21st Century Goguryeo Book 2 Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Book 2 Chapter 3-3 Rise of Korea!: Power of A Calm Ripple

October 24th, 2017 11:00

Choongbook Chungju-si 17th Fighter Wing underground research facility X-1 lab (Alien spacecraft lab)

Namgoong-won was working on connecting a powerline from the X-20 lab on the 8th floor to the X-1 lab with other researchers from another department. To increase Hocula's operating capacity, they were trying to supply the alien spacecraft with power from the plasma superprotonic generator that was running smoothly for four days.

"Researcher Namgoong, everything is connected on this end."

"Yes, Chief Huh. I'm on it."

"Researcher Ki? How are things on your end?"

"We have just finished and are in the final stages of connecting." for visiting.

"Then everyone, please step back from the power connector line."

Namgoong-won ran a final diagnostic with Hocula on the connection between the generator and spacecraft along with the current status of the spacecraft.

"Hocula, how is the connectivity with the power line?"

"Power line connection ideal."