Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Chapter 680

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 687 Master's Treat

"Nnngh!" Vertigo resisted for barely a moment as she slowly crawled forward. She wasn't away from the seat to begin with and soon found herself assaulted by the scent of Nik's and Angela's lingering s.e.x as her nostrils twitched. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-treat_51838728217352386 for visiting.

"Go ahead, this isn't your first time. Why hold onto senseless dignity?" Nik persuaded with a sincere expression but Vertigo couldn't feel any of it. With a hard, throbbing c.o.c.k right in front of her, eagerly anticipating more service despite f.u.c.k.i.n.g the bejesus out of Angela as referred to 'Bitch' previously, Vertigo herself found excitement in her heart. Slowly leaning forward, she parted her lips and focused on the creamed seat. Most of it trailed down the throne but still, Vertigo closed her eyes and licked Nik's ejaculation, her hands placed on Nik's knees for support only for him to push Vertigo back with a hand on her face.

"Who the hell asked you to touch me?" Nik furrowed, "keep your hand behind your back. Truly, no etiquettes on this one."

"Don't go o-overboard!" Vertigo hissed with her body growing warmer at a breakneck pace once again, the origin of such feeling eluded her once again. Maybe she really enjoyed getting dominated but multiple s.e.x.u.a.l activities of the past begged to differ yet no amount of proof could deny the sheer tension she felt around Nik. Her body ached for his touch and yet when he did touch her, it was to push her away.

Vertigo's frustration had peaked long ago, maybe at the same time when Angela got creampied and she was merely an audience to quite possibly a wonderful experience.

"You were the one who submitted eagerly," Nik yawned, "now, don't waste too much time."

Much to Vertigo's fright, she did observe Nik getting a little soft and nothing worked better than this as she gritting her teeth in silence, and bearing the humiliation, she leaned forward to lick Nik's and Angela's residual orgasm with a sincere expression, her b.r.e.a.s.ts dangled forward with her arms held behind her back while locks of ashen hair framed her pretty olive-skinned face.

"Hmmm~!" a soft m.o.a.n leaked through Vertigo's mouth as she couldn't help but feel good. Nik's taste was hands-down the best thing she had ever tasted. Her pupils dilated as she felt an overbearing yet familiar sensation take over her senses once again and realization struck her mind, 'Ah... this!'

"Ooogh!" Letting out a satisfied grunt, her gaze shining, she silently waited for further instruction. Once she tasted what her master was actually 'capable' of, she finally began falling in line with her 'master's' rules, and seeing this, Nik nodded with a satisfied smile.

"Clean my most valued limb, will you. No hands, of course."

"... yes," Vertigo exhaled loudly, her gaze falling on the slightly softened tool as she pivoted herself up with her thighs stretching up, and with no use of her hands and her relatively low skill in the art of blowjob, she found herself shuffling her lips against Nik's shaft before she could finally find her sweet spot. Sighing softly, her nose pressed against the thick shaft, Vertigo opened her mouth and while she felt she could bite the shift abruptly and ruin her chance of getting plowed completely, she held herself back and stuck her tongue out.

"There you go," Nik exhaled lightly as Vertigo's body shivered once she observed the rather soft tone of Nik's sentence.

Unconsciously, with increased enthusiasm, Vertigo began licking Nik's shaft with her entire bodily reaction already under Nik's cruel grasp. To Vertigo, it seemed improbable to ever be able to get off on a simple blowjob but as she continued servicing Nik's c.o.c.k, her body grew warmer while she felt her crotch reaching a peculiar 'edge' once again.

Persuing the familiar feeling, Vertigo leaned down and pressed her mouth against Nik's hefty and full balls, licking them clean and sucking on them as the sloppy shaft rubbed and tumbled on against Vertigo's face, ever so slightly smacking her as Nik's c.o.c.k turned harder and ready to grind against another accommodating hole once again.

"Hah! Hah!" Panting slightly, Vertigo licked her lips. Pleased with her efforts rewarding in the form of an erect and absolutely rocking tool and with her 'master's' silent approval, Vertigo once again pushed herself up and hungrily devoured the top half of Nik's c.o.c.k in a single gulp as both of them grunted simultaneously.

With her greenish lips wrapped around the top half of Nik, Vertigo matched her eyes with Nik, her green pupils full of expectations as she slowly inched forward, her warm mouth finding it hard to accommodate the new member introduced yet forcing herself as she found more and more 'bold' with Nik's presence itself, she gagged on Nik's c.o.c.k as the gurgling sound of her mouth felt extremely pleasant to Nik's ears.

Reaching out for Vertigo's head, Nik pulled her down further as his c.o.c.k slipped into her throat while Vertigo's ripe lips reached the base of his crotch, her hands still behind her and mot giving into such a sudden situation as she sputtered more saliva which dripped onto Nik's crotch, only serving to glisten his balls.

