Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Chapter 684

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 690 Commandment Of L.u.s.t

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From beginning to end, while intimidated, Tigra and her group were quite confused, too. Ka-Zar only 'remembered' that he was wronged by an outsider but he couldn't just attribute the self-proclaimed Netherion with that particular memory. Meanwhile, after her encounters with an annoyingly female thief Black Cat, a few Hydra Agents that caused her to become magically transformed half-human/half-cat, Tigra was certain that a fight was something Netherion didn't want even after the group tried to gun him down.

However, Tigra felt something tug against her heart when she gazed upon the tattered book that appeared in Netherion's hand. The cover was maroon and a few golden streaks could be observed, too.

In total, Nik had experienced three complete adventures. One was his life in the land of elementals. The second was ruined by Lucifer in the land where demons were bred. The third was filled with spirit energy and Nik even encountered an item set by Kaal, the temporal pages. In fact, to Kaal, the temporal pages were a practical joke that would only serve to ruin a person's life but Nik did that for Kaal anyway. However, in Glory City, Nik also came to rule over the Demonic guild terrorizing the human establishments and in return, gained a lot of worthy items.

Some of them were sold in the auction held within the Transmigration Paradise. The remaining things were fused using the Fusion Pot officially named [Nightmare Demon Pot (Incomplete): S-]. These fusions of items earned Nik a total of three items. Most of the spiritual items were successfully fused into [Sould Ruler: A], a remaining few of alchemical nature were fused into [Nine Blocks Potion: B+].

Finally, in hopes of creating the ultimate aphrodisiac, Nik used a lot of his blood and multiple items of similar nature. But, what the items fused into brought great surprise to Nik.

Focusing on the book, Nik smiled pleasantly.

[Commandment of L.u.s.t: S-

A twenty-paged book with the ability to conjure spells and store the energy of all kinds and nature.]

The description was quite simple but like Soul Ruler, the commandment of L.u.s.t, too, was connected with his soul. Even without the ability to see his own soul, Nik was provided with the knowledge through the book. In essence, the book was a blank grimoire waiting for Nik to etch the spells on its pages and be of some use and this is what Nik planned today.

Slowly unraveling the book as the agents had already reloaded and armed themselves once again, Nik gazed at the first yellowish sheet. Instinctively, through the guidance provided by the book itself, Nik understood the process of etching a spell. As if a brand made of hot iron, the spell began appearing on the surface of the book using the language Nik was extremely prominent in Atherian, his home planet's continent's mother tongue.

'L.u.s.t Avatar?' Lilith sounded surprised.

'I thought you hated creating physical copies of yourself,' Lola inquired while Nik shook his head and the moment the spell was complete, realization struck everyone within Nik as they were turned speechless.

"Wait," Tigra suddenly called out, "We should... try and discuss things first," she looked at Holt while trying to signal him when Nik chuckled.

"Don't worry. Ask anyone, killing is the least favorite method of mine... but... I think you all will love this."

Running his finger through the spell, the words on the grimoire slowly blazing into existence, a small dome of violet flame covered the entire group.

L.u.s.t Avatar is the spell that matches Nik's current Peak in magical abilities. Not only does it fully utilizes his pheromonal abilities, it even uses his rather unfruitful L.u.s.t Domain, and adds the innovation he thought during the study of gender turning techniques and the personal human-onaholes that Mirage had constructed.

Covered by the dome of flame, the group shrunk a bit once again as the air around them gained a pink tint and felt heavier. The surroundings turned scented, a few whispers continued to blow against Agents' ears in tantalizing nature, continuously pulling the deepest and darkest of their desires but this was just the beginning.

"W-what's going on?" Under Nik's unimpressed gaze, Ka-Zar fell to his knees as a violet-colored chain materialized around his neck, clutching on him and making him gasp for air while the other end of the chain was deep into the ground. Pair of smooth and beautiful arms tore through the ground and clawed at his thighs as he grunted in pain.

"Barbarian masochist, huh," Nik commented as other agents began showing different reactions.

"What is this?" Tigra hissed as her orange-skinned face was flushed with her cheeks showing a slightly darker skin tone.

