Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Chapter 682

Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 689 - Evil Debut

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[Talent Exotic Escort initiated. The average statistical value available to be absorbed and the abilities are listed.

Name: Vertigo

Talent: S.e.xual Adaptor


Mental: H+

Energy: H+


Abilities: [Psionic Equilibrium Distortion: D]


[S.e.xual Adaptor: The talent to get accustomed to every and any s.e.x.u.a.l advances.]

[Psionic Equilibrium Distortion: D

The ability to cause mental distortion by producing a swirl of psionic energy that affects the nervous system of the affected individuals.]

As Nik went through Vertigo's list of 'goodies', he was barely surprised by her [Talent] but never thought of acquiring it for himself. He still felt limited in multiple s.e.x.u.a.l advances and enjoyed such limits. For example, his anal v.i.r.g.i.nity. But this was one of many instances where he loved to keep a modest s.e.x.u.a.l fetish and even encouraged the girls. However, the talent for Vertigo suited well and even made Nik desire the barbaric s.l.u.t further, and acting on such desire, he had already pulled her into his raunchy fold of harem.

Even [Psionic Equilibrium Distortion:D] looked quite... well, Nik wasn't interested in this ability too for he already had the capability of achieving the same effect but the thought of getting to interact with a new form of energy made him go for this particular ability.

[Name: Nik Minion

Age: 17

Limits: (Phantom Physique)

Bloodline: L.u.s.t Apostle/ ???

Talent: Exotic Escort, Balance, Perfect Eyesight, Skill Palace, Physical Genius, Limit Buster, Legacy Eyes, Wild Intuition, Impersonator

Profession: Imperfect Chimera

Legacy: Idle Summoner

Physique E-

Mental F+

Energy E-

Luck B+]

'Ooh, my energy reserves have reached the stage of rank 4, too~!' Nik grinned but when his gaze fell on his [Luk] stat, he couldn't help but finally inquire the spirits residing within him rhetorically.

"Say, if my luck is this great, then shouldn't be the girls in the harem considered 'lucky' technically by actually... gods, I'm gonna sound super arrogant... you know, getting close to me?"

"Why the sudden question?" Sky inquired. Nik observed that whenever he had anything to ask about Luck, Asmodeus and others would try to stay out of topic for as long as they can and only Sky would have the imaginative 'balls' to allow Nik to pick her mind.

Leaning back and brushing Angela's hair, Nik sighed, "Just the panel of [Exotic Escort] got me thinking. A few girls have the luck that shows in the panel which means that even with the luck provided by Confusion Soul..."

"Chaotic Soul," Sky corrected with a short interjection.

"... well, they still have luck high enough to show on the panel. But shouldn't something like Luck be... well... transferrable? Think of this situation. For once, I'm actually lucky enough to hook-up with an even luckier woman. Maybe, you. Then, what does it say about me? Am I lucky to get in bed with you, in the technical term. Or, are you just going to lose out luck by having me closer to you?"

After a moment of silence, Sky sighed, "I really don't know much about luck and your questions are sometimes just..."

"What?" Nik huffed.

"Well, sometimes you don't act like you're expected of."

"And what's that?"

"A horny guy with d.i.c.k for brains?" Sky sounded confused, too.

After another moment of silence, Nik pushed, "Anyway, you do know bits and pieces of luck... I have a sneaking suspicion that Kaal knew a bit and used it to hijack my thoughts back in the Glory City."

"A bit, yeah," Sky mumbled, "I don't have answers to your question now. But I wouldn't really focus on Luck that much. As you found back then. It's just quantity. Whether luck is positive or negative depends on the situation and the person itself. I'd say that your Chaotic Soul is simply a 'tool' to tip things towards your favor."

"For clarity," for the first time, Sky pursued, "If you ever come face to face against... let's say, a rank 8 being and you yourself are... hmm, let's go with rank 1, then even if you have Soul of Supremacy, you would find your ass reincarnated... if you're lucky of course."

"You're pretty morbid," Nik mumbled.

"I mean, even I extracted multiple variations of souls from many people you know. It's a wonderful resource and really stacks up. Since I'm feeling super chatty, let me tell you a peculiar fact. The likes of my biological father and your biological father... well, aside from Chaotic Soul, they have assimilated with multiple soul types like light, l.u.s.t, destruction, demonic... just too many," she let out a deep sigh as if recalling something unpleasant.

"You know," Nik began, "You know, you should just teach the way of making you a body quicker than the method you are taking. You sounded depressed."

"From Spirit to soul and then a body," Sky began, "That's the only way to get a body without any side effects. We have recovered our spirits fully... now, when you're ready, we will send you on a quest to find our original souls!" She sounded a lot chipper while Nik's expression darkened. This simply meant more work for him.

"I just hope that your souls aren't reincarnated into accommodating hotties or we'll be having some problems," Nik snickered as the collective sigh of his spirits rang in his mind.

"What about me?" Lola suddenly spoke up.

"I'm the consciousness attached to your [Profession]."

"Well, I do have some thought about a body for you," Nik revealed with a happy smile, "Just need to find a few more materials for a working prototype. At least, need to hit a few more spots for looting."


In the deepest level of the temple, only a single floor in the form of a laboratory barely larger than the size of a school stadium, a rather 'curious' man sat on a special chair with various wires pierced through his mind with the use of metal tube-like sockets. The chair on which the man sat was anything but ordinary. With thick pipes flowing out of the chair and connected with the nearest wall, a strange green liquid continuously flowed within the man. And from the front, using similar, clear pipes, murky red liquid flowed through.

