Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Chapter 679

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Sitting leisurely, his palms cupping and playing with Vertigo's b.r.e.a.s.ts, Nik enjoyed Angela's mouth around his c.o.c.k. A sigh escaped from his lips while he pinched and tugged on Vertigo's n.i.p.p.l.es as she also experienced Angela shoving her thumb and pressing it against the wall of her dungeon. Vertigo's lips, which were tinted with green, opened up once again, drool leaked through the corner of her mouth and dripped down from her chin as she m.o.a.ned.

Continuously, she would push her face against Nik in a vain attempt to have her mouth satiated, too. Alas, she couldn't.

She couldn't even lure the man with the hardest boner she had ever seen to turn towards her as all his attention seemed to have been directed to Angela. Vertigo's gaze caught Nik's rather affectionate gaze and felt a pang of frustration once again. "Mmmh!" a grunt leaked through her lips as she continued inquired with a slurred tone, "How long?~" she raised her arms and seductively locked them behind Nik's head while perking her b.r.e.a.s.ts up, allowing Nik to fondle her even better.

Her n.i.p.p.l.es felt sensitive, even more so after biting on Nik's index as the sense of losing her own sanity reduced after a bit of time. Vertigo herself didn't know that her psionic abilities played a major role in this situation but she felt better than ever at the moment and she just wanted more. Angela's continued 'thumbing' barely proved competent. She was good but compared to a few minutes of Nik's fingering, the eager Angela who was tasting another woman after a long time simply paled in comparison.

"How long?" Nik shook his head as he stated somberly as if he wasn't enjoying the blowjob of his life, "As long as I want," he stated plainly before leaning forward and almost brushing his nose against Vertigo as she leaned forward quickly only to find herself stuck in her location as Nik pinned her down with his gaze, "I'm... not that loose," Nik grinned while the only one who could refuse Nik's statement with hard evidence found her mouth full of harder stuff.

Angela, meanwhile, paid no heed to Nik's and Vertigo's antics. She had both of their nethers in her care and appropriately she did. Nik's c.o.c.k she sucked as if the most natural thing to do after a few days of meeting the man while Vertigo's cunt, she punished for she did find Nik's annoyance of his partner being called a bitch quite amusing.

Unlike the 'tools' she would usually suck to lubricate and help out her past lover, Angela simply enjoyed the taste. Her lips wrapped around the backside of Nik's shaft as spit dripped from her chin while her gaze narrowed onto Vertigo's hot and wet entrance. A single thumb, clearly, wasn't enough for a begging whore as Angela's index slipped in, too, instantly eliciting a high-pitched m.o.a.n from Vertigo's already quivering upper lips.

"P-please~!" Vertigo mewled, her gaze fixed against Nik as Angela's head began moving at a greater pace and so did her fingers. Every single thrust pulled desperate m.o.a.ns from Vertigo's mouth as Nik grunted softly, his knees quivered slightly as he let out a pleased smile, "Woah, you've been training?" He inquired Angela while ignoring Vertigo and much to Nik's surprise, Angela, for once, used their mental connection to reply.

"Yes... it is easy to find many places of training in that... consciousness city..." Angela replied with her lips squeezing around Nik's shaft more roughly. She knew that Nik felt everything happening in the consciousness city and that meant continuous orgasms and Angela still felt amazed at how a person can keep such a straight face with orgies being conducted in one's mind almost every second.

Nik's mind was literally filled with naughty thoughts!

Suddenly, Angela pulled herself back and licked her lips. Her expression was slightly amorous as she continued to gasp with her chest heaving continuously before she turned and let go of Vertigo. She didn't have the mind or emotional durability to focus on the punishment, not with such delicious treat in front of her and squishing against Vertigo, Angela sandwiched the captive and found a spot for herself on Nik's lap and allowed her wet entrance to rest over Nik's tip, allowing the next action completely at Nik's discretion.

