Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Chapter 685

Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 691 - Feline Delight

She should be feeling dizzy but her vision stopped swimming even when she was still within the dome of violet flame with 'Nik' sitting in front of her. However, her body lay sprawled in front of him, powerless. She felt drained but her mind didn't seem to be in sync with the situation and felt refreshed while even understanding her own urges far better.

"He can rough you up real nice," A whisper blew past Tigra and the voice turned out to be her own. The words shifted Tigra's thoughts slightly but another whisper disrupted her thoughts once again.

"You've been denying your body for too long. Just purrr~!" Tigra barely contained herself from heeding the 'friendly' whisper and mewling out loud.

"Everything fine?" Nik inquired as Tigra struggled to look up.

"Say nothing's fine," a hot whisper encouraged Tigra again, "Ask him to just hold you tightly, make you feel so warm that blankets lose their value~!"

"Guh," groaning, Tigra glared at Nik, "Like hell you'll be my blanket!"

For a moment, Nik was stunned. The most basic foundation of the spell that utilizes the l.u.s.t domain's whisper was to completely pull on the target's s.e.x.u.a.l preference. If Nik peaks into their thoughts, the domain would get infected with his own s.e.x.u.a.l kinks and provide less efficiency. So, of course, he wasn't privy to the unintelligible whispers but he couldn't help but smile.

"A blanket?" He inquired as Tigra's face burned from embarrassment.

"Just- uh!" Tigra pupils contracted, "F.u.c.k!"

"Oh, gladly," Nik shrugged fully knowing that Tigra's response was for yet another whisper but had he truly become such a knight in white that he won't take advantage of this situation?

The response came in a form of action as Nik placed his hands on top of Tigra's paw and pulled her up. She could barely rely on her lower limbs to stand straight and when Nik let go of her paws, she hurriedly leaned forward to hook against Nik's clothes, barely stopping herself to enter that embarrassing sprawled position.

"Why are you doing all this?" She seemed in the loop as she inquired another similar question once again.

"Honestly," Nik smiled gently, his free palm brushing away Tigra's lock of hair behind her ear as he stroked her left cheek, making Tigra's thighs shiver. Her vertical pupil surrounded by forest green iris shrunk when Nik whispered soothingly, "I just want to do all of this. Including you."

Before she could think any further, Nik leaned forward and pressed his lips against Tigra's as her eyes widened.

'I can bite his face!' Tigra instantly thought for her teeth should be enough for the task. The entire time, she was simply unaware of the durability of Nik's skin but countering such thoughts, a snickering whisper tickled Tigra's ear, "Ohhhh~ How lucky, kitty. Mmmgh, I just want more of this!"

'No! I don't!' Tigra's consciousness struggled as an even more debauched whisper blew past Tigra.

"Just like that! First the lips, and then the entire body~ I want to be marked all over!"

'Like hell!'

"Mmgh!" A muffled grunt leaked through Tigra as she pressed her paws against Nik's chest weakly only for him to cover her back with a strong hug around the waist and pressing forward against her slightly rough lips and playing with her barbed tongue. This was Tigra's true weak spot.

As Nik's tongue pressed against the soft barbs covering Tigra's tongue, a lot of her resistance melted into thin air as her body shivered with desire.

'Stop! Stop! Stop!' Tigra shrieked in her mind but her eyelids felt heavier as she slowly closed her eyes, unable to do anything but enjoy the kiss of her life as the strong hand behind her pulled her closer and tighter with their body temperature slowly affecting each other. Tigra realized that even without flames covering him, Nik's temperature was quite high as she couldn't help but feel extremely congratulations even when his hand slipped through her top from the front.


"Fuagh!" Hurriedly pulling her head back, Tigra hissed, "What are you doing? Pull your hand out!"

"You really think I'll do that?" Nik licked his lips as his hand wrapped around her waist slipped into her pants, his palm firmly holding Tigra's butt and giving the perky bun a tight squeeze that made her tail erect in surprise.

Meanwhile, his hand in the front felt a layer of soft fur surrounding Tigra's abdomen, keeping the flat of her stomach fleshy and human-like as Tigra turned a bit grievous.

