Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 679

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 679 Punishment And Rewards 2

Angela's vision captured the flaming hand move towards her face. The temperature was quite high even to her standards but matching Nik's gaze, she remained unmoving. Not fearing Nik's touch, for she only feared one thing in her life and it wasn't someone's affection, Angela felt the familiar rough skin graze her cheek. Just this time, it was warmer than before. "You are a real piece of work, you know that?" Nik stated as the temperature of the surroundings lowered instantly. The flames covering his skin receded quite a bit and allowed Angela to explore Nik's current form with her gaze.

"You really have a fiery tool down there," Angela commented as she stepped around Nik to examine 'everything'. Feeling Angela's intentions, Nik eyed Shanna for a moment. She still had a blank look but her eyes told a completely different story. However, Nik put her out of his mind and smiled, "This isn't all," Nik replied as following the trail of flames, a white slimy substance slowly erupted in purple-black flame, and soon, Nik's eyes turned into swatches of pure white surrounded by purple. His mass shifted and he grew a size bigger, his teeth turned jagged and his tongue morphed into an equally violet blaze.

"We are awesome," Nik's voice became monotonous but Angela was fully aware that the speaker was the fabled entity within Nik Pickle.

From red to violet, the transformation made Angela frown a little as she traced her finger over Nik's back until she reached his buttocks with no harm coming to her finger, "Is there a difference in property of the fire now?" She inquired as Nik turned back. With Pickle covering him, Nik's body failed to show his flaming c.o.c.k but Angela reckoned that covered in purplish flames, it would have looked far more devilish than necessary.

"Difference in properties?" Nik chortled, "That's an amateur inquiry. Fire of all kinds and nature have similar properties. It is the degree of these qualities that differ. Some may heal and nourish better than the others while some might just burn."

Nik grinned, "Being a master, as a certain Bat states, is the first step towards mastering anything completely. I think being flame itself will allow me to understand a great deal about the various composition of fires, both, mystical and mundane in nature. Now... how about I cash in my reward now?"

"What?" Before Angela could finish, Pickle receded inside Nik once again, unwilling to let herself partake and 'enter' another living being. With bright red flames once again covering Nik, the n.a.k.e.d flaming L.u.s.t Apostle pushed Angela against a tree, his palm holding her tight as he leaned forward to press his lips against her.

The layer of flames failed to keep Angela from Nik's 'effect'. In fact, with his experience with elements, Nik found himself augmented his racial skills to the next level.

"Mmh, just wait for a moment. Your mutation caused quite a large commotion. We will just get interrupted time and again so why don't we find someplace else?" Angela inquired, not minding the sudden advances. In fact, the way she held Nik's hand, she seemed quite eager, too.

Nik gazed at the vast expanse before deciding to find a temporary stay. He had already discovered infrastructure below the ground so the exploration wouldn't take too long. He would just need moments to map out the entire infrastructure even if it cost him a few surprises that are imperative to an adventure. After all, anything that might have something to do with the cosmic energy is not something to be taken lightly.

However, exploration fell short to Angela's suggestion. The whole point of taking Angela along was to know her better.

"Let's do that? We'll find a cave, lay down a rug and you know, you'll be the first one to have the taste of... I'm sorry, I have to say it, flame jizz. Wait, molten spurt? No, Lava"


A scream cut Nik off as he noticed Angela scoffing unhappily. Turning around, he found Ka-Zar jumping down from the tree with the hide around his waist flapping up, revealing his own bushy nethers.

"Ugh, my eyes! Burn em... well, you can't burn fire, right?" Nik shrugged and turned to look towards Angela, "You know, the best part about this form isn't the power."

"It's the puns, I get it," Angela smiled, a rare expression over her face as she turned her attention towards Ka-Zar, too. The man stood in front of Shanna while he snarled in a bestial manner. "What did you do to her?" He inquired with a growl as Shanna stood with an impassive expression. "I never thought I'd ask those outsiders for help but the government is sending their agents as we speak. You won't live for long even if you are somehow... on fire."

Gazing at the two and seeing Angela preparing for an extremely one-sided fight, Nik gave a frustrated sigh and walked closer to her and held her hand. "You know, Ka-Zar. I'm a genuine believer in happy endings. I will allow the two of you to have your happy ending since you informed me about the arrival of the agents. Nice work on that, by the way. Shanna is, um, angry at you for ditching her every now and then for some... tribal floozy. She will show that anger until the help arrives. Try to live as long as that lasts."

"What do you mean?" Ka-Zar crouched slightly.

"What I mean is that I don't like manipulating people when I have no gains to achieve. I'd rather have short fun. The thought of Shanna attacking you with everything she has and you defending yourself is fun. By the way, now that the government is involved, you will no longer remember us."

Nik smiled gently as Ka-Zar's heart grew cold. Suddenly, a kick struck the side of his head from behind, knocking him down but not out cold as Shanna screeched like a wild animal and pounced on the man.


"Hiss!" Ignit crouched outside a cave as she hissed proactively. From within the cave, instead of darkness, a human-shaped light source spoke out sadly, "It's still the same me, Ignit. Come on, you're being unfair!"


