Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 677

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 677 Fiery D.i.c.k

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Looking behind, Shanna found a ghastly trail of blood following the 'invaders' that had captured her. The moment she was 'taken' away from Ka-Zar, she had thought of leading the couple to a wild goose chase until Ka-Zar finds them but after seeing how easily Angela had been decimating the wild opponents jumping out every now and then, Shanna felt a chill spread in her heart.

Silently, Shanna glanced towards the handsome youth. If Angela was a dangerous bull then the youth felt like a slippery python with its fangs ready to pierce. It had been a considerable time since Shanna relocated within the Savage land and had turned out to be a better tracker than she had imagined herself to be, but 'Orochimaru' in front of her was simply a mysterious entity. Corpses and living dinosaurs would disappear without a trace!

Feeling Shanna's gaze, Nik turned towards the blonde and huffed in dissatisfaction, "Shanna, you said that there are mammoths in the forest, too. Eternal Mountain is covered by Yetis and drove Mammoth into the heart of the forest, right? Where are them prehistoric elephants?"

His dissatisfaction seemed to have resonated with the giant lizard's whom the young man named Ignit, something Shanna could under since the lizard would actually snort fire!

"They..." Shanna gulped. "I know the location of the Mammoth group but... you two asked me to find an adventurous location. In this land, there is a place named Mystic Mists... nobody has ever returned from the location except Ka-Zar."

Angela looked towards Shanna with a surprised expression while Nik thought for a moment and nodded.

"It looks like you really want to meet up with that punk, huh... makes me sad, of course," his words caused Shanna's expression to turn grim. Of course, she had expected to meet Ka-Zar in that location. And, since Ka-Zar can survive the mist once, he can do it again, too. If the group she is leading can disappear within the mist forever, that would be the greatest outcome she could have asked for.

"And, why don't you continue telling us about the Fall People?" Nik pressed. Along the way, Shanna was interrogated about the surrounding tribes and situation. Nik didn't know if Shanna knew about the government facility he learned from Trix but he also felt that the blonde hottie might just be hiding it from him due to her own reservations. Meanwhile, the Fall People, she was a little comfortable to elaborate upon.

"Yes," Angela nodded, "What was that about the Tribe Leader taking Ka-Zar's previous mate for himself?" Her expression was impassive but Nik felt that Angela had a rather great interest in 'mates' getting snatched based on greater strength.

Shanna's expression turned a bit gloomy. She didn't like talking about that but mysteriously, she was quite talkative around 'Orochimaru'.

"The current leader of the Fall People is named Tongah... his mate, she is beautiful. Of course, this is based on the standards of the Savage land," Shanna stated, "In his earlier years, that woman and Ka-Zar took a shine upon each other. Unlike the cities, the rules of courtship are quite different here. Physical attraction holds greater value than sentiments and... well, that's the past."

Shanna seemed to have started pouring everything she had bottled up. The three one man, one woman, and one lizard passed glances while Shanna continued.

"The young Tongah also l.u.s.ted after Ka-Zar's mate and defeated him, forcefully taking her away. But once Ka-Zar escaped the Mystic Mists and got stronger, he defeated Tongah. However, he didn't care for his mate then..."

"Because you came into the picture?" Nik inquired with a smirk, "Boy, I think the gals of the tribe wouldn't have cared but it must kill you when Ka-Zar has a boner for every girl he comes across," he cackled while Shanna's expression turned heavier. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #%!d(string=14762036805540805)/fiery-d.i.c.k_%!d(string=51649791532264598) for visiting.

"O... rochimaru... are you the best example to be saying that?" Angela inquired with a mocking glare as Nik shrugged.

"Hey, everybody I 'invite' is given an orientation so that they understand what they're getting into. After all, I don't hate you guys. I won't ever force you... and let's be honest, I will never run around the streets with a freaking erection."

Angela pursed her lips. She knew Nik's words held true but even if the girls didn't want to enter the 'fold', Nik simply persuades them until they agree. His means of persuasion being, of course, large and sensual.

"What do you mean?" Shanna furrowed her brows and inquired.

Nik was fully aware of this situation. He had, in fact, dubbed it as Curiosity f.u.c.k.i.e.d the cat.