"Mmgh!" Her words couldn't leave her mouth with Nik once again pulling her in a kiss as her hot breathing made Nik's little brother rise to its peak, too. Feeling the poking shaft against the flat of her crotch, Tigra trembled and her paws helplessly balled into furry fists pressed against Nik while her tongue coiled around Nik's without any pressure, her body revolting against Tigra's thoughts as she initiated the 'french' this time around.

"Just like that," Tigra heard her own voice encouraging her, "You tried so many men but it never cooled you completely, there was no passion in their grip but fear. You just want to feel cared for, right?"

"Unngh!" Nik's warm palm reached up and fondled Tigra's bosom after lifting her sports bra, the fleshy palm finally pushing the buttons of Tigra's shirt to its limit before they burst apart, allowing Nik to sneak a glance into Tigra's cleavage, her arousing scent slowly mixing with Nik's pheromones as she slowly seemed to push Nik back.

No longer did Nik lean over onto Tigra's side as they stood straight but the difference in height still forced Nik to lower his head while Tigra pushed up, her mouth enjoying the taste that Nik's lascivious fluids brought her while his fingers dug into her ass. Her thick, fleshy tail coiling around Nik's forearm as her thighs parted slightly to cushion Nik's erection between them.

The transition seemed quite elegant but the duo's rough breathing continuously echoed in the short, enclosed space.

"??" Tigra gasped as Nik suddenly picked her from the waist and brought them to the nearest tree before pushing her against the bark's rough surface with his hand in the front pulling back, finally ripping Tigra's top in half as she yelped in surprise but instantly, a new stream of whispers responded to Tigra's bodily desires and made her shiver in excitement as she was pinned down by Nik's gaze.

"You can move, right?" Nik inquired with a narrowed gaze as she realized that she indeed felt a little invigorated.

"This..." A complicated expression took hold of Greer. Helpless if she was, she could only watch Nik have his way while she would be continuously soothed by the whispers but now, what is she to do with the tiniest bit of strength returning to her body?

Surely, she didn't wish to simply lay in Nik's strong, warm arms

'Why the hell did I think like that?!' Tigra instantly admonished herself internally as Nik's hand reached forward to stroke her cheek while his thumb rubbed against Tigra's naturally dark and thin feline-like lips. "Didn't enjoy those few minutes?" Nik inquired softly as Tigra bore her teeth threatenings with a guttural growl but refused to reply.

"It's all carrot and sticks with me... but I'm put of sticks because of Vertigo so let's feed you more," Nik grinned. His head leaned down further and left the top of his head and his neck exposed to Tigra while he started kissing his way down from her neck.

"Mm!" Tigra squeaked and hurriedly shut her mouth as her paws clenched against his shirt and pulled down fiercely, tearing his clothes too but even being exposed didn't change Nik's course of action. His fingers from behind reached against Tigra's butt and began squeezing them with his natural touch becoming more and more pleasurable as she infused his pheromones with every action. Meanwhile, his kisses marked Tigra's neck while an occasional suckle of flesh would leave a hickey, and feeling no resistance from deep within Tigra, Nik realized that she must enjoy this, too.

Sure, it was immoral to induce pleasure in an unwilling party but Nik could barely have thoughts on correcting his own morals as Tigra claws now moved into action. Instead of much orthodox method of scratching, her hands reached up and pushed her furry paws against Nik's ears, the slightly tough pads making him gasp in surprise but he realized that this was a futile effort from Tigra's front. After all, the moment his ears were covered, continuous gasps and m.o.a.ns filtered out of Tigra's lips as she couldn't resist the l.u.s.tful blaze driving her body any longer.

"Huuu~!" Tigra heaved deeply as her thighs clamped around Nik's c.o.c.k, making him grunt softly while his hand slowly reached down from the front, unfastening her pants and pulling them down slightly. With his vision blocked by Tigra's 'oranges', he couldn't gaze at her panties but right now, he was busy exploring her upper body with his vision. As his fingers experienced the fur around the flat of her crotch, Nik observed Tigra's heaving bosom.

