21st Century Goguryeo Book 3 Chapter 72

Chapter 72: Book 3 Chapter 6-3 The Sun Rising From the West: The Way to Unification

May 12, 2020, 09:00


Once the South-North representative meetings were over and the North Korean aid policy passed Congress, the first aid project started was North Korea's road expansion project. A number of construction companies' vehicles, equipment, and trucks hauling materials crossed the unification bridge and then passed through Gaesung toward Pyeong yang.

If this line of hundreds of cars was seen from above, it truly would have been something to behold.

The North Korean unification aid agreement had four stages, and the first was expanding the roads in North Korea. First, they would expand the highway that connected Gaesung and Pyeong yang. Then, they would construct highways to connect Pyeong yang and Shinuiju, Pyeongyang and Huicheon, and Hwacheon and Manpo. They would also build a new road to connect Hwacheon, Hyesan, and Huiryung.