21st Century Goguryeo Book 3 Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Book 3 Chapter 5-1 The Sun Rising From the West: Crisis

December 14, 14:30

Seoul NIS Secretary's office

December 14, 14:30

Seoul NIS Secretary's office

Knock knock.

"Come in," said Secretary Na Bong-il from inside.

"This is an emergency."

Director Kim Na-youn from the North Korean Intelligence Department opened the door of the office and urgently rushed in.

Secretary Na Bong-il felt something was amiss. He stood up as he queried.

"What is it?"

Director Kim Na-youn handed the Secretary a document instead of answering. Secretary Na Bong-il snatched the document and began reading. It was a transcription of Lee Byung-chul's phone call 30 minutes ago that was made via satellite.

"What is this?" Secretary Na Bong-il asked.

Director Kim Na-youn caught his breath from running and then spoke.

"It's the contents of someone making a phone call to Pyeongyang from Washington via satellite."

"What? From the White House?" asked the NIS Secretary.