21st Century Goguryeo Book 3 Chapter 75

Chapter 75: Book 3 Chapter 6-6 The Sun Rising From the West: The Way to Unification

May 30, 2020, 10:00

Cabinet meeting room in the Blue House, Jongro-ku, Seoul.

This cabinet meeting was held to discuss China's trade war, which had started after the arrests of the illegal Chinese fishing ships, and to determine what countermeasures Korea would take.

"Starting on the 26th, China banned all Korean celebrities from making appearances in China, and they've restricted imports of the main items we export to China, such as medicine, materials, chemical fibers, metal, and non-metal alloys. They've also imposed stricter restrictions and inspections on food imports, which account for 30% of our total exports. LED displays and semiconductors are expected to be China's next target. Lastly, everyone must remember China's restriction on Japan's rare earth metals exports, which made the Japanese helpless during the Sengaku archipelago dispute. I believe China will do the same to our nation."