"Nothing," Nik smiled, "I just wanted to know all of you better and this is the state-of-the-art information gathering spell. This dome will project your deepest desire into a physical form and... it can be a chain, like this one," Nik pointed towards Ka-Zar, "it can be hots for b.r.e.a.s.ts, like that one," Nik gestured towards an agent who had long removed his helmet while he started humping against a simple pair of b.r.e.a.s.ts sprouting from the ground.

"I hoped that the L.u.s.t Avatars would turn more human-like but the spell is still incomplete," Nik informed as a pair of muscular arms gripped Tigra's shoulder from behind as Nik whistled, "Woah, pretty tame interests you got here. A girl like you should at least be nasty in heart, right?"

Before Tigra could fend off, an agent in front of her got chokehold to death as Nik's expression turned strange, too.

"This is not my fault. The guy had suicidal fetish... yeah, it exists," Nik crouched in front of the agent as he had a small smile even in the time of his passing on.

"What the hell?" Holt screamed as his pants were torn off and it was the time when Nik realized that this was his cue to leave. Looking towards Tigra for a moment, Nik couldn't help but purse his lips and 'shift' her alongside him while leaving the group of men inside the dome of flames that continuously expended his energy reserves.

However, for Nik, this was a great expression.

He was one step closer to creating living onaholes!


"Kuh!" Tigra coughed and gasped against the ground, her paws clenching and clawing away at dirt while her drool dripped on the mutated grass.

Even now, Nik and Tigra were still within the vicinity of the temple as the woman was reeling from the drastic effects of L.u.s.t Domain infused within [L.u.s.t Avatar].

Before she could fully recover, however, Nik once again took out the Commandment and created a short space around the duo. Trapped within the pheromone charged domain, Tigra turned back and glared at Nik with an outraged expression.

"Why?" She hissed.

"I'm not repulsed by men showing love to each other but too many men being intimate by their own kinky phantoms really harshes my mellow. And..." Nik pointed behind her mischievously as two pair of hands appeared this time, one set proactively groping her bosom through her shirt while the other one possessively squeezing Tigra's butt as she remained on her knees, her tail stiffening up right in front of Nik as he observed Tigra with an extremely curious gaze.

"Stop this!" Tigra gulped, her limbs feeling powerless slowly and she could barely maintain her position but in such a situation, she felt that the moment she collapsed on the ground, everything would be over for her.

"It's your fantasies coming to life, really," Nik snickered as he walked closer to Tigra, and under her glare, he sat in front of her with his legs crossed. The violet flames around his body receded as he revealed his true appearance.

"Y-you! You're a human!" Tigra shrieked in surprise but Nik continued to study her in silence as two sets of hands worked on Tigra independently. The effects of his pheromones were slowly dominating the situation as Tigra's breathing grew rougher and louder while her waist would wriggle and struggle to not fall down.

"This is my first time seeing... I don't know, a beast person, let's call you that. Your skin is human-like near your face but fur grows from your wrist and you even have furry ears. It's like a textbook catperson. You know, the one in fantasy novels."

"What are you talking about?" Tigra almost lost herself in anger. Gritting her teeth, she let out a guttural growl to at least intimidate her foe but baring her teeth only attracted Nik's attention as he stretched his arm forward and tugged his thumb against the edge of her lips, exposing more of her teeth while the direct touch made Nik slowly go through Tigra's composition.

"Huh... your tail isn't a weak spot, interesting."

Hearing Nik's murmur, Tigra's body shook. She had been with men who would try to do some stuff with her tail but she never really felt any of it. Even in combat, Tigra would maneuver her tail for surprising feats that would tip the scale of the situation towards her favor.

"Ne- Netherion, let us go! The outside world just doesn't have me. The Avengers They"

"Oh, you can call me Nik. Potential friends, friends, families, and extremely competitive rivals call me that. We'll just have to figure out what's your calling," smilingly, Nik waved his hand slightly as the two pairs of hand dematerialized instantly while Tigra collapsed on the ground, breathless and covered in sweat.


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