Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Chapter 683

Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 689 - Club Entry

The last level had been entirely modified from its edgy state to something more pleasant. Fashioned into a penthouse, Nik stood in the kitchen with a serious expression. He only wore an apron over himself, allowing the others to observe his n.a.k.e.d back from the living room. The storage unit contained the fragment of cosmic crystal so Nik wasn't worried about it affecting the taste of his food. Meanwhile, the entire wall of the living room was modified into a large television using his absolute control over the temple and therefore, the nanoids' structure, connectivity, and other functionality.

In fact, the tiny nanobots represented a sophisticated piece of architecture with self-sustaining ability!

"We've been here for an entire day!" Angela shouted from the living room, a glass of 'blood' in her hand as she chugged the entire serving of red wine once again.

"You're welcome to cook," Nik snorted as he went through the materials in the Dream Core.

"Master~! I'm ready to be f.u.c.k.i.e.d again!" Vertigo groaned from inside the bathroom as Nik's expression turned slightly darker.

"Lazy bums!" he hissed, "Want food and s.e.x every single time but not willing to work for it!" he continued, "Lazing around every time... I miss Okusan already... Mary and others, too. Just need to tie up the loose ends here and I'll be back in the city in two days!"

Nik didn't plan to mutate his body anytime soon either way. Only Johnny Storm's mutation really interested him and with Vertigo's addition, Nik now had two more sources of energy he was compatible with Cosmic and Psionic. After a few hours of playing around, Nik had already understood the basics and found that at the core of things, the two energies worked well with each other and also served to boost other forms of energy except Spirit Energy by a considerable margin. This provided Nik with the ability to differentiate his system if the Spiritual system of spells doesn't work out for him in the end.

"Pickle," Nik sighed, "How many floors until they arrive?"

"23," Pickle stated softly.

"Son of a" Nik mumbled. He was going through a tough situation that he felt every villain experienced.

The waiting.

In the movies and other fictions Nik had read, most of the Villains would set the countdown to something and wait.


Nik was already tired of waiting but 'Netherion' just had to give them three days. It was so stupid, Nik now realized. In fact, he also empathized with the bosses in the game who would just wait in the deepest part of the dungeon and allow a super slow and dumb adventurer to reach the lair before happily tearing the said adventurer into shreds!

"Master..." Pure whispered, "That's a dangerous line of thinking... you're just pretending to be a villain, remember?"

"No," Nik mumbled with a cruel expression, "I'll use 'that' item... I've even thought of the use of the first sheet."

"Isn't it an overkill?" Sky interjected.

"No, they better lube their asses. That tiger woman looks awesome, too..." Nik mumbled as he procured a slab of dinosaur meat from the storage item and began cooking.


"No," Nick Fury smiled but his annoyance was clear for everyone to see. Within the meeting room of the Hellicarrier, Nick Fury, the fantastic four, and Iron Man sat with the holographic image of the heads of the various intelligence agencies flickered.

"The report clearly shows this 'Netherion' has completely closed off every channel of transportation. His words demonstrate that he owns the Savage Land and knows many things about alien lifeforms"

"Here's the thing you need to know about aliens," Tony spoke up, "They are cute and when they leave, I will cry. So please, for the love of almighty science, move to the main topic of this conversation, Director Nicole. You want the help of a tiny part of Avengers Initiative i.e. me, and the fantastic four to find a way to deactivate the barrier and capture that Purple fireball alive, right?"

The meeting room turned silent as Tony took his shades off, "Much better," he sighed, "The answer is yes. Of course. But, I call dibs on the study of tech!"

"Dibs? This isn't a toy!"

"Haha, you are quite the comedian, Mr. Stark."

Even Reed Richards mumbled in retaliation, "We are better equipped to study the alien technology and with our recent cooperation with Dr. Pym, we can further consolidate our research."

"Pym? You mean the guy who discovered 'pimp' particles?" Tony snickered as the meeting fell into silence once again.

"Oh, come on. This was a good play on words. You cannot expect me to believe that none of you thought of this?"

Fury sighed and rubbed his brows, "There's such a thing known as a professional courtesy, Stark."

"Alright," Tony smiled and thrummed his fingers against the table, "I... wish luck to the fantastic four on their heroic journey against the very shady looking Netherion in saving a prehistoric paradise connected with multiple 'beast'-men that was kept hidden from the world," with the sassy manner Tony described the situation, the other heads of the agencies gritted their teeth as the Iron Man continued, "Needless to say, once I am allowed to make true of my dibs, contact... oh, man, I don't have any secretary anymore. Just contact Happy, you all surely know him."

