Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Chapter 677

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 684 Battle Of Eggs

"Man, I enjoy this kind of play, too~" Nik growled with a tipsy expression. His eyes lingered on a beautiful, ashen-haired woman with unveiled desire. In fact, due to his slightly blurred vision, Nik found his imagination running wilder than usual. Instead of ridding himself off of the strange psionic twirls around him, trying to affect his mind, he leaned against a rather large boulder and inquired, "Don't have any weapons? I'd hate to think that you never considered any form of back-up if your... hmm, let's call it a trick, fails." His tone slurred but he focused on the green-eyed woman.

She barely wore anything to cover herself. A necklace of emerald formed from concentrated nanoids, and an ornate pelt around her waist, leaving her torso exposed for every suitor to observe. Healthy wheat skin glistening with sweat, clearly due to exertion from her power, the woman growled in frustration, "Garu, how long till you get rid of that bitch!"

"How long till you get rid of that bastard, Vendi? I need backup, too!" The voice called out.

"Wait," Nik mumbled while shaking his head sideways. He began walking towards the mysterious figure who increased the output of the psionic waves. "Did you call Angela a bitch?" Nik inquired with a grim tone.

"So what if I did?" The woman called 'Vendi' gritted her teeth.

"Oh, alright," Nik nodded, "Cause it wasn't clear. You know, cause I feel like I've been drinking for ages right at this moment," Nik smiled wryly when a figure tore through the space between the woman and Nik and crashed into yet another boulder. The current floor was shaped into a rock forest. Multiple structures made of unknown yet very rock-like material could be seen around them. In fact, the battle was happening in a ground filled with egg-shaped boulders with multiple carvings, an event, Nik proudly dubbed as the Battle of the Eggs.

"Oooh, you might wanna check on him," Nik sucked in a breath of cold air, "He's probably dead," he pointed out while adjusting his hair as a gruff grunt broke the suffering silence.

"I think I didn't like him calling you a bastard..." Angela mumbled meekly, blushing. 'How rare,' Nik tried to hide his smile but couldn't as he looked towards Angela, "You can just say it already, after all, I've stated it many times. I like you, too. But... let's not kill people over insults from now on. Let this be a teachable moment," frivolity escaped Nik's face as he looked towards the grey-haired woman, "she called you a bitch... I'm gonna reverse that wording literally. She'll live, of course."

Seeing that her powers didn't affect Nik any longer, the woman panicked for a moment when her eyelids began feeling heavy and she finally collapsed on the rocky floor.

"Whatever... I'm not 'that' interested in you," Angela turned impassive once again as Nik pointed out, "You just killed a person..."

"An accidental loss of control," Angela reasoned.

"You just said that you are displeased of me being called a bastard... and I've been called worse... waaayyyy worse," Nik pursued.

"So? You didn't like me being called a bitch..."

"Well, of course," Nik shrugged as a particular headwear attached with a pair of dog ears appeared in Nik's hand, "So, let's make this one a bitch together!" Nik grinned brightly as Angela's gaze glowed brightly.


"Oh, sorry, she didn't call you a bitch, Ignit..." Nik pursed his lips, "And... I can't see you scissoring another woman... I'm still too innocent for that..."

"Snort..." Ignit turned around. Clearly, she was only having a subpar experience on this trip. No fun and only food and she worried if it might affect her master's perspective for her.


"He controls wild animals, too!" Tigra shrieked while she, resembling more beast than a human, rushed to meet out a large pack of animals. Not only were their conventional beasts that could make the blood of any ordinary citizen go cold, but there were also plenty of specimens that looked like unknown hybrids. While the floor in which Nik and Angela began the ending ritual of couple bitch training, Tigra and the team of agents found themselves threatened to the point of being eaten alive. Unlike the rock forest of wonders, this particular floor was covered with large bushes and a thicket of soft barked trees yellow in color, making the 'Alpha' of the misformed pack of beasts quite prominent.

The furry blue chimp that seemed more tiger-like than Tigra herself, the mutate named Lupa stood on all four while being surrounded by a small pack of dinosaurs, too.

"You've killed Amphibius, Gaza, Lani, Barbarus, Garuda... we can even contact Vertigo... you'll pay dearly," The beast's hollow voice seemed to reverberate through the entire forest when Tigra realized that all the beasts a little away from the frontline spoke simultaneously, creating a booming effect.