The sitter had a physically enormous head and the body of a young teen. Short black hair and scruffy beard along with beady eyes. His hands rested on the armrest while holographic screens continued to open and close in front of him as if a live telecast. The situation of every floor would enter his view but still, he couldn't observe the entirety of every floor.

The main cast of the current show was, of course, the team led by Agent Holt, Ka-Zar, and Tigra. They had just reached the second level with four more to go before they reach this particular room but the man felt worried. He had lost contact with the mutates in the fifth level and felt a conspiracy brewing among the internal group itself.

"Man, this level really has no way to enter but have the approval from the inside,". Nik's chuckle rang as the nanoids forming the wall slowly connected into a door and opened up, revealing a well-rested Angela, a happy Ignit for she was in the lead, and a slightly dazed Vertigo who still felt unreal by the situation Nik was in.

The moment the group entered the room, the only mutate within the room observed them alertly while Nik ignored the man and gazed at the two glass panels containing a small fragment of cosmic crystal with far more energy than tens of regions of mystic mists! The crystals glowed violet and red as they hovered midair, the glass panels attached to the structure of the temple and continuously powering it to keep the Savage Land alive.

"Vertigo!" the man shouted shrilly, "who are they"


A spike made of the floor's structure rose and pierced the man's large head, instantly ending his life as Nik smiled, "He had the smarts of a supercomputer, right? If he can mutate all of you using the temple, it's just easier to kill him with a surprise attack," Vertigo shivered at Nik's words. She had explained to Nik everything about Brainchild.

The first mutate who reached the last level of the temple through a series of fortunate accidents and gained the ability to have a mind that can calculate almost anything but so physically weak that he used his smarts to connect with the Temple's life support system.

Without waiting for the group to get accustomed to the situation, Nik walked forward and tore Brainchild out of the chair before punching through the structure and retrieving a small black chip. Crushing it, Nik went ahead and let a sudden scanner scan him while he started to shift in various forms. From normal, to his fire version, then the Netherion version, and finally the Vanish version. With all of that done within a few moments, he clapped his hands, "Set language DVG7778."

"Language, Earthen, approved." A calm voice resounded in the room as Nik heaved a deep sigh. He had only intended to get on this island for a short vacation but in less than four days, he had taken control over the command center of the Savage Land, and now, he was going to make his debut as Netherion.

"Activate the defense barrier around the original borders of the paradise," Nik commanded as the AI of the Temple began the operation. The floors rumbled for a bit as Nik turned to Angela and smiled, "Now, we don't need to worry about others hunting dinosaurs at a large margin. Your man is now one of the leading investors in properties!"

As he said so, he began transforming the level while allowing Pickle to cover him while activating her own flame mode as a violet blaze covered the symbiotic duo while the surroundings turned warm instantly. A small ball formed of nanoids slowly hovered arrowed him as he crossed his arms and projected himself in the other levels of the temple as well as using the temple's reserve to project his devilish figure in the sky of the Savage Land for all to hear.


"Here, you need this," Tigra looked at Holt and shared her own bottled water. In the floor that resembled a desert with barely any oasis to rest in, such an item was quite a commodity. Not rejecting the offer, Holt took the bottle as Tigra sat beside him.

"What do you think of Mr. Kevin Plunder?" Holt inquired after a moment of respite as Tigra looked over at Ka-Zar who continued to practice with his spear despite the heat.

"He tries too hard to get girls?" Tigra furrowed her brows and replied.

"Come on, be serious," Holt chuckled.

"I don't think he will ever be a good agent. Shanna has the smarts to adapt and the ability to endure but Ka-Zar... no, Kevin, doesn't even like his legal name. He's just... a bridge we need to truly understand the Savage Land and then..." Tigra turned silent as she sighed.

"Sometimes," she continued, "I want to go back to the things they were. Me just being an ordinary student and not taking part in stupid experiments."

"Stupid experiments that gave you superpowers," Holt corrected, "And without you, our office in the Savage Land would have no foothold. Just... you need to take care of yourself. Apply for the better pieces of equipment already."

"They cost me mobility. Just the metal claws are fine. Besides, it's actually fun 'hunting' just like a tiger."

"Can't say no to that," Holt smiled when suddenly, a part of sand in front of the encampment merged into a small black ball as it hovered in the air, instantly attracting cautiousness from the agents and Ka-Zar.

From the ball, the projection of a malevolent figure shook the hearts of men. Covered in the demonic violet blaze as a monstrous face glared at the encampment with utmost evilness.

"Pleased to make your acquaintance," the figure's harsh sound instantly caused some discomfort to everyone who heard him, "You may refer to my figure as Netherion, the one true owner of this land. Awoken by the breach of the outside world, I shall avenge my fallen pets. No longer will humans hunt what isn't theirs. The Paradise is now covered by a barrier created specifically to deal with outsiders and those who blemish my temple with your foreign presence, you have two days to either leave of pledge yourself in my name and honor!"

As the figure said so, the sand condensed together once again on the floor, creating a small door.

"I shall await your decision. I am not a tyrant and have provided you with time."

"Time that you should not waste."


As panic befell the Savage Land with a thick blue-colored energy barrier covering the sky and the boundaries of the land, Nik, Angela, and Vertigo began discussing something even more important.

"Hey, I just realize why I don't like to rule things... or own too many things. I want a religion for myself! The potential is way greater than being a monarch or something so let's brainstorm the name and type of religion I'll spread in the multiverse! We'll even include the girls in the city in the discussion. Let me connect Megumi and others, too!"

Nik grinned broadly, ignoring the fact that he had just screwed the entire world its prehistoric nature and resources all for a week-long vacation with Angela.


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