Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Chapter 674

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 681 Luring

"Oh~ Ahh! Anghhh!" Angela m.o.a.ned as Nik pumped from behind. His h.i.p.s moved at a quick pace and ended with a fulfilling thrust each time. Even though the pumps would squeeze out more and more of c.u.m already tainting Angela's w.o.m.b, the couple did not care. The rug below them was beyond cleaning and only the mystical [Purification] could find a use for it once again. Firmly gripping Angela's ass and squeezing it right, Nik grunted and pressed the tip of his c.o.c.k against Angela's w.o.m.b. The gingerhead felt lightheaded for a moment.

No longer could she find the concentration in herself to pull off the technique that even made Nik shiver inside her. Her back was arched down as her arms were folded helplessly to provide comfort to her head as she could only take it from behind. Her body rocked from each thrust, her breathing would shudder and her gasps would tingle Nik's senses. Their scent had already tainted the interior of the cave. The fleshy sound of wet flesh hitting against each other followed by melodious m.o.a.ns and needful grunts echoed in the empty surroundings as even the wall of flame couldn't filter their voices any longer.

"More~ Moar!" Angela gasped, her head filled with glee, her thoughts corrupted by the sensation of Nik's pulsating c.o.c.k right before he would c.u.m inside her once again. The thought of the jet of hot jizz filling her up made Angela whimper in delight. She had her moments with Nik but later, she could only accept that as she was currently, she couldn't compete with Nik in the department of providing s.e.x.u.a.l relief.

Submitting herself, just for the moment, to the overcoming pleasure of Nik's literally flaming c.o.c.k, Angela's butt trembled furiously as her thighs shivered with another arc of squirt pouring over the rub below the couple.

Finally, after a few minutes, Angela and Nik lied on the recently cleaned rug with their breathing slightly rough and short before Angela shifted and turned to face Nik. Her expression was slightly incomprehensible but Nik could under a little about what she might be feeling.

"I like it when your eyes are purple and your hair is black," she whispered before closing her eyes.

'Woah... she can't really praise you like a normal person, right?' Asmodeus gasp rang within Nik's head as he smiled and replied, 'I'll take what I can get, and let's face it... I look dashing in my normal form.'

Their rest didn't last longer than three hours, out of which, the wall of flame was dispersed, allowing a disgruntled Ignit to creep into the cave before crouching beside Nik and pushing the couple off of the rug, having the soft flooring all for herself. Nothing could stop Ignit this time. Everyone within the cave knew that the salamander held the higher ground even when it was something she couldn't eat.

Once the group was well-rested and clothed, they set out of the cave once again. Instead of letting his senses spread and take every situation into account, Nik and Angela stuck to the traditional methods of tracking to make their way back towards the region of forest covered by the mist. To Nik, the entire region was a coveted piece of land with the ability to produce more cosmic energy.

After all, being irrigated by the cosmic energy rising from below the surface, the structure of the forest had changed at the genetic level. Even the animals, both prey and predators, were in Nik's list of looting. After all, he needed a complete biosphere to produce the cosmic cloud optimally.

"There's a temple below the surface," Nik began as the group continued moving. Ignit opened her maws wide, yawning. She had gotten drowsy after all the feeding and playing around. Stopping his explanation, Nik smiled towards Ignit and inquired, "Do you want to rest? I'll bring you out after your nap."

Hearing the suggestion, Ignit nodded and hissed in agreement as she disappeared and was stored within the space of [Idle Summoner].

"Right, where was I? Hmm, yeah, there's a mechanism in the temple that continuously expels a sliver of cosmic energy. It's treated as waste but at the core of the temple, a few solidified cosmic items still exist. And, you want to know something else that I found?" Nik inquired as Angela gazed towards the swamp. She could already see an encampment of armed agents from a considerable distance. "What?" She inquired, her expression more mellow than previously.

"It's that temple that keeps the Savage Land running. At least, a portion of it. It fuels the surrounding volcanoes to this date to persevere the tropical temperature. Without it, the dinosaurs would be completely extinct so, we will first collect as many dinosaurs as we can before raiding that location. The crystals will help me to fight for two more mutations but... I'll just save them for future use."


"Johnny," Susan called her younger, extravagant brother with a distressed furrow on her face.

"Hey, Susie," John's voice was slightly rough and hasty. Even his breathing was ragged, "Uhh, it's not the best time to talk, sis. Look, whatever I did, I assure you that I didn't do anything stupid!"

"Where are you right now?" Susan pressed nonetheless.

"You really don't wanna know. Hey, is there anyone else you can talk to? I'm busy. I would love to hear your problem with guys and finding a good date but until I return... um, talk with Ben. I'm sure he wouldn't mind lending his... ears."

"That's uncalled for!" Susan's call was on speaker as Benjamin 'The Thing' shouted. After his mutation, he had physically lost the appendages that structured into human ears and it has been a sore spot for him for quite a long time.

