21st Century Goguryeo Book 2 Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Book 2 Chapter 5-2 Rise of Korea!: The People's Traitor

June 4th, 1943 14:00 Japanese Imperial era for visiting.

Japan Kyushu Nagasaki, Nagasaki harbor.

The ship that had 5,000 Josun laborers aboard arrived at Japan's Nagasaki harbor three days after its departure. It seemed most people aboard never had been on a ship before and looked haughty from seasickness. The Jong-gu brothers had to endure three days of hell from the seasickness, like many of the passengers.

"Big bro, I am hungry!" Jong-gu did not realize the trip would take three days and regretted buying only four rice balls and felt sorry for his brother Jong-sik.

"We arrived. When we get to the harbor I will buy you some food."

After 30 minutes, the ship safely docked at Nagasaki harbor, and the 5,000 Josun laborers, including the Jong-gu brothers, got off the ship.

"Those we call will gather at the lot over on the left."

Some man with a typical Japanese face shouted in poor Korean.