21st Century Goguryeo Book 3 Chapter 73

Chapter 73: Book 3 Chapter 6-4 The Sun Rising From the West: The Way to Unification

May 2, 2020, 10:00

Coastguard press conference room, Kuro-ku, Seoul.

Various newspaper agencies in South Korea plastered headlines in their morning papers about the illegal Chinese fishing ships near Yeonpyeong Island, and news channels also started their broadcasts with the news about the incident and the measures the Coastguard would take as a response. The news aired Coastal Safety Director Lee Un-kyung's briefing about the incident across the nation.

"The first item on the docket is the details of the incident. On May 22, at 23:40, two sentry ships under the Incheon Coastguard that were patrolling the Sochung Island's south eastern seas discovered twelve illegal Chinese fishing ships, and worked together to arrest the Chinese ships. At 22:50, the ships 551 and 552 both approached the Chinese ships..."

Coastal Safety Director Lee Un-kyung finished explaining the details of the incident, looked at the journalists, and then continued speaking.