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The way the rock forest of the temple was programmed was quite simple in theory. A set map would be executed through the use of nanoids, the structure itself came from the control center of the temple. However, the composition of the temple was inorganic. The nanoids were created from the combination of high-tech technology and various minerals to allow the implementation and mimicking of natural forces of the world. That being said, the nanoids couldn't perform the function of decomposition but acting as really fertile land, the microorganisms overflowing through the temple decompose anything unfortunate enough to be stuck 'within' a floor, for instance, the corpse of a mutate named Garuda.

Out of all the opponents Nik had observed through easily sneaking into the structural integrity of the temple, he only found two levels occupied by two enemies, and out of this one of them was the control center which Nik saved for the last. Of course, he didn't count the other explorers of the temple.

"Hey," a soft whisper sighed into his ear softly as a pair of sturdy arms held him from behind while a pair of soft and voluminous b.r.e.a.s.ts pressed themselves against his back, "it would be wise if you focus on what's in front of you."

Grazing his palm against Angela's arm, Nik snickered, "Never expect any man to remain wise in such situation," he breathed while stomping his feet, raising an earthen throne in front of him. Gently shaking Angela's hold off, Nik stepped forward and caressed the hand of the throne as dust shook off from its surface, revealing multiple carvings glittered with milky light. Evidently, instead of controlling the elements, Nik controlled the nanoids themselves.

Taking a seat, Nik finally focused on Angela. She had tied her long hair into a makeshift ponytail while her sword Xiphos was placed within the Dream Core. Her pupilless eyes seemed a little dazed at Nik's current posture but she soon shook it off. She was still taking her time to understand Nik so even when it was rare for Nik to take a rather regal posture, she simply dazzled by the action itself and not the implication.

"Even when the ceiling is projecting a sky, the day doesn't change at all... it's always dusky on this floor," Nik smiled, his violet gaze glowing slightly, "So, let's start with the training of our surprisingly well-mannered prisoner. Since you went so extreme in 'defending' my honor, let me return the favor."

"What are you planning?" Angela inquired casually as she heard a soft tremble before an equally impressive throne grew from the ground behind her.

"Enjoy the show," Nik commented as he did not forget to provide equal lavishness to Ignit as he brought Vertigo out of the Dream Core. Instantly, she appeared on Nik's lap, the intimate position instantly made Angela raise her eyebrow in inquiry but the sweet groan from Vertigo's throat as she slowly woke up stopped Angela in her track. Gulping softly, the gingerhead held her tongue and beckoned Ignit to get closer to her so that she can at least pet her head during the entrainment she was promised.

Still a little unnerved at how Angela was forceful back then, Ignit huffed softly and slowly crawled forward before settling beside Angela, her giant body still in reach when she rested with a peaceful expression.

"Hmm? I was asleep once again?" Vertigo croaked and looked around. Her eyes were still misty as a fulfilled yawn escaped her lips, "haven't gotten such a sleep in ages~!" she m.o.a.ned and unconsciously leaned back against his chest and gazed at Angela, "Bitch, where is Nik? Do you provide such satisfaction to every prisoner of yours?" She smirked smugly while Angela narrowed her gaze and remained silent. Like Nik, words didn't hold extreme value when directed towards herself, however, Angela did enjoy the feeling she received from Nik as feedback to their usual connection, and she...

Well, she never found Nik so annoyed and tested. Even when he smiled soothingly, the giant reptile beneath Angela's palm shivered slightly at the sight of malevolent forces brewing within her master as demonstrated by a cackling devil formed from a strange violet-pink mist behind Nik.

"Hmm?" Vertigo suddenly felt a tingly and slowly tilted her head back to find out what or... whom Angela was staring at and there, she saw Nik right behind her. The woman's expression instantly stiffened and she looked down only to find herself sitting on Nik's lap as her expression darkened.

"I am no child" her hiss came to a stunning end as Nik gently brushed her n.a.k.e.d shoulder. Her healthy skin tone gained a pinkish hue at a pace visible to n.a.k.e.d eyes as a sharp and confused squeak rang out, her body shuddered while Nik felt his crotch moistening and soon getting drenched as Vertigo's butt continued to shiver and trembling while his c.o.c.k remained cushioned against the crack of her ass while she squirted against her will and without any preparation.

"Well, I don't treat children in such manner," Nik whispered, his gentle expression slowly turning colder, "And I treat bitches the way they deserve. Right? Squirting on others so shamelessly," he continued as his cold and mocking words finally made Vertigo realize that... her captor might not just be as easygoing as she had observed until now. The fact that she suddenly experienced orgasm was already enough to justify the fact but...

"Yeah," Nik chuckled, "I'll break you and build you into something better. My previous promise of no mental trauma, scratch that. You won't be the same after this~!"

"You" Vertigo gasped as she found her thoughts revealed completely.

"Yes," Nik smiled widely, "I can read you completely. Your thoughts are scrambled but that's good. You'll be a bitch with one thing to focus on soon enough," Nik slowly wrapped his other hand around Vertigo's waist while a feeling of terror finally slithered out of her heart.

"Disgusting ability, this mind-reading," Angela commented.

"But I love it," Nik smiled and leaned forward, his hand over her shoulder traced down and reached out for Vertigo's tasteful pair of b.r.e.a.s.ts.