"We're on speaker?" John sounded surprised and aggravated.

"Yes," Reed sighed, "Look, John. We just got off the call from the CIA. Their secret ops suspect you for... entering a prehistoric paradise and burning away a potentially major resource point. Where are you right now? You need to return quickly."

"Aww... I can't catch a break. Sorry, sweetheart," John's voice echoed from the receiver as Ben grumbled.

"Watch your tongue."

"And you watch your mind," Johnny snapped back, "Ah, no, I'm saying that to my dumb as a rock friend, darling. Yeah, I'll meet you later. Your place, 7 pm? Nice!" His snicker echoed before Susan coughed, "I'm hanging up now and quickly return. This isn't a joking matter."

"Alright," Johnny groaned, "FYI, I am at Samantha's place. You guys can confirm it with my GPS logs later. I'll be back in a few minutes."

Susan hung up with a sigh as Benjamin began popping stones once again meanwhile Reed went through the reports and accusations pointed towards the group.

"It says that the gunfire couldn't affect the cosmic cloud but a man made of fire burnt through it either way. We did conduct an experiment based on the samples procured by the team on Savage Lands... Only mutations related to the said cosmic force can affect the samples. This was going to become the foundation for further researches."

"It can also be that the government want to cut us out of the loop," Susan posed an interesting theory, "They know well about Johnny's nature and identified a flaming person. Trix had unfortunate encounters with John, too..."

"Why would they try to cut us out if we are the only one who can help them wield the energy?" Reed furrowed as a rather sinister person's name flashed in his mind, "Unless they found another researcher willing to perform the same task as us and has an equal reputation in the scientific world."

"You couldn't mean... Victor..." Susan's expression turned pale for a moment.

"We'll investigate it ourselves. First, I'm going to use the remainder of the cosmic sample to figure out the location of Savage Lands. Keep an eye out for Johnny. Government terms look sweeter on the surface but nobody knows what aspect of it might hurt us. Ben, come with me. I need you on this one."

The heroic team dubbed as fantastic four went into motion. One of them returning from his lover's residence while the others committing to more serious tasks.


"What do you mean by challenges waiting in the temple?" Angela's voice echoed. The collection of dinosaurs was a child's play. They were collected for novelty's sake. After all, aside from the taste of their flesh, the large reptilians held nothing desirable. However, instead of contesting against the group of agents, Nik and Angela made their way towards the temple Nik found out about.

"The temple has seven levels. The structure of the temple resembles Aztec architecture but just... around 20 times in size and integrity. Oh, and level is being patrolled by someone. I couldn't really dig too deep into the situation and this is just a preliminary scouting. The moment I step into the temple, I'll understand everything. I did, however, find out that these individuals are being affected by some induced mutation. Artificial and temporary in nature," Nik smiled as he stepped over the searing swamp.

He knew that due to the effects of cosmic energy, the deeper the agents walked, the more troubles they would face. Even with their tactical, state-of-the-art pieces of equipment, they will have trouble keeping up with the barefooted Nik and Angela.

Feeling the temperature of the swamp, Angela narrowed her gaze.

"This is why you pulled Ignit inside?"

"What are you talking about? Ignit was feeling sleepy," Nik snickered. He was genuinely selfish enough to make Ignit retreat of her own volition. Even she wouldn't be able to cope up with the rough surroundings in which the couple was traveling.

Finally, after a few more minutes, the couple stood in front of a raised platform. The stone making for the foundation of the platform had withered quite a bit with fungus and unnamed flowers growing out and covering the edges, causing fine cracks to slowly spread across the entire surface.

Over the front of the platform, the couple could see strange patterns. To them, these patterns did not mean much at all. Angela was only capable of understanding and speaking various languages but that did not cover written runes. Even Nik couldn't boast the fact that he knew every language ever created in the myriad multiverse.

"A staircase covered by the platform will lead us into the temple. This isn't the only entrance to the underground temple but this is definitely the least protected one. The others have wild animals that I don't want to kill... they are necessary for now."

"So... we are baiting those armed men? You definitely left unnecessary prints extremely near their encampment," Angela inquired.

"Yep," Nik smiled, "The last thing I want is for those agents to attack the wild animals radiating with cosmic energy. I also don't feel like attacking the agents without any motives. So, we'll lead them into the temple from the easiest path. Of course, our main objective is to gather the necessary tech related to the cosmic energy and leave on our merry way."

"That's your objective. I'm just here to fight," Angela whispered with an ominous glint in her eyes as she walked forward and punched the platform. Her fist instantly stuck within the edge of the platform before cracks widened and the large slab erupted with a loud sound that spread far and wide.

"And this will attract those men here," Angela smiled with satisfaction as she peered into the stairway descending into the darkness.


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