"Well, I admit that using brute force to attract s.e.x partners is extremely tempting," Nik began, "but I'm not born into these traditions... I might have a chance later so I'm saving this tactic for that particular moment. Now, however, I simply as you quoted court women using dinner dates comprised of dinosaur barbeque."

Shanna stared at Nik for a full minute before stating dumbly.

"Excuse me? You are using extinct species for... dinner dates?"

"Extinct?" Nik chuckled, "They are thriving here. It doesn't matter if I take a few from every species. And yes, they taste amazing. Do a good job and I might just let you taste"

"She won't," Angela snorted before shoving Shanna away and pushing Nik against a tree. Her nostrils were slightly flared as she looked at Nik, "F.u.c.k her, I won't care. But unless she's one of us, I'm not sharing my grub with anyone else."

"Hiisss!" Ignit hissed proactively.

"See, the girl agrees, too," Angela pointed out, and then it struck Nik that maybe Angela's ability to speak almost every language also allowed her to understand Ignit.

"Hmm, this term is extremely harsh..." Nik remained unfazed even with Angela's grip tightening a little. "I thought of turning dino meat into the greatest catch in this adventure but... to disappoint you over strangers is also something I won't be doing," he smiled and leaned forward to give a stunned Angela a quick peck on her lips, "Fine. But... you'll be tackling me alone most of the time this week."

As if understanding the hidden intention in Nik's tone, Angela let go of Nik and snorted, "I alone am enough."

"Now," Angela looked in the direction where Shanna ran off to the moment she was pushed away.

"Let's bet who will get her first. The winner will have his way with the loser."

"No pegging if I lose," Nik stated a condition before jumping on top of Ignit and riding her towards Shanna's direction.

Even Angela jumped up on the tree and began the chase.

"Huff!" Shanna's breathing was ragged as she jumped through another low-hanging branch and ran towards the Mystic Mists. The surrounding trees were growing sparse eventually, allowing her to maintain the direction with much more difficulty. Even as she ran, her mind remained a complete mess.

'Eating dinosaurs? Not only are these two inhumanely strong, but they are also crazy, too. I don't suppose Greer has the strength of facing a Triceratops and breaking off its horn through a punch... in fact, those mutants in Pangea don't boast strength this great either... only that place may hold a chance...'

In her eyes, Angela's action of restricting herself and Nik was quite immature. This allowed Shanna to escape and with her familiarity, she gained quite the headstart for herself. 'But what if they have a weird ability that can turn the situation around?' She thought out, 'If I am caught again... they might just kill me, or make me disappear like those dinosaurs and Zabu. No... if they were simply out for blood, they would have ended Ka-Zar, too. They are twisted and find satisfaction in hurting others. At least, emotionally... If I get caught...'

The more she thought, the quicker she wished to reach and enter the Mystic Mists. She might not survive the ordeal but she knew that death was sometimes a far greater ending than living a life of suffering. Not only that, Shanna understood that the moment she turned against the world and decided to stay in Savage Lands, she also adapted to the rules of Savage Land.

Bigger fish always eats the smaller and weaker of its kind.

'We were originally close to Mystic Mists, the ground is growing dry as I continue while the leaves are already yellow. Just a few more minutes and I'll reach the mist.'


A soft growl instantly slowed Shanna's progress. She kept on running but now, the moment she located the nearest vine, sue dashed towards it and let herself be carried forward when a man-sized dinosaur awfully similar to the infamous t-rex ran past Shanna's location.

"The tyrant's nest... it will probably aim for the outsiders. I remember how much time it tried to hunt me for..."

Unlike a T-rex, the 'Tyrant' was a mutated dinosaur with unknown origins. It bred multiple offsprings but none were similar to it. Due to the offsprings being similar to T-rex, Shanna felt that the Tyrant was somehow an advanced form of a T-rex. After all, its senses weren't easily impaired.

Finally, a familiar scent which Shanna had expected to never smell again touched her nostrils and she realized that she had finally entered the outskirts of the mystic mists. Unlike other locations of the savage land, the mystic mists did not have any solid boundary. It was a considerable portion of the savage land covered by a mysterious mist. Ka-Zar had once ventured into the mists because he was forced into it. To the tribes of the savage land, this place was a death ground.

