Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Chapter 686

Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 692 - Consolidated Return

Vacation week almost came to an end with Nik finally taking control of every single human tribe in the Savage Land alongside the government agents including Ka-Zar and Shanna. Ka-Zar had great physical strength but he had weaker mental fortitude. Meanwhile, Nik also utilized a lot of spirit material he had stored within the dream core to create yet another defense formation created from runes right below the barrier created by the Temple.

With a huge piece of land that has the capability of growing cosmic materials, Nik thought of making the best use of it and let out a large number of hundred-year and a few weaker thousand-year-old spirit beasts so that they could compete against the mutated dinosaurs and slowly bring a shift in the environment. Meanwhile, all the human tribes were transported into the temple.

Before leaving, Nik also began to plant a few idle spirit herbs that he had plenty of in stock. This was done with hopes of slowly shifting the flora structure of the savage land, too. Still, he didn't plant these herbs within the area contaminated with cosmic energy.

Instead, he planted all these herbs in the formation to keep it powered up and also slowly use the formation itself to grow at a greater pace.

"So, I'll come here every other day," Nik smiled at Vertigo and Greer. The two looked at each other for a moment then let out a frustrated grunt.

"You can come with me, you know," Nik shrugged as the duo suppressed their annoyance towards each other.

"No worries about that," Tigra aka Greer Grant, smiled, "I love this place, and well... now that I'm in command, I get to hunt without any problems."

"Yeah," Vertigo snickered, "An animal will always hunt no matter the position."

"Shut it!" They both glared at each other while Nik looked towards Ignit and waved his hands, "I'll bring treats for you, too, sweety. Be sure to stay alive though..."


"Oh," Nik suddenly thought of something, "I've got some information. Apparently, the Shield is preparing fantastic four to attack Netherion and I'll be joining the force, too. So, you are all set in using the barriers, right? There is plenty of cosmic energy in those crystals."

"Yes!" Vertigo saluted while Tigra's tail coiled around her waist.

"You'll visit every other day, right?"

"Yup," Nik grinned and scratched Tigra's furry ear before holding Angela and waving at the two girls and Ignit. Instantly, he disappeared from their view, leaving the trio in the apartment.


[Talent Exotic Escort initiated. The average statistical value available to be absorbed and the abilities are listed.

Name: Greer Grant

Talent: Feline Instinct

Physique: H-




Abilities: [Feline Physiology: D]


'I don't actually need to acquire anything from Greer...' Nik thought as he returned to his apartment. It was barely 2 in the morning and Angela fell asleep instantly. Nik still hadn't grown extremely comfortable with Greer and felt that he would need to spend more time with the duo he left to be in charge of the Savage Land. After all, it was less than a week with the duo but when it came to Greer, Nik enjoyed his time with her, not because of potential abilities he might gain.

Unlike other mutations, Greer's physical mutation was derived from magic but this is where the true ability of [Imperfect Chimera] lied. No matter the source or type of energy, Lola could analyze every form of living organism or body parts. She could even point out the source and method of achieving similar results, something that Nik's [Psychic Aptitude: S-] also couldn't guarantee.

Needless to say, Nik already had the method to create more feline humans by replacing magic energy with spirit energy and create an army of enhanced beings, something he did plan to do with the agents stationed in the Savage Land.

Even Nik's bodily instincts were far greater than Feline Instincts so Nik finally selected the physique attribute and boosted his Physique by the slightest margin.

'I've been away for a week and Natasha also told that my disappearance caused a few suspicious notions to once again fill the other agencies keeping track of me... and...' Gazing at the small box placed on the desk of his room, 'There's this invitation from Wakanda once again. Shuri made some improvements and wanted to make up for her previous altercation.'

[Hey, Ray, I'm back from my trip. Saw a few messages. What's up?] Nik sent a message to Ray.

[Yeah, sorry about that. Didn't knew you were gone... only found out after hearing back from Anna. About the other thing, I want your help. My next target is the chief reason, and remember I wanted to commission a fusion of few items? I want to do it within this week.]