"So unfair," Nik grunted in frustration. Of course, without physically making his c.o.c.k more elastic, there was no way he could plow the anticipating hole of the angel without wings, and being the man of s.e.x.u.a.l priorities, Nik instantly shifted Vertigo over on the floor in front of the couple while taking Angela instantly.


A satisfied purr escaped Angela's lips as she romped against Nik, her ass smacking over Nik's crotch while his c.o.c.k easily speared her trained p.u.s.s.y, pushing past her defenses and smacking the deepest part of her dungeon. Nik's hands, meanwhile, soothingly held Angela's developed b.r.e.a.s.ts, squeezing the hefty mounds as Vertigo panted enviously while watching Angela and Nik kissing each other lovingly.

*Pak* *Pak*

Without any care in the world, Angela grinned and observed the ash-haired woman on the ground, slowly spreading her legs and exposing her s.l.u.tty hole while the ginger herself continued moved her waist and hopped against Nik while he rested on his makeshift throne.

"I think, hhnngh," Angela whispered, "watching us is more of a punishment for her," She instantly sealed Nik's lips again, letting her mouth getting ravaged by her new 'reliever'. Amused, Nik glanced towards the m.o.a.ning 'bitch' as she fingered herself with a disgruntled expression and made no effort in concealing her anguish as she glared daggers at the couple.

"You think Brainchild would stay quiet?" Vertigo sneered while not knowing that Nik knew exactly to whom Vertigo was referring, too.

"Get lost then," Nik grunted as he held Angela's waist and pulled her down, making Angela's m.o.a.n caught up with a sudden gasp as she grew numb for a moment, her thighs pressed against each other while her body quivered into an orgasm.

Seeing the squirting woman helplessly kay against Nik as he finally started to show his 'true' colors, slowly moving without giving the sweat-laced woman any chance to rest, even Vertigo felt extremely aroused, not more than sucking on Nik's fingers, in this case, biting on his finger.

"Mmgh~ More!" Angela squirmed weakly while her 'hold' around Nik's c.o.c.k tightened as he continued hitting all her weak spots, "Ohh! Annnghhh!" Her m.o.a.ns leaking endlessly, making Ignit crawl away while retaining Vertigo despite her ability to walk away, the woman digging her own p.u.s.s.y with her fingers, desperately trying to find some form of solace. Just trying to reach over the edge, the itch she felt while sitting over Nik's lap, having that moment of heat that she only felt once during her entire s.e.x.u.a.l life.

"Shitttt!" Vertigo grunted as she licked her lips, trying the same thing Nik did to her in hopes that it wasn't Nik but herself who was the s.e.x.u.a.l deviant, getting off on sucking finger. Alas, Nik's blood didn't run through her veins, his juices didn't flow from her lions, and his ability didn't bless her with similar s.e.x.u.a.l sensitivity.

"Annnghhh~!!!" Vertigo was distracted by Angela's m.o.a.n once again as her gaze widened while Nik's c.o.c.k pulsated, finally releasing a jet of hot stream.

"T-the hell!" Vertigo gasped, the scent she had been perceiving for quite a while growing even more intense as she found Angela growing quiet slowly.

'Aw... she said she won't lose consciousness this time... all my training went to waste...' Asmodeus whined while Nik gently kissed Angela on top of her head as her smile turned wider while allowing Nik to slowly move her up and as if a plug removed, Nik's ejaculation leaked from Angela's p.u.s.s.y in large quantities, most of it smearing the slightly empty region of the throne between Nik's thigh while the bit of it mixed with Angela's juices and lacing his c.o.c.k.

Creating a small bed out of the group, once again using nanoids and giving Vertigo a scare for she had never seen such capability, Nik allowed Angela to rest and trailed his gaze towards Vertigo.

"What are you waiting for?" Nik inquired with a cold smirk, "Your mistress left your master's love in loads. She can be wasteful but not you," he grunted and beckoned Vertigo with his index, "get here and clean me up."

Why waste perfectly good training 'material' with purification, right?


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