"No, you can't turn into fire. You can only breathe it."


"You can't be a human just yet. That's just it. But believe me, even when I have other pets, you're my first summon. And I treat you so well, darling. Remember those gangsters? They were tasty, right? Come on, one day, you'll be bigger and stronger."


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Ignit finally closed her eyes silently and sat guard over the entrance of the cave as Angela leaned against the wall with an amused expression.

"Something tells me that you find it harder to deal with Ignit than us."

"Sigh," Nik smiled softly and walked closer to Angela, "It is what it is. Not that I regret having Ignit with me. She just... like to be wooed. An attractive quality in giant lizards. They won't eat you if properly pleased."

"And what about Shanna? How can a man of your repute let go of such a..."

"Fine piece of booty?" Nik completed Angela's inquiry with a snicker, "Once again, it is what it is. And, to be honest, I still don't have it in me to... snatch or even kill a pregnant woman. It's only the second week and even that buffoon might not know. So, while they think they are fighting without any reason, physically, they are sleeping in each other's arms and will wake up once the reinforcement arrives."

"Oh..." Angela looked at Nik with a surprised expression.

"But, that is their... ugh, can't believe I gave them such an easy punishment. Well, they would still go through some mental discomfort. I just hope that my rewards won't be just this... distasteful," Nik whispered as he softly kissed Angela's cheek.

"Nothing I do," Angela breathed and pushed Nik against the wall this time, "Is distasteful," she placed her hands on Nik's waist and pressed her body against his. "Let me have the taste of that sweet Lava," she cooed as Nik's gaze brightened.

"I take that you enjoyed the puns," Nik grinned as Angela instantly sealed his lips with her own ample petals. After turning into fire, Nik's gaze held no pupils, matching Angela's physical description. But they still knew that their gazes remained locked with each other's.

"I am curious," Angela whispered, her hands tracing up from Nik's waist before settling over Nik's chest, "Does my touch feel different? Hindered?"

"Not one bit," Nik pressed her forehead against Angela's as he chuckled, his palms planted over Angela's butt as he squeezed her butt cheeks eagerly, "In fact, I'll be showing you different properties of flames that I'm capable of wielding."


"A humanoid fire?" Agent Holt furrowed. He and his team covered Ka-Zar and Shanna with one of them being in his underpants, his shirt, and pants were given to Shanna to cover herself up.

"Yes," Shanna explained, "I remember fighting Ka-Zar. I don't know the reason for this battle... and Zabu... everything is that outsider's fault."

Hearing Zabu's name, Ka-Zar's expression plummeted as he slowly stood up and looked at the forest mutated by the mystic mists. The trees were no longer covered with brown barks and portrayed a metallic sheen. The swamp that Ka-Zar remembered seemed to have vanished but he had not a single doubt in his mind that this was an area covered by Mystic Mists.

"If they are to be somewhere then it is definitely deeper into the forest. When I was forced inside the mist, I found a strange structure... it led 'down.' It's quite far away but..."

"We should wait for Agent Grant," Agent Holt stated plainly as he looked towards Shanna. Unknown to Ka-Zar, Shanna had joined the government facility for the tactical benefits the communication with the outside world could provide. In return, she would help the research centers in analyzing the flora and fauna of the Savage Land using the exotic technology left behind in Pangea and also act as an ambassador against the beast races of the land.

"Her?" Ka-Zar was outraged. He remembered his beating vividly. However, to Agent Holt and his team, including Shanna, they felt little to nothing for Ka-Zar's current emotions. In any city, if a half-n.a.k.e.d man would try to force himself on a government official, he would have suffered a lot more than just a few bruises. However, the outsiders had clear orders of not disrupting the land's culture and tradition. Not to mention, Ka-Zar is hailed as a hero.

"Yes," Holt nodded, "She is the strongest of us all. She can even sense other feline species and might help us recover Zabu. You might not understand it, but Zabu and that female Sabertooth in Pangea are the last of your species and it is extremely important to save and preserve them."

"Don't you talk about Zabu like a lab rat!" Ka-Zar hissed.

"We are not implying that," Holt stood his ground firmly and sighed, "Anyway, I need to report the situation to the HQ... flaming men are way out of any of our paygrade."

"Do it quick," Ka-Zar nodded. After all, he was the one to call them out this time around, "And I'll make one thing clear. That tiger woman tries to snatch Zabu again and I'll forget our little alliance."

Holt glanced towards Shanna whose expression shared the same worry he felt internally. Even without Ka-Zar's distasteful actions due to his bestial upbringing, Grant herself wasn't an easy persona to deal with. Even as an official, she refused to operate on fixed protocols. Instead, for the entire year, she had only reached out to the office in the savage land only 23 times and each time, she would return with crucial information that had helped the research of the government in various factors.

'But a flame man... could it be him? Dr. Trix did unleash a Pterodactyl upon him but... mystic mists are of great importance to the agency. Could he be working on the agency's orders?' Holt thought before setting up communications.

"Form a perimeter and set-up a camp. Spray the repellents, too," He ordered while looking at the agent who was half-clothed, "And Agent Hunt, assist me in setting up the communication channels."


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