Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 680

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 680 Hot Stuff

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The entrance of the cave had been sealed by a layer of flames. In his condition, Nik felt that it was the most appreciated choice. Not only did the wall of fire illuminate the cave entirely, but it also warmed up the interiors since Nik's temperature didn't surpass the level of ordinary humans. This was his masterful skill in controlling and playing with the element of fire.

"Hmm, your hair feels so... strange in this form," Angela whispered as she tried to grip on Nik's hair. Her back was pressed against the rug placed over the ground. Her outfit in disarray and her legs locking Nik's back as she pushed Nik's face against her olive entrance. Admiring the gushing entrance, Nik smiled and didn't give out a smart-ass reply. In his current position, action would definitely speak louder than words as he parted his lips and gently kissed Angela's erect clit. His warmth made Angela shiver a little but the area where Nik held Angela's thigh flickered into pink flames.

"Annngh~ Wh- what?" Angela suddenly shrieked at the top of her lungs as she hurriedly tried to sit up. Catching the pink blaze from the corner of her eyes, she pressed her queries but Nik kept his silence and stuck his tongue out.

Unlike the fleshy tongue in his normal form, Nik's tongue was a mass of pink flames in the shape of a tongue that slithered into Angela's snatching fold but instead of squirming against Angela's fleshy walls, the flames would enter Angela's body through her p.u.s.s.y.

Angela's gasp rang for the umpteenth time as she felt her throat turn dry. Her thighs felt hotter than usual and her p.u.s.s.y felt weird but even when she clenched internally, she failed to catch anything, instead, her body shivered as Nik's flame practically ravaged her senses. Her head felt a little heavy as she

"F.u.c.k," Nik cussed and hurriedly sat up and stopped overflowing Angela's senses as she laid back with her breathing turning steadier by the second.

Removing his transformation, Nik crawled forward and placed his palm on Angela's forehead and only sighed in relief once he realized that nothing bad was happening.

"Too much stimulation," Nik mumbled and gazed at Angela's face.

"It isn't like you to lose control of yourself," Sky's voice rang within him as Nik nodded seriously.

"I underestimated the stimulus... it's not like I use flames to augment the l.u.s.t of others daily. Hmm, gotta be careful with this one," Nik replied. Thinking for a moment, Nik sat behind Angela and shuffled her head on his lap. "Lola, as the operator of [Imperfect Chimera], you must have the ability to scan all my body completely, right?"

"Incorrect. If [Imperfect Chimera] was capable of doing that, it would have detected other seals and curses placed on you a long time ago. [Profession] increases its ability with the user. This is even more prominent with Imperfect Chimera."

"Let me rephrase it. Is there a chance to try and apply a variation of this fire body mutation and turn it into different elements?"

"As long as you are capable of producing the slightest bit of the particular element fuelled by the same source as your current mutation, it should be possible," Lola replied as Nik's gaze flashed for a moment. He understood the value of turning into an element. After all, transformation into a particular element is the best way to actually increase one's understanding of the element and if he could turn it into different elements, Nik's understanding of various concepts would skyrocket. This will even benefit his system of spiritual magic.

"I kind of feel annoyed by Adapt on this one. Sure, [Profession] grows with the host but... what about [Idle Summoner]? Its abilities are locked and based on my own shackles when a [Legacy]'s effect is fixed and irrelevant to a host's strength..."

"What can I say?" Sky shrugged, "Adapt is old school guy. He went through a lot in his life and he understands that only by overcoming your troubles will you grow..."

"He's the kind of guy who would never use cheat codes in a video game," Sky continued.

"Hmm..." Angela groaned softly as she finally came to be. Her eyelids trembled as she opened her eyes and found herself laying her head on Nik's lap.

"Hey, hot stuff. You went unconscious on me," Nik smiled and gently ruffled Angela's locks as she looked dazed for a moment. Seeing Nik in his regular form, she couldn't help but slightly smile at the sight and sighed softly, "Let's do that again. I just wasn't ready for... that. Whatever it was."

"Nothing strange about it," Nik chuckled as his body blazed once again, this time, he leaned down to peck Angela's lips as his palms locked themselves with Angela's palms.

"I want the real thing now," Angela whispered as she sat up and turned her body to face Nik. Without letting him reposition himself, she sat on top of Nik, pressing her ample bosom against Nik's chest while her hands found themselves holding Nik's cheeks and pulling him into another kiss.

The feel of the flaming rod against her moistening entrance felt far more pleasurable than the ethereal tongue which provided no substance to Angela. The previous action was pleasurable but to Angela, it wasn't balanced at all. She just didn't want to only feel pleasure. She wanted to feel herself spreading on top of Nik, her p.u.s.s.y dug deep and stirred from the inside.

