21st Century Goguryeo Book 2 Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Book 2 Chapter 4-4 Rise of Korea!: Technological Revolution

August 15th, 2018 15:00 for visiting.

Seoul Jongro-ku Blue House President's office.

"Minister Lim! I will do all in my power to add more contracts without overstepping financial capabilities, so please work with the focus on having the retirees and unemployed returning to their jobs. I emphasize again, the economic recovery plan is not to simply aid the domestic corporations. The main focus of this plan is to have the many heads of families who became retirees or unemployed go back to their workplaces to revitalize the market economy."

President Suh Hyun-woo's face and voice were serious.

"Yes, I will keep it in mind. Mr.President, I will continue reporting." Minister Lim Tae-yeon bowed politely, answered the President and continued his presentation.