. Lead us somewhere dangerous!"

"She means adventurous!" Nik emphasized as Shanna could only lead the group forward.


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