"Ghhhg!" Grunting unintelligibly, Vertigo found her mouth completely violated and yet she loved it! Unable to use any part of her body except her mouth, she could only let Nik use her head as he pleased. After all, she wouldn't consider escaping. First, Nik had shown 'plenty' techniques... reasons, for not to escape. Second, this has been a tradition for Vertigo. She f.u.c.ks her opponent should they win or lose. Of course, a few beasts cannot control themselves if they win so she would end up killing them using her abilities but on an average, this was her usual method.

Feeling the hot bulge in her mouth followed by the sweet taste, Vertigo's cheeks inflated as Nik grunted and let out a thick load of new 'training material' deep in her mouth. Her struggling groans leaked alongside threads of off-white c.u.m as Vertigo's hand squirmed behind her, trying her best not to break the 'command' she has been given.

Feeling the jet of sticky stream filling her throat, Vertigo's gaze slowly lost its focus as her hands finally pushed against Nik's knees involuntarily, trying to pull her head away, and only then Nik unclenched his palm around her head, allowing herself to pull put with bridges of c.u.m and saliva still connecting the tip of her mouth with Nik's c.o.c.k.

"Haah!" Vertigo gasped, coughing even. Spit continued to quench the ground as she heaved loudly.

"I- I thought I was gonna die!" She barely spoke and looked up, finding a smirking Nik observing her reactions with clear enjoyment. "Y-you were going to kill me!" She shouted once again, barely grasping her own thoughts from slipping once again. Having s.e.x with Nik just became too dangerous.

"Nope, didn't you pull away?" Nik queried as the ground moved around Vertigo with thick tendrils holding her waist and arms, "but you moved without permission, let's keep those hands in check," as he said it, the tendrils moved up and pulled Vertigo from the ground with her arms raised high and spread apart, her legs kicking in the air only for a few moments as another set of nanoid tendrils latched onto Vertigo's legs, keeping her locked in the air with her lower limbs spread apart wide, exposing her wet crotch to the cold.

Walking forward, Nik gingerly grazed Vertigo's entrance, "But you did a good job nonetheless so you deserve a proper reward."

Saying so, Vertigo's altitude was lowered as she hovered with the leveled gaze. "You're going overboard!" She stated with a look of clarity and annoyance.

"You know, thanks to you, I found out that my bloodline abilities do need a boost and Loki might just be acting more than I thought previously. This is part of the reason I'm rewarding you," Nik's words didn't make sense to Vertigo as her latent abilities once again resisted Nik's natural capabilities unconsciously. But all of this changed once Nik directed his c.o.c.k against Vertigo's entrance.

"Ummm!"Biting her lips, Vertigo tried not to provide the satisfaction of hearing the big bad enemy her m.o.a.ns but a few pleased notes still leaked through.

Without any further foreplay, Nik's member slowly pushed and entered Vertigo's tight and experienced folds, her breathing fell short for a moment as her interiors once again squirmed in delight. No matter how her abilities countered Nik's by the slightest, all the man in question needed was to f.u.c.k her and everything would prove useless and as he promised, it was the time of reward.

With his rough, thick palms on the base of her waist, Nik pushed himself up while standing on his toes as his h.i.p.s bucked and his c.o.c.k impaled the ashen-haired barbaric beauty.

"Hyannn!" Breathing loudly, her lips once again desiring a fulfilling reward, Vertigo found herself rejected in her approach as Nik tilted and let his mouth bite on her left earlobe, his hot sighs tingling her fired up body as they both remained in the position without moving. Of course, Vertigo didn't have the option to move but Nik found himself enjoying the stay as Vertigo's p.u.s.s.y walls would just wrap around him tightly in hopes of challenging his strengths and simply trying to melt him inside her. His pulsating member once again sent Vertigo over the edge, her crotch squirting with an absolutely pleased m.o.a.n ringing right next to Nik's ear.

Vertigo's lips, unlike Nik, found solace on his shoulder as she kissed and suckled on his flesh while her butt cheeks quivered and bucked with fluids dripping down and getting wasted.

"More!" Vertigo whispered in a needful grunt, "R-reward me more!" She accepted as Nik's gaze twinkled. Overpowering the natural resistance of Vertigo's innards, Nik pulled back and without even thinking, plunged his c.o.c.k deep into her folds once again, poking her deepest spot as she continued to grind her h.i.p.s against him.

"Mmmgh!" Frustration filled Vertigo's heart for she could do so much more with her limbs unbounded alas, she could only be on the receiving end. Her body submitting to pleasure as her clenched fists slowly opened and hung loosely while she finally gave up completely. The continuous pounding shook her entire body, the rod only delivering more pleasure with further impacts and she finally lost her moment of awareness when she felt the familiar spurt of ejaculation filling her w.o.m.b pack!


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