21st Century Goguryeo Book 2 Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Book 2 Chapter 5-3 Rise of Korea!: The People's Traitor

July 12th, 1944 06:00 Japanese Imperialist era

Japan Kyushu Nagasaki Hashima(Gunham-do) island mine.

When it was 6:00, the supervisor began banging the dorm doors along the hall with a baton and woke the sleeping men.

"Wake up! If you're late there will be no breakfast!"

Jong-gu put his face to the metal window bars and begged the supervisor as he walked by dorm #2 hallway.

"Sir! Please assign me near the tunnel that collapsed yesterday to find my brother."

"What? That area has been banned from mining for a while. After today, you are all assigned to the opposite tunnels, so do as you're told."

"Boss, sir, please! I need to at least find my brother's body."

"This Josenjin bastard, you won't do as I say? Get out of here." for visiting.

The supervisor opened the metal doors and dragged Jong-gu to the hallway and beat him with the baton.

"Oh, sir. I will talk to him and calm him down please stop."