21st Century Goguryeo Book 1 Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Book 1 Chapter 6-5 Turbulence! Korea: A Gift From God

October 19th, 2016 15:00. Seoul Jong-ro ku Blue House President's Conference Room.

Chief Researcher Dr. Lee Su-jin of the 17th Fighter Wing's unidentified object was busy reading over the files NIS Secretary Na Bong-il handed her.

Three months have passed since the research about the unidentified object began, but Dr. Lee could not obtain any tangible results. She felt as if she had a safe without a key. She was in awe when she read over the files that she received from the NIS Secretary an hour ago.

Dr. Lee Su-jin, who was astonished as she read the document, asked NIS Secretary Na Bong-il, "How did documents like this...?" Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"That's something I have trouble disclosing."

"Ah, I apologize. These materials are full of amazing content."

Dr. Lee was holding the documents in both her hands out of disbelief and happiness.