21st Century Goguryeo Book 2 Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Book 2 Chapter 2-1 Rise of Korea!: Light and Dark Shadows

December 1st, 2016 15:05. Choongbook Chungju-si Outskirts Mountains.

Two men wearing thick jumpers were laying down on the cold surface of a large rock. Their breath was visible. The men were on the mountain that had Chungju-si on its left and the 17th Fighter Wing on the right; the entire 17th Fighter Wing could be seen from the distance. One of the men held a camera with a telephoto lens and pressed the shutter of the camera repeatedly.

The African American man, Louie, asked, "Steven, did you see any special movements today at all?"

Steven, who pressed the shutter a couple more times, answered grumpily as he put down the camera. "Damn it! There's nothing new. There's nothing different from yesterday. I think it's going to be another day with no results. Louie, how's the wiretapping going for you?" Wuxiaworld for visiting.