Even the agents of the government did not survive the ordeal and failed to return, their fate unknown. However, Shanna was forced within the mists, too. Why would she knowingly choose a certain demise if not for being cornered? On the surface, her situation seemed fine. The outsiders simply wanted an escort. But their nature showed that they wished to ravage the location for personal benefit and selfish idiosyncrasies. How could she be the one leading the outsiders to achieve such goals? Even if she survives their company, what about her own conscience?

She loved nature deeply. Her very being was attracted to the wild spirit found in forests and the risks attributed to this form of living. But the outsiders proved themselves to be extraordinary circ.u.mstances. One meteor had caused many species to go extinct and Shanna wasn't willing to guide another one.

As Shanna wallowed in despair and confusion, slowly making her way inside the mist as the surroundings became blurrier and the trees sparse, a couple sat rested near the edge of the mist over a thick branch. Below them was etched a scene of battle.

"I can't believe you didn't let me kill that prey. It would have been a worthy one!" Angela was furious.

"And I said, kill as many t-rex as you want. Just not that one. That treasure is a mutated one that survived this... cosmic cloud. It no longer is a simple dinosaur. With 1.5 times the attributes of an ordinary t-rex without any impairment of senses, it is an absolute beast and simply something that is not to be killed but farmed... then kill as many as you want."

Angela finally realized that this was an option, too. To harvest the meat, someone had to be a butcher. If Angela could make the process of butchering fun, then why not farm more preys?

Her thoughts regarding Nik improved to an even greater heights.

'The ability to procure a future of hunting and food... this man is amazing indeed...'

"Well, it all boils down to this..." Nik sighed and extended his hand.

Drawing a strange pattern in the air, Nik grew a bit serious and pushed his spiritual energy within the rune.


The rune instantly fizzled out with a spark but a leaf landed over the location of the greyish spark and it slowly turned yellow and crumbled into dust.

"I kinda suck at time manipulation..." he sighed. This was his greatest achievement in this area. A spark.

"When Sera had trouble with her magic training... she would always come to me for a spar and then we would... relax," Angela stated with a serious expression as Nik furrowed.

"The spar sounds amazing... I don't know about the other thing though..."

"But that is the main objective. The other thing feels great after a satisfactory spark," Angela explained with a bit of hasty tone as Nik continued to ponder.

"I see," he heaved deeply, "I guess a minute of sparring and a day of 'other thing' is manageable after all..." he gazed towards Angela who had a slightly dazed expression before she pointed out with an impassive expression.

"What about that woman? You said that this cloud is fatal."

'Way to change the subject,' Nik chuckled internally.

"Only to the majority. I've got some samples riddled with this particular form of energy," Nik explained, "I've already told you how I'm using my current body to go through a round of mutations to get a better understanding of my ability to manipulate bodies... honestly, this ability can be extended to other branches of skills with appropriate experience. Now, there are four mutations that I can undergo using the mist as a fuel... wanna chose? All of the options are pretty fun."

"Like?" Angela inquired with a raised eyebrow.

"The first mutation will allow me to have a rock-like body. I will probably change this mutation heavily into something I am more satisfied with. If you're thinking that a limp d.i.c.k would be rock-like due to mutation then you are correct. I have run simulations on the matter."

"Limp d.i.c.k was not my first thought... but an intriguing situation. What are the other... mutations?" Angela inquired with a strange expression.

"The second one is me being able to turn invisible. Honestly, I can do that even without the mutation, and alongside comes a form of telekinesis... something I am capable of achieving through spiritual energy, too..."

"Then," Nik continued, "I can change my body into a form of flexible and elastic material. However, the shape of my body can be controlled without external force. Instead of being a rubber band that will remain in the same position until stretched with external force, I will be... well, a rubber man. And yes, the same goes for the d.i.c.k."

"Enough about that," Angela grunted.

"Finally, I will be able to turn into a fire-like being... it's actually the most amazing of all the mutations... sorry, this will be the last one My d.i.c.k will be fire!" Nik chortled while Angela pursed her lips.


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