Her tangerine skin and fur were marked with black, tiger-like stripes probably originating from her back. Meanwhile, her n.i.p.p.l.es were a shade darker and to Nik, looked exotic and delicious as he parted his lips before taking over Tigra's left n.i.p.p.l.e, his lips sucking on her puffy a.r.e.o.l.a as the erect nubbin on top of her b.r.e.a.s.ts got ravaged by Nik's mouth.

Meanwhile, his eyes marveled at the shift of her skin to the fur. Even to Nik, the fur barely looked animalistic. It was either Tigra maintaining herself religiously or that her fur was just like this that made it harder to differentiate between skin unless touched closely.

"Ahh, mmmgh!" Tigra mewled as she slowly removed her paws from Nik's ears, her arms limping over his shoulder as she leaned down and started sniffing softly, her nostrils flooded with the scent that only heightened her sensitivity.

"Grrooough!" Tigra let out a bestial roar suddenly the moment Nik's finger pressed against her prized jewel down south. "Just-" Tigra growled, "get it over with! I'll tear you to shreds later!" She purred.

"Sure," Nik mumbled as he tugged his hands onto her trouser's side from both ends before pulling them down further while bringing down her panties alongside, too.

Pulling himself out of Tigra's 'clutches' Nik successfully shuffled out of his own lower restrictions as Tigra gasped at the erect member ready to hump her brains out with the ghastly yet dubious and debauched whispers agreeing with her thoughts.

"I-I change my mind" Tigra hissed only to find her flexibility tested as Nik successfully raised her left leg high, fully exposing her soaked fur surrounding her feline cunt with darkened p.u.s.s.y lips visibly gushing with desiring fluids.

"No backsies," Nik chuckled as he passionately sealed Tigra's lips to muffle her opposition while pressing his h.i.p.s forward until his d.i.c.k's under shaft pressed and rubbed against her entrance. A little astonished by how the fur seemed shape like an open corset, Nik began adjusting his rhythm until he bluntly pressed the tip against Tigra's welcoming hole and finally pushed into her fold slowly.

"Mmmmmm!" Tigra's eyes snapped open while her thoughts flooded with naughty desires. Her innards clenched against Nik's c.o.c.k suddenly while her arms wrapped around Nik's neck tightly as her sweat-laced body ribbed against Nik.

Feeling Tigra's hot and wet folds, Nik let out a soft sigh and for a moment, he couldn't help but think if he had gotten a bit too fast in his actions. After all...

He still didn't know his partner's name.

However, the thought fizzled out as quickly as it appeared. Was there a need to pretend that he truly cared for her name at this very moment?

Nik's intuition screamed that it would have an opposite effect and might even make his own mood shallow.


Tigra's butt cheeks trembled as Nik pumped against her crotch, his full and hefty balls smacking against her bun as he moved at a swift pace, his c.o.c.k pushing past Tigra's tight and deeper sections as if she had been f.u.c.k.i.n.g with Nik for years.

With Tigra being his first-ever 'half-human' mutated with some other being, Nik didn't know if all kitten people had barbed p.u.s.s.y walls too but he wasn't going to summon moon and inspect her for that.

He would rather enjoy the strange yet pleasurable sensation of multiple filaments stroking his c.o.c.k simultaneously while squeezing him and marking his entire shaft with the scent of its s.e.x as their juices mingled within her folds.

'Wait... she's a bit loose down here...' Nik's thoughts turned as his tip prodded against Tigra's inner entrance. Every time he poked against her second entrance, Tigra's muffled m.o.a.ns grew louder by a margin but surprisingly, Nik could feel that if he just manipulated his body to 'grow' down there, he might just find a deeper 'route.'

'Let's save that for the second date,' Nik thought gleefully as the two began f.u.c.k.i.n.g each other crazily.

Before long, Tigra pushed Nik against the ground with surprising strength as her knees pushed pressed against his waist, making him groan in pain slightly while her waist moved up and down, making wet sounds as her tail playfully rubbed against his balls.

'I'll take that as you not minding the previous situation,' Nik snickered internally while the domain around the duo slowly withered away but the changes did not register in Tigra's mind.


A/N: I wanted to make this scene around 4000 words with you know... cervix penetration since Tigra is mutated but s.e.x scenes are a bit tiring and mentally fatiguing while I'm also a bit under the weather...


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