Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Chapter 676

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 683 A Hero's Ordeal Villain's Paradise

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The scene in front of Angela could be described in one word Beautiful. She had been in structures called as 'Temple' before. The realm from which she accidentally came held many such buildings. Their stature tall and grand but each of these temples held a few dirty secrets stowed into the unknowing corners of the Angels. However, placing her barefoot on the warm sand, her gaze trailing towards the erected crystals in their most natural form, uncarved and random, extending to a beautiful, crystal-like lake, Angela didn't know what to say.

"Is this all an..." Angela began in a whisper, her eyes widened at the scenery.

"It's not an illusion. Probably, the creators of the temple and the designer of the Savage Land felt it was more appropriate to make their temple scenic, too. The sand, crystals, and even water... all of them are formed from an extension of nanite core running the temple. But yes, everything is real... just their composition may differ. The lake, by the way, tastes like lemonade."

"A lemonade?" Angela furrowed before stepping forth as Nik walked behind her, explaining the floor to the astounded warrior of Heven, "Yes. The crystals and even the sand is edible. The entire floor has many such spots but the main point of our trip is to satisfy your l.u.s.t of battle, right?" Nik smirked and dived into the pool readily, "But... wanna have a nice swim?"

"Gladly," Angela dived in with a smile.



Ka-Zar's eyes widened. The pool was murky and even with his enhanced eyesight, he could barely utilize his vision to its greatest capabilities. Instead, the infective pool stung him, every single wound of his body ached as old injuries which were long forgotten twitched, too.

Swiping his hands around in agony, Ka-Zar wished to swim away but a figure, heavy, latched on his back as he heard a croak. The voice was jarring and extremely harsh to listen to. Clearly, the ability of speech underwater demonstrated that the perpetrator did not need to breathe in a manner similar to most mammals.

"Never should you have invaded the temple!" The toad-human croaked, "I, Amphibius, shall hold your head"


The figure named Amphibius let out a tormented screech as the water around Ka-Zar was introduced to muddish brown blood. An end of a limb, furry and padded, latched Ka-Zar's arm and pulled him up. Ka-Zar was already on his last leg when he was suddenly saved by a mystery person. Of course, in his condition, everything seemed a mystery. Even after coming out of the water, he still felt heavy and dizzy. Water filled his lungs and made him feel pained.

"Puncture his lungs. I've crushed his chest on more than one occasion and he has shown the ability to survive"

"Don't!" Holt snorted, "CPR him."

"Then do it yourself. I'm not pressing my lips against his. Call it a feline attribute," Greer, thoroughly bathed in poisonous water snorted. Holt nodded with an impassive expression.

Soon, Ka-Zar came to be. His gasp rang out, attracting the attention of the other agents as he found himself on a small piece of land covered by a large murky lake. Dead aquatic animals could be seen floating around, their corpses riddled with holes and brownish liquid flowing out of their wounds.

"What do you remember?" Holt inquired while walking up to Ka-Zar.

"W-what?" Ka-Zar croaked with pain filling his senses.

"I need to be assured that your mind is stable. Tell me, what do you remember?"

"I..." Ka-Zar slowly sat up while rubbing his head. He didn't look heroic any longer. In fact, almost all the agents were already haggard. "We found a secret entrance... there were signs of destruction near the entrance. We entered it and after finding nothing but starry lights on the first floor, we made our way to the second floor... and then, we were ambushed?"

"By some sort of toad freak," Greer grunted and eyed Ka-Zar darkly. She wished to get her position solidified for not being approached by Ka-Zar in the future but knew that there is a time and place for everything.

"You mean... that?" Holt pointed his gun towards a large toad. It was floating on its front, limbs sprawled. The lighting of the floor was quite dim and the corpse's skin looked dark bluish. Nodding, Ka-Zar sighed, "He called himself Amphibius- Ack" Ka-Zar's expression was twisted in pain as he held his sides.

"A few of our men are still going through the same pain. You are poisoned. However, our basic tests show that it isn't life-threatening unless applied continuously."

"But the water itself is poisonous..." Ka-Zar muttered while Holt explained, "A few agents formed teams to explore the floor. We have already categorized that at every set distance, a mound is concentrated over the lake. There is a slightly raised platform connecting all the mounds and we can walk over them. The problem, however, is that the lake is filled with dangerous beasts and while they attacked in an organized manner, I guess, the death of that Amphibius destroyed the motives of cooperation. Now, we can be attacked at any moment."

Ka-Zar's mood fell to rock bottom.

"Let's get a move on. A team of two has gone out to send the reports. They will join back shortly," Greer Grant, famously known as Tigra, stood up and looked towards the deeper section of the floor.

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"Aww... the blood got into the lake," Nik sighed as he slowly pulled himself out of the pleasant lake. A glass filled with ice cream shake could be seen in his right hand while the left one broke another piece of crystal candy growing from the edges of the lake and munched on it.

On the other end of the pool, the corpse of a mutated barbarian could be seen. He lied on his back while bathing in the puddle of his own blood. The region around his neck was slightly tilted up for the man had four arms supported by two sets of shoulders and chests, making him almost 3 meters tall. Compared to him, Angela and Nik looked like a couple of high schoolers.

"Huff... this guy was strong," Angela stated while panting. Her cheeks flushed with excitement as she looked at her own bloodied fists. With the opponent not holding any weapon, Angela decided to make the fight more exciting for herself. The corpse in front of her was actually stronger than her in terms of physique. Not only that, he had four arms, which should have provided by greater flexibility in techniques.

Alas, the man once named Barbarus had no love for techniques. Focusing only on utilizing his brute strength, something that far surpassed Angela's level and could even make Nik feel his arms numb should he block the blows fairly, allowed Angela to use something Nik had shown her in the elevator. A few dodges are what it took for the brute to harm himself. But the battle was still extremely violent. Angela didn't only have bloodied knuckles, she also had hairline cracks spreading through bones. Especially, her arms.

"What about going all out? Why didn't you use your sword?" Nik queried while tying the pelt around his waist, effectively clothing himself. He wasn't in his 'Netherion' form and even when he was comfortable walking around in his birthday suit, the barbarian protocol dictated that he wore a beast pelt over his body.

"I..." Angela looked down, observing the tears of her hands, "I don't know. I just felt like smashing a brute using its own tactics... stupid, my method, I understand."

"Oh, no," Nik snickered, "We are here to have fun. That is our primary objective, remember? If a bloody brawl gets you going then sure, let's do it that way!"

With a slight smile, Angela moved towards Nik and pressed her bloodied palms against his chest, "Yes, it gets me going every time," she leaned forward to press her lips against Nik's. 'Maybe she just likes pain...' Nik wondered internally. After all, he wouldn't be the one to find time to diddle with his partners if his arms were fractured.

"Then let's get yourself patched up cause this was only the first fight you might participate in," Nik smiled as life energy flickered out of the chest region where Angela's hands were placed as the wisps of life energy seeped into Angela's arms, repairing the damages of her arms by boosting the already phenomenal self-healing capabilities of her physique.

"Bear the itch," Nik commented.

Angela's expression stiffened for a moment as she took a step back.

"That's some strange skill. I am comfortable being bandaged... not this..." She mumbled.

"It's obvious," Nik shrugged, "Anyway, you're ready for another round, I guess... I'm choosing a couple this time. Let's have a couple-fight!"

"Now that's what heroes do!" Angela smirked.

"Ordeals of life," Nik spread his arms helplessly, "I have learned it the easy way that I'll be a lot happier if the people around me are bursting with joy... or orgasms, too."


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