With that, Tony unceremoniously left the meeting but the moment he stepped out, he placed his shades on once again and smiled, "Jarvis, send out the drones and discreetly shift the position of one of our geothermal mapping satellite."

"But sir, that peculiar grid is not accessible"

"Eh, I don't really think that the government has jurisdiction in outer space. The worst we'll receive is an official warning. I need the structure of the Paradise mapped out by two days."

Unlike other agencies, Tony did prefer the word paradise for such a location. Of course, to him, the advancement of the field of biology did not matter as much as his amus.e.m.e.nt. After all, like the few other minds possessed by cultured awareness Dinosaurs!


For Nik, the excruciating wait came to an end after a couple more hours. While Angela complained a few times, she was perfectly satisfied by the Die Hard series on the large television while Vertigo claimed to have already watched most of the movies including Die Hard.

Meanwhile, the door leading to an extremely comfortable environment finally opened as a team of armed agents burst into the hallway only to be stunned by the hardwood flooring and the tasteful paintings hanging on the wall. Holt's gaze fell on the coat hanger near him as he poked the pillar with the nozzle of his gun and the soft creak of the wood simply melted into the surroundings filled with soft breathing.

Tigra's vertical pupils darted around while her nostrils flared as she couldn't have imagined such a delicious scent of meat wafting from further into the 'apartment', the scent equally enticed the disheveled and haggard Ka-Zar.



Low steps resounded through the hall followed by the crispy sound of burning flames as the troop of agents raised their guns observed a lone figure moving towards them and opening its maws wide as is

"*Yawn* Really? You chose bedtime for your entrance? Coming from one evil mastermind, this is mean."

Netherion spread his arms and stretched as he eyed the group in front of him before snapping his finger and shifting all of them out of the temple. Nik really just wanted to screw with them so he gave them the opportunity to even get to this location in the first place. But his company Angela and Vertigo were asleep so Nik decided to take this party elsewhere and since he had already planned to take control of the entire Paradise for prominent reasons, the group of trained agents as guards for the land sounded extremely enticing to Nik, too.

"What?" Ka-Zar exclaimed and looked around. The others felt stunned by the shift in the surroundings too as Tigra growled and shifted into a feral-like offensive position, her striped tail swaying in agitation caught Nik's attention for a moment but resisting the urge to fully 'exploring' the first true catperson he ever came across, Nik smiled and created a small dome of light around the group.

"Have you decided to pledge your loyalty?"

The big bad flaming demon inquired as the others flinched for a moment. Instead of the expected intimidation, the group faced a rather polite request of submission so naturally, most of them fell off of their game while Nik continued.

"This land was originally designed by me for stress relief. You can consider it my... beach 'house' and I don't like it when uninvited people... hmm, shit all over my place."

How the paradise came into existence? Nik did not know and he might find the answer for the same inside the temple but he didn't really care. There was no value to him in understanding the origin but this did not stop him from lying about his ownership even for a single moment.

"With all due respect," Nik focused on the black agent who stepped forward, "This is not how things run on this planet."

"Are you sure about that?" Nik countered, "I do remember running experiments on multiple mammals, and frankly speaking, you Homo Sapiens alongside the other beastmen living on the extensions of the Paradise are just... well, an indirect product of my research. In terms of timeline and how things should be done, I strongly feel that your government owes me an explanation."

Once again, a few strings of lies stumped the entire group.

Suddenly, five of the agents fell unconscious and collapsed on the ground.

"You killed five of my temple's guardian, consider this a favor returned. Now, let's"

Before he could say anything else, Nik found loaded guns shooting in his direction, a spike launched towards his face, and a clawed gauntlet thrown in his direction. To all of these attacks, Nik had a simple response.


He didn't even need to set up any barrier not to mention the durability of his own body which won't be fazed by guns, too.

Soon, a puddle of metal was formed around Nik as he stood silently. The sound of few more triggers clicked but no bullets were fired as he sighed.

"Well, I suppose, you can be considered the first followers of this super exclusive club I'm thinking about."

As he said this, a book appeared in Nik's palm.

'He's using this dirty book!' Lilith shrieked.

'This should be fun. What do you think the first spell would be?' Asmodeus inquired.

'Something... unforgettable...' Pure whispered with pure excitement.


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