"Wait... wait... no, agh! My brain!" Nik hissed as Angela and Ignit grew alert, "She... really is a bitch," he continued softly as he observed Vertigo's heaving body. he couldn't see her expression but even Angela felt a little amazed as her expression had long twisted into the sweet agony of l.u.s.t and desire. Her n.i.p.p.l.es shivered due to the cold surroundings and felt satisfaction in Nik's warm touch.

'I was a little confused...' Lilith cooed, 'She did say that it's completely normal to be a s.e.x slave after being defeated but to feel such normalcy... how many people did she dominate within the temple since it was covered by that mist. Not many could survive that, after all...'

Asmodeus added with a dirty grin, 'She's a total freak,' the blob giggled as Sky's chuckle rang, too. However, Pure and Lola remained oddly silent.

'It makes sense that a s.l.u.t like you can connect with Vertigo,' Pickle sneered.

'But your honorable master is a s.l.u.t, too~' Asmodeus countered.

'You just said it, Nik is honorable... you're just some slimy broad...' Pickle retorted. Due to the similar physical representation of both of their physiques, the two competed against each other quite openly.

'Ugh, I'm tuning you both out,' Nik grunted as he let Vertigo grind against his waist as her pants started to resound.

"What happened?" Angela inquired.

"Nothing," Nik licked his lips, "I was just slightly surprised... by Vertigo's previous fallen enemies... you wouldn't believe it."

"What...?" Angela inquired as she felt slightly weird. If Nik considered it surprising then it must be something quite graphic.

"Well, ehm, beasts."

"..." Angela looked a little confused as she gulped, "Y-you don't mean..."

"Yep," Nik smiled as Vertigo couldn't help but grunt in frustration. As she had stated previously, s.e.x.u.a.l relief was something she looked forwards to daily but right now, she was truly exposed in front of Nik and she even debased herself to continuously rub her wet crotch against Nik, let him feel her up, and allowed his astounding c.o.c.k to press against her soaking hole and for what? She was being ignored time and again as if her charms weren't effective.

In fact, she knew very well that even if Angela was extraordinary in looks, she didn't fall short by a considerable margin.

"What's with you, huh?" Nik's hand reached out towards her hair and gripped a fistful of her curling ashen locks, tugging them and yanking her upper body closer to him, the back of her head snuggling against his shoulder as he got the entire view of Angela's curvaceous bosom and wet, ashen pubes.

"Did you really think I'll f.u.c.k you?" Nik inquired as Vertigo's body shuddered, "You've had enough of free c.o.c.ks," Nik whispered as his free hand slithered and rubbed his index against her wet entrance, his thick index spreading her mounds as Vertigo gasped, "B-but you!"

"Hmm?" Nik raised his eyebrow with a questioning 'hum' leaking through his lips, "Do you know what good bitches do? They follow their masters' every order and only then get rewarded..."

His words not only served to make Vertigo more frustrated but Angela was getting more excited quite visibly. Her breathing had started to roughen up, too.

Easily, Nik's index finger slipped into Vertigo's needful cunt as she let out a sweet m.o.a.n, her eyes pinned on Angela as the redhead also moved her hand towards her covered crotch and locked gazes with each other.

"You want this reward, don't you?" Nik inquired in a calm tone as he pressed his h.i.p.s against Vertigo's buns slightly while his middle finger joined in the battle of purifying Angela's cunt as he bit her lips and echoed a grunt, her innards contracting wildly as she came against Nik once again. Her breathing sharp and her head tilting towards Nik's cheek as if inviting him to take her soft comely lips but all he did was sneer and pulled his wet fingers out of her p.u.s.s.y.

Pushing his tainted index into Vertigo's mouth, Nik matched his violet orbs with Vertigo's forest green and whispered, "Clean my fingers, will you? Can't expect your master to work with soiled tools now."

Not willing to simply 'bend over', Vertigo's gaze turned cruel for a moment as she snapped and clenched her jaws violently only for her teeth to barely scratch his index, just slight enough to introduce the slightest hint of Nik's blood with her saliva as Nik smiled warmly.

"Third strike, now you're out."

Vertigo's pupil contracted a strange yet overwhelming sense of pleasure overwhelmed her. She lost strength in her mouth and let Nik's finger slip out as he dangled his index in front of her dazed eyes. Sloppy as it was, Nik still smiled with the slightest hint of satisfaction, "You're getting there, now," with his hand once against her quivering hole and spread her entrance with both of his thumbs as she remained slumped against Nik's body with a confused expression.

"Want to do the honors?" Nik inquired Angela as she hurriedly nodded and stood from her throne. Eagerness filled her steps as Angela knelt in front of Nik and placed her hands on Vertigo's thighs while her face leaned forward and she observed the fleshy entrance with equally desiring and quivering lips.

"Mmgh~!" Angela gently lapped up the fluids on the entrance as Vertigo m.o.a.ned softly, her entire body helpless against whatever controlled the entirety of her emotional spectrum as she only felt unending l.u.s.t and desire and Angela's lick was not enough to even scratch the surface of what she was feeling.

"I want this, too," Angela bit her lips playfully and spread Vertigo's thighs a bit more, and pushed her hands into the gap between the duo's thighs, gripping hold of Nik's erect p.e.n.i.s and guiding the tool out from underneath Vertigo's crushing ass to a full view as the curving shaft gently pressed Nik's tip against Vertigo's hot and welcoming entrance only for Angela to smirk and overlap her lips against Nik's c.o.c.k while her thumb cruelly pressed against Vertigo's entrance as the squishy sound echoed in the relatively silent surroundings followed by a loud m.o.a.n.


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