"How about now, Hot Stuff?" Angela replied in kind with a short smirk on her face as she bucked her h.i.p.s forward, grinding her entrance against Nik's shaft with an evil glint in her gaze. "Hmm? Whatever do you mean?" Nik snickered with one finger slipping into Angela's ass.


The feeling of a hot finger roguishly moving in her ass made Angela blush heavily as her breathing started to turn ragged and short. But Angela would never stop gliding her wet entrance on top of Nik's thick and comely shaft. With the thumb spreading one butt cheek, Nik's middle finger slipped into Angela's butt, too.

"Oohhh~!" biting her lips and feeling provoked, Angela leaned down to target Nik's collarbone. Knowing better than to simply bite Nik, Angela pressed her lips against the fiery skin and felt the 'sweet' flames turning pink near her mouth. Meanwhile, Nik pushed Angela's bottoms upward slightly to finally allow his little brother to rise at an appropriate level and press the tip against Angela's entrance.

"Why don't you move now?" Nik inquired with his index and middle finger glowing in a pink blaze, too. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #%!d(string=14762036805540805)/hot-stuff_%!d(string=51698341842582814) for visiting.

"Hmmm, you wouldn't be able to handle me," Angela cooed, keeping a false sense of bravado but a welcoming attitude nonetheless as she slowly lowered her back, her luscious p.u.s.s.y lips slowly spreading around Nik's blazing tip as he entered Angela's fold. For him, there weren't many changes. After all, he wasn't at the receiving end of the flaming c.o.c.k, fortunately. However, for Angela, things were completely different.

The feel of blazing c.o.c.k sent the already itching Angela past her limits as her gasp was a long one. Breathless.

Her stomach and insides felt hot and pleasant, a strange feeling but something Angela couldn't wrap her head around. After all, there were other things wrapped around the far more pleasant organ that Angela would rather focus on. Her pleasant kiss finally turned into a bite. In fact, her teeth easily dug into the flaming skin but not a single drop of blood was drawn. However, Angela felt her body reacting in the same manner when she tasted Nik's blood for the first time.

"Hevens!" Angela squealed as she climaxed over Nik's shaft, his pulsating rod still deep within Angela, in fact, even poking against her secret entrance. The curve of the c.o.c.k, the thickness, and the sheer sensation brought by the c.o.c.k made Angela's expression twist.

Helplessness wrought havoc in her heart but so did bliss. Should she ever have pupils, they would have rolled up. Her shoulder shuddered and her butt hole twitched with her anal muscles squeezing Nik's fingers, not letting him playfully spread her ass any longer.

Gazing at Angela taking a breather, Nik clicked his tongue and slightly pushed his h.i.p.s up, "Can't have you resting within minutes. Make me unable to handle you," Nik smiled, his face leaning down as he planted a kiss on Angela's forehead while slowly moving. His c.o.c.k pressing all of Angela's weak spots as she grunted forcefully and pushed her palms against Nik's chest, pushing him down against his back while licking her lips.

Now having the entire view of Angela's front, Nik smiled with satisfaction as she sighed softly, "I also want to try something new... tell me when it starts to hurt, alright?" Angela stroked Nik's cheek before her innards contracted amazingly harshly. Even as she moved the pull grew stronger that even Nik began grunting in between as Angela slowly ground her h.i.p.s against Nik's waist. Much to Nik's surprise, Angela's gaze sparked with a white buzz.


Nik was stunned as a pleasant sensation flooded his mind instead, making his gasp in surprise as he almost came right then and there.

"Tch," Angela bit her lips, "Something I learned during my time with Sera... thought that it would be enough for you to feel drained."

"I did," Nik smiled as his hands slithered to Angela's waist, holding her down firmly as Angela started twisting her buttocks.

"Don't you want to ask how I did that?" Angela breathed with a furrow, her senses tingling as she felt Nik's c.o.c.k throbbing at a greater pace, clearly, her method did have some effect as Nik admitted.

"No," Nik smiled, "I like it when my partner has something up in her sleeves. But... what you did isn't enough," Nik licked his lips, "And even now, I'm not hurting, so go all out with me," he sat up once again as he took Angela's lips. The heven's warrior's gaze flashed with surprise before excitement filled her heart as Nik finally reached his limits. With a soft grunt, he pumped a jet of hot liquid. Molten-lava-like jizz slipped out of Angela's snatch but Nik kept ejaculating until even Angela felt stuffed.

Her m.o.a.ns and grunts followed Nik's rhythm, her own juices mixing with the lava jizz while Angela's gaze sparkled once again, making Nik feel drained right after he orgasmed, making sure that he remained on his edges, just like he kept her on a tight leash, too.


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