21st Century Goguryeo Book 1 Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Book 1 Chapter 4-2 Turbulence! Korea: The New Situation 2

March 23rd, 2016 10:30. Japan Honshu Tokyo Prime Minister's Cabinet conference room.

Inside the Prime Minister's Cabinet conference room, men were in discussion. Prime Minister Abe, who was seated in the center of the room, spoke as he looked at Minister of Defense Shibasaki. "How is the US weaponry purchasing project progressing?"

Minister of Defense Shibasaki bowed his head guiltily and answered, "Currently we've finished negotiating seven out of the eight purchasing deals. We're in the last phase of negotiating the additional imports of F-35A fighter jets. It seems it'll be difficult to purchase 220 jets, and the agreed number will be 120 jets. I'm sorry, sir."

Prime Minister Abe spoke with an unsatisfied look on his face. "120 jets... Isn't that smaller than expected?" Wuxiaworld for visiting.