21st Century Goguryeo Book 3 Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Book 3 Chapter 3-2 The Sun Rising From the West: The Unveiled Curtain

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China, Chong-qing.

Ji Dong-chul and Park Gi-oong began their search for Kim Soon-hee by getting in contact with a defector guide. He told them that a year ago, Kim Soon-hee received a phone call from her brother warning her of the impending arrests. She tried to defect to Korea by traveling through Thailand, but one day, she vanished. There was a rumor that she had been sold to a human trafficking ring in Chong-qing. Therefore, Ji Dong-chul and Park Gi-oong had come to Chong-qing in July and begun searching high and low for Kim Soon-hee.

"Manager Ji, this job sucks. Let's take a break," Agent Park Gi-oong said tiredly.

He had spent the entire day trudging through alleys in Chong-qing looking for clues. He made a face that showed he couldn't go on any further and plopped down on a small wooden chair in the alley.