Nik thought for a moment. He needed to break into Shield and steal a few things Before doing the same with Wakanda, Stark Industries, and Hydra offices. Not to mention the invitation from Wakanda and the rallying of superheroes against Netherion, which, ironically, Nik wanted to participate in. After all, Susan had shown considerable interest in him and Nik would, of course, love to know her better.

So, it wouldn't be a lie to consider that his schedule is packed for the week.

'And there is also Thor... if he actually enters the group, it just might become troublesome.'

[How many items?] Nik sent back.

[Six. Restrictive Type and of spiritual nature. The next opponent is... well, someone even the Devil I contracted with cannot control.]

[Let's meet up then.]

[Sure, I'll meet you in the morning.]

[I have school, remember?] Nik sighed.

[I remember it alright,] Ray replied before disappearing as Nik jumped into the bed.

Before sleeping, he checked on the spirit bones and with the speed the mindless symbiotes were corrupting them, it would take a lot more time and made Nik realize that he could make Ray compensate for the fusion of items with yet another vial of blood.

Three hours of sleep caused Nik to wake up by himself. Slightly accustomed to being woken in the arms of his partners congesting him, the current feeling was slightly complicated. Angela had long rolled down on the floor while Mary and Anna still weren't up and it only took Nik 30 minutes of cooking breakfast to make the group of females in the apartment wake up to the scent of delicious bacon.

"You're back!" Anna shouted with her bra morphing into a black sludge that shot straight towards Nik's back, attaching itself to Nik's skin and pulling Anna at a quick speed before she smacked against Nik's back while wrapping her arms around him.

"Somebody grew comfortable with their symbiote," Nik chuckled at the apparent ease with which Anna controlled the symbiote.

"I can do that too..." Mary walked out, rubbing her eyes, "this was my move..."

"Yeah, we don't need to spend any more cash on clothes, you know. I wear a new outfit for school every single day!" Anna grinned and as if a Koala wrapped around a branch, she slowly pulled up and pecked Nik's cheek.

"Any news while I was away?" Nik inquired with a smile as he also received Mary's kiss before she poured herself a glass of water.

"Yeah, Mum's coworker asked him out," Anna smirked while slowly getting off of Nik with her underpants 'extending' and covering her torse with a loose top.

"Oh, didn't Grant finally hook-up with Linda?" Nik inquired as he recalled the grey-haired coordinator and the lovely dark-haired subordinate to Mary as the woman sighed in frustration.

"It wasn't Grant... uhh, it's so stupid," she knocked on Anna's head, "just some new guy. He's the P.R. representative and you know, never got rejected apparently so kept on bugging me. Finally, yesterday, all I had to do was grab him by the collar and lift him slightly. Problem solved."

Nik mused for a moment before feeling the slightest change in Anna's and Mary's body. By no means were they superhuman in their current form but through the feedback of the symbiote, they did become considerably sturdy.

'Pickle... I never thought of using you as a support system for a... you know, cultivation of energy... we'll test it later.'

'Of course!' Pickle chimed instantly while Anna suddenly grinned, "And speaking of news, there's a surprise for you in the school. Don't read my mind or something like that. Even mum doesn't know... oh, and you need to cover up for a few assignments that were given out during your absence. Gwen noted all of them," Anna's words made Nik pause for a moment.

Currently, the school provided a healthy distraction since Nik was free-balling his actions this time. Previously, he would be moderately guided by the missions given out by the Transmigration Paradise, and even now, he would have taken steps to achieve his goals if they weren't so idealistic. Nodding, Nik prepared for the morning before leaving as Angela seemed quite alright to stay alone for a few hours. At least, after a few days of arriving in this world, she felt comfortable by the idea to spend her morning with naps and her afternoon with the entertainment center of the apartment.


"Sir, the preparations are complete," the very same day that Nik returned to New York, a private jet in name of Stark Industries took off early in the morning with a very sleepy Tony Stark slumping on one of the seats of the jet.

Realizing the boss' current state, Jarvis's voice echoed again.

"Have a good night, sir."