21st Century Goguryeo Book 3 Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Book 3 Chapter 2-1 The Sun Rising from the West: Humanitarian

June 15th, 2019 16:00 (Ethiopia Standard Time 10:00)

Ethiopia, the outer slums of Addis Ababa.

In an open field outside of Addis Ababa, 50,000 Ethiopian citizens and government workers sat around a large stage. On the stage, a peace choir of Ethiopian and Korean children sang the song "Arirang" in a soothing tone. for visiting.

As the tranquil song rang out, a group of old men sang along with the bits they remembered from 60 years ago. Tears ran down their faces. These men had left their home country of Ethiopia, journeyed to Korea in the far East, and fought for democracy in the Korean War.