"Name yourself and fight me head-on!" Ka-Zar growled, stabbing his spear in the eyes of one unfortunate panther as Greer, who wore metal claws over her regular claws snorted and tore a tiger in half.

However, to Ka-Zar's provocation, the monkey-tiger mutate remained silent as the beasts controlled by the monster decreased in number. With the advantage of firearms and two superhumans, one welding a mid-ranged spear and the other one risking herself for continuous assaults that disrupted any moment of sane cooperation between the animals due to the control of the ring leader, Holt and his team managed to fend off the stunning tide of beasts that could not be found in the 'outer' world.

"Cover!" One of the agents gasped as his eyes widened. The black screen of his helmet was splashed by a squirt of blood as his partner gagged and choked with gurgling sound echoing from his throat, a thick tail stretching from the ground below accurately choke holding his partner to the point of crushing his neck entirely, the tip of the spine now poking out from the grotesque winding end of the neck.

"Fall back to entrance!" Holt instantly recognized the danger an underground, or a group of underground beasts should he be really unfortunate presented.

But an organized retreat was easier said than done. Especially when the threat of another tail striking out of the ground loomed under their feet.


"Hmm~" A soft grunt leaked from her mouth as she woke up. Her eyes felt heavy, just like her entire body. Vertigo's gaze soon focused around and she found herself lying near a penile shaped rock. On top of the rather broad tip, a smiley face was carved and for a moment, that was the only thing Vertigo could focus on. It's been more than a few years before she and the other unfortunate 'pawns' of Brainchild settled in their respective floors so she had explored the rock forest completely and never had she seen such a structure.

Not only that, the floor would reset every day so the destroyed rocks and other damages are restored daily.

"See, I call this work So high that I couldn't stop smiling from satisfaction," A voice interrupted Vertigo's silent 'appreciation' of the rock as a snort of chuckle opposed the scoundrel's voice, "I have only heard about your terrible sense of name from others but... it remains amusing."

"Tanya, Ignit, and Moon. I name well when it matters as for my... 'art', who cares about a rock? Maybe a giant dinosaur could get on it? You know, bestial pleasure is a real trend in this day and age," the previous voice croaked in displeasure as Vertigo slowly looked back, her body shifted slightly due to her movement.

"And, please, Netherion? That's a pretty cool villain name," the voice continued as if hell-bent on gaining recognition for this particular achievement.

"And Vanish?" The feminine voice inquired, her words silencing the man for good. Finally, Vertigo got a good look at her captors. Well, she wasn't tied, but her 'partner' was smashed to death and she was easily made unconscious even after squeezing every bit of her control.

The man hadn't changed even a little. Unlike any males she had been acquainted with, this person looked stunning. This temple was a hub of alien technology so the group present wasn't unaware of the current trends and standards of beauty.

The man wasn't only handsome but well aware of the psychic potential of the world, herself being a part of such a society, too, Vertigo felt the greatest source of energy from the man while the woman had already shown her strength against Garuda.

"So, you're called Vendi, huh? Nice to meet you. I used to be called Orochimaru... now, meet me reborn as Netherion," the youth spread his arm theatrically as the gingerhead beside him let out an exhausted sigh.

"Shouldn't we not get to know her if we are to punish her?" Angela inquired.

"Hmm? We are going to cross too many boundaries, the least we can do is to introduce, right?" Nik inquired as he tilted his head slightly.

"Then," Angela looked towards Vendi, "He's Nik and I'm Angela. Get ready to be our bitch," it was clear that Angela was interested in the womankind still as she licked her lips in anticipation, an action she just showed towards Nik recently.

Speechless, Nik, and Vertigo looked towards each other.

"I'm Vertigo... I hated the name Vendi," Vertigo stated, "And if you want to mate, just say the word. I'm already defeated, so forcing the loser is tradition."

"Well, this was a buster," Nik sighed with an expression of reluctance, "Could you... not be so easygoing?"

"Why?" Vertigo narrowed her gaze, "Have you never mated?"

"Khuk!" Angela coughed, choking on her own chuckle. If Nik also had the ability to spread s.e.x.u.a.lly transmitted diseases, she reckoned, Nik would have to use his bad naming sense to name plenty of new viruses.

"Ohhh, I see the confusion... well, introductions are done," Nik clapped his hand with a pleasant expression but his words didn't match the amicable expression plastered over his face, "I'll make sure that not mental trauma last long because that would be downright mean. After all, both, the trainee and the trainer should enjoy the process, don't you think so?"


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