21st Century Goguryeo Book 3 Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Book 3 Chapter 3-1 The Sun Rising From the West: The Unveiled Curtain

June 20th, 2019 14:30

Seoul, Yongsan-ku. Ministry of National Defense conference room. for visiting.

Three years ago, the reformative government had pushed to reclaim the rights of wartime control from America. Today, June 20th of 2019, was the historic day when that dream would come true. Korea had only maintained token control over its military for the last 69 years, but now, it had entered an age of true self-defense. All American forces residing in Korea were scheduled to leave by December of this year. The American troop withdrawal had the positive impact of improving relations with North Korea, and many press agencies were declaring that a time of peace was coming to the Korean peninsula.

Inside the conference room of the Ministry of National Defense, the U.S. officials and the employees from the Ministry of National Defense were in the midst of heated negotiations. The main point of contention was the final agreement to buy out U.S. military bases